Alteration 1-100 Guide Skyrim Fastest way to level!

This Guide shows you how to get from 1-100 Alteration. Note that it does not get hyper fast until you reach level 50.

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  • Noah and jojo #gaming4ever

    im doing this so i can get telekinesis and power level like crazy

  • Skyler Copeland

    a stoneflesh spell while blocking giant strikes and using healing spells levels up heavy armor alteration restoration and blocking insanely fast

  • That weird shy guy

    Is it just me or is alteration a bitch to level without grinding for it or paying tolfdir

  • Gold 117

    Me while doing this: "TOLFDIR WHERE ARE YOU??"

  • Kristyle Parsons

    Other method solitude go downstairs use detect life there's about 20 people close together

  • nic penoff

    You could do the meridas beacon daedric quest, cast an armor spell and stand in the beam. (Levels so quickly the game can't keep up)

  • Dead Meme

    I use Alteration so I can do Telekinesis and use the force.Why would you otherwise use it?

  • Jayden -last name-

    Another good way is the telekinesis spell, spam it on an item with equilibrium until you’re low health, and then when you’re out of magicka, wait an hour

  • Zarion Wildclaw

    Actually I found using telekinesis as a much more effective way of getting Alterations leveled up.

  • Craig Bledge

    use secret of arcana......use detect life.....hold trigger down.......youre welcome

  • Gaming Pixelerator

    i cant get well rested because im a werewolf.

  • AlanTheSexy Monkey

    Spamming Oakflesh or Stoneflesh during combat on Novice level is way faster than spamming Candlelight/Magelight but you have to have a bit of magicka

  • Tristan Markham

    Before level 50 I use the mage armor spells, aggro a mudcrab, use it repeatedly. Or just play the mage guild questline and constantly use it. I'm almost done with it and all magic skills are around 35, minus alt and conj which are 50's.

  • Fragonus

    I just use Ebonyflesh in battle, and eventually I leveled up my Alteration skill 100 without paying attention or thinking about it. XD

  • xuav Rice

    The better way to do it take cup in a corner or something use telekineses on it until ur magicka runs out wait an hour then repeat at level 65 ish I found this method to level my skill up with 2 casts where the one in the video took about 3 or 3 and a half

  • Moon Pie Lover

    this is like modern day riots. throwing literal light out of your hand

  • Skuxx GameZz

    Alternate way: get telekinises and grab a book or something at alteration lvl 50, wait when magicka run out

  • Nick Furbush

    You can also enchant 4 items with 25% alteration cost reduction and when you have a 100 alteration skill you can use the mass paralysis spell over and over again in the thieves guild which is the best way to level up

  • Donovan Locati

    Getting the telekinesis works WAYYYYYY faster for leveling to 50.

  • Dogbehu

    About the below 50 problem, with 25+ I went to Labyrinthian and found Telekinesis spell lying on a table just in the first room behind the entrance. Learned that with no problem and this spell rushed me to 50 in notime.

  • Oliver Jace

    The method I used is jst use telekinesis on a item repeatedly. Once you get alteration adept you are getting a level every full magic bar and a half.

  • Austin Whitener

    You can get detect life before lvl 50 if you do the quest infiltration

  • ShawnDon

    You don't have to be in the blue palace to use detect life. I stood in the market in White Run and held the spell. Took all of 4 mins to go from 41 to 53 in Alteration.

  • Gavin Millard

    The quickest way to level up Alteration is by getting the "Secret of Arcana" which allows you to have infinite magicka for 30secs but if you have telekinesis and pull in something you lvl up Heaps :)

  • Kristjan Prijatelj

    Standing in shallow water and spamming watherbreathing worked for me

  • 3HeartLimit

    The detect life method can be sped up if you're doing it later in your play through by having 5/5 enchanter and the bonus enchants on armor perk to get 100% spell reduction for alteration. You can literally go afk while having the button pressed to level it up

  • Pointless Person

    You can actually get the detect lie spell early on in the game from a dungeon I don't remember which one though sry


    this is why im a subscriber

  • Danny Hampton

    Another way to level it is to level a character level 12, get Meridia's beacon start quest stand in light beam with an armor spell on. 100 alteration in a few minutes. Then just Legendary and and stand in beam again, \o/ free perk points. If you have good magkica regen then you could lvl resto at the same time.

  • Random Chiroptera

    best magicka cost to exp ratio with Telekinesis.

  • Rarely Comment . . .

    [Legendary Edition/Special Edition/Old Version]How I level my Alteration from 1-100 in PCStep 1: Find/buy the "Book of Telekinesis"Step 2: Max EnchantingStep 3: Enchant item for "Less to cast" AlterationStep 4: Find/Buy Tape(Any kind) Step 5: Find an item and use Telekinesis on both hand on the itemStep 6: Hold mouse buttonStep 7: Tape the mouse button around itStep 8: Go grab a snack/lunchStep 9: If using L.E. or S.E. make the Alteration skill tree into legendaryStep 10: Repeat Step 1

  • Zach Stevens

    again, not the fastest way at all...

  • Tony and Micah blouin

    The first way won't work

  • M Melo

    You can get detect life at level 30

  • Kyle C

    Go to guldun rock, stand on the ledge where the Giants can't get to you, go into combat from there, and just repetitively cast the armor spells or paralyze. Have high magicka regeneration or just make alteration cost nothing and just cast ebony(or other) flesh, or just use paralyze repeatedly on the giant(it has to hit the giant) if you're legendary redoing it. Takes like 15 minutes to go from 15 to 100, but would be longer with non expert spells.

  • Random_Stuffs 42


  • Christian 0210

    I can’t find tolfdir😭

  • Constellation Animations

    I found it was better to purchase oakflesh and have the two wolves nearby the standing stones attack you while casting it

  • Tomas Trunek

    you can do it faster when you help drevis noren in college in winterhold that give very fast magicka regeneration

  • ahren reeves

    hay witch spell did he get

  • Simon Greenaway

    Whats wrong with ESO's Corrupt save file?

  • Glitch exe

    my 2 best spells are alteration and conjuration

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