SORORITY GIRLS OF SKYRIM - Skyrim Mods - Week 229




Special thanks to Bryan Jones, bishopau, Adrian Woodin, Sam Blair, Tomarty, Garrett Wills for their support on Patreon!


Centaurs- Mihail Monsters and Animals (mihail immersive add-ons - daggerfall) by Mihail Romanov
Navies of Skyrim by danya23
Draw - A Dueling Mod by Gobacc
Sorority Girls of Skyrim 10 in 1 Followers by Asherz and Pajiman
Dragonfall Castle by Lazz
  • ReubenLalnunzira

    what is that armor she is wearing when she attacked the centaurs?? the one with the red shield...someone pls tell

  • Minecraftsweg2020

    I sat through a 2 minute ad for this MxR, and I did it for you. I hope you're happy.but for real, it's worth it so long as you can keep making these.

  • Dwight Keller-Williams

    do centaurs have 2 hearts?

  • Steven The Gamer Guy

    Can I sit in on a meeting of the Council of Sloots? I need it for... educational purposes.

  • laiion

    When you are trying to do #NoFap but keep on watching MxR's Skyrim videos....

  • Pie Games

    Mom: hey what are you doing up there?Me: Watching people play skyrim! Mom: oh... then whats with all the noise?Me: im punching the wall!Me: im gonna write a comment about this and people will think im joking.

  • AlmightyCow1

    Centaur review was hilarious! Thanks for the laugh.

  • Silvax

    7:26 omg Jessica chill out

  • EndLessDream

    Anyone knows what mage robe replacement mxr uses for the sloot sorority girls?

  • Fierce Deity Link

    I love that last mod!

  • Ztuclie


  • Collin Glory

    Looks like some titty nipple at 7:47

  • Attack On Resident Evil


  • enonsages

    You are in top 10 best narrator (in my opinon) Love this channel , mainly the Skyrim part

  • Shatteredhorizon

    yes this is an old video but the naveys of skyrim why isn't this on xbox one

  • The Mistro Miner

    What was that armor he was wearing?

  • Dante Thompson

    These videos always make me horny....

  • SonOfsamedi1

    with the duel mod, u are able to throw a pommel at you foes to end them rightly??

  • Renato Monroy

    Geany's voice at the endis just perfect 10/10

  • Raven Voltaire

    What armor is that before the intro?

  • Xypher


  • zhu osment

    oh my, what's the enb and texture used during that Bruma part! i meant where in the forest, the wilted leaves spreaded on green grass.....

  • Izaaz Syazwi

    Skyrim is six years old, til now, i still play from time to time, communities makes it alive, keep up the videos, we still enjoy all of your contents..

  • Bahamut the Dragon Can someone please tell me what this armor is? I really want it for my skyrim and I haven't seen it in his videos let alone seen him list it

  • darth revan

    Hide your kids hide your with Centars are raping everybody up in here

  • Skyrim

    7:50 what is that armor? or is it included in the sorority mod?

  • StalkerGames

    What armor is it? :v

  • Jacob Whitebread

    And if the other person is a... PUSSY...

  • warlock040269

    The college acceptance rate went through the roof for any sloot as soon as you took over as archmage MxR

  • Dr. Jay

    The council of sloots? That be a twist for the Fellowship.

  • Cormac Phillips

    Yet again you find the best mods

  • mackyrulez

    I died at fuck you balgruuf

  • darth revan

    Did you fucking teleport that cheating knifing bitch to a realm were A train with no train tracks to hit her will a rainbow filled the sky!@!!! Shit I thought I was a bad ass I'll be sure to stay on your good side budy old pall lol as a matter of fact I'm leaving the lake right now and subscribing...........please don't hurt me ...

  • The Hacker OMG just came out in august but amazing. does not get enough support!


    is this special edition or regular

  • Michael Leonard

    This is a random thought, but to me you sound just like PewDiePie!!

  • Zeoz

    4:35 What mod is that? How's your character walking like that?

  • Klick master

    Click baaaaaaait!!!!!!!

  • Espeon D. Green

    Hey your character is actually the player model or is it some npc or mod? if not, care to share the link or command?

  • the dark Crow

    Were can i find mod for castle

  • Juls Barz

    instead of abs.....NIPLES!! bwahhaahahaha!!

  • Zzarcon1

    How many modders don't know how to navmesh? Like really?

  • CyberFrostGaming

    That bleach Espada music tho

  • John Knapp

    What mods do you use to make your Skyrim look so good?

  • Toby Hull

    Lol, bloody 29 episodes of this since god damn 2015😂

  • morgan mayes

    your sarcasm and humor has me in tears

  • J'____sit

    Can someone please tell me which video of MXR's started with a bunch of girls dancing and they all turned into trains?

  • DeathIsLight

    What fucking ENB and water modds and weather mod is used in this god damn video

  • Nitroxone

    Can't find his dragonbone bikini on the nexus, where is it ?!

  • Cassandra Allberry

    @MxR Mods, what armor is your chick wearing? And earrings?

  • NobodyNaboru

    What's missing from Winterhold?Me: Classrooms!Sororities!Me: Oh...

  • ManiX207

    springans.. ... would you plsstop socializing with them .. we'Re looking for a real fight here.. . totaly got me of guard xD

  • Ger Vang

    Those centaur proportions though...

  • yegins

    Dude i remember watching your early vids like before 100 and man it felt like skyrim was so realistic back then

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