Skyrim: Tarshana's Divine EVERYTHING! (Preview)

This will not end well....
  • Black Goku

    is it really worth it removing all those essential performance mods just for divine atmosphere? I mean i fear a framerate loss

  • Anthony Caggiano

    Dude I will definitely try this set up next week! I'm new to mods and haven't played Skyrim since it's release, so all this stuff is blowing me away! haha Currently running mostly Skyland, some other textures, and SMIM SE XB 1 for graphics. Your videos are entertaining and you have really cool content! Keep up the great work! 🤙

  • Jiggaboo Hunter

    I hope you ate well Odin

  • john denton

    Enhanced lighting adds the braziars

  • Bman 217

    Big fan big fan bro!!!

  • Justin Prochnow

    Would you suggest this divine thing better then the Graphics packs and the others?

  • Rick Babbitt

    Hope that okra was deep fried 😃

  • Raid Messiah

    I hate tarshana she runs a discord and tells everyone to report mods by authors she doesn't like and to report nsfw mods like a fucking snitch


    I've got divine cities and villages both installed, I've gotten rid of every mod that could in any way conflict with them, double checked my load order which is fine and my green just keeps turning black, becoming clear, and turning black again. It is most definitely one or both of these divine mods I've mentioned causing the issue. at least I k ow I've stayed away from divine mods for a good reason

  • Felipe Segura

    I should check this out hopefully my stuff doesn't crash

  • john denton

    What performance mods are worth using

  • Michael Prestwood

    The Brazier is from Immersive Citizens

  • Avery Bradley

    honestly, a combination of SMIM, M Rens and some divine can make the best looking world that also maintains performance, with using things like graphics pack and other small mods for textures

  • Xcel Inferno

    Damnnnn that looks amazin razin

  • Rick Babbitt

    I found after playing with the mod load order that tarshana lo doesn’t crash the Xbox one x or freeze it up causing the one x to to power off. The traditional lo does both and I have a graphical candy land of mods

  • jared evans

    Hey man, your game looks amazing with this load order, I'm currently running with skeltors but am thinking about changing but whenever ever I make any big mod changes my game always gets curropted and I don't want to lose my progress, any suggestions?

  • Jonathan Morrow

    You should try Tarshana's load order. I just set my load order up to math hers and I have no issues with framerate at all anymore, even with the graphics pack installed. If you haven't yet, get an external harddrive. Preferably WD My Book. I have seriously fast load times, no framerate issues at all. Tarshana said in the Bethesda forums that a perfect load order will fix a lot of issues with crashes, lag, and other issues caused by mods.

  • McGriggles 603

    @Verdict of Odin Are you ONLY using divine architecture for textures in this video? Because I'm seeing some textures in Whiterun I don't recognize. Such as the concrete looking textures on the house that had the note on the front door. Maybe that's from divine cities? I know the building itself must be but the textures?

  • Tristan Weary

    You and your suscribers are awesome and will to help!!! This guy needs more subs I'm liking all your vids

  • CrazyZombieKiller20

    Try Mythical Ages, this is another one published by Tarshana, but made by Arindel. You will be even more impressed and its only 2.5MB

  • Hangman EXE

    So not running SMIM anymore Odin?

  • Jacob Wells

    Does Divine Cities work with Magical College of Winterhold?

  • Gwebb

    I find if I use elfx weathers with rustic weather presets the harsh preset makes the sun look more realistic

  • steven Gorzell

    Is every day bro with that Disney Channel flobot been on YouTube

  • Flying Gander

    i like the very little editing in this video

  • Shade88

    Odin, good stream. One thing to note. Do not use ELFX with Divine Cities. This is what she wrote in the description:"Do not use with ELFX it contains too many changes for me to patch."She also suggested in the comment section of Divine Atmosphere to not to use it with ELFX because it throws off the cosmetics she was going for when designing D.A.

  • Tarshana

    Hey I didn't expect to wake up to this o.O There's a few things I want to address... 1. DC was updated after you installed and required a save before. I had issues with the archiver and it fubared the script on/off lights. (Not a big deal but still drove me nuts after testing for a week). 2. That solitude area was barely touched by me because of the existing frame lag (frame lag is not caused by volumetric lighting) and it's one of the areas that tries to load the entire worldspace LOD. It is the only part in Solitude that tends to get snippy. 3. I have Divine Interiors that affects the insides, not the architectures...the architecture packs is only graphics. 4. I placed insects all over >.> Because I didn't understand why there weren't insects around. 5. ELFX interiors also affects worldspaces and weather, you should not using it. It also affects Mountains so even the Majestic Mountains can be negatively affected. 6. You're seeing my water textures : ) There are seams in vanilla :( There isn't a lot we can ever do about it...I think XB1 users see it more often because of so many poorly ported mods. 7. You have ELFX interrupting DC at Dawnstar with all those added lights :( 8. And no you can't use RW2 with it. 9. You actually see a lot of my lights outside >.< 10. Consider using Divine Interiors with Divine Atmosphere :) I put the button because ELFX adds too many items in world spaces. 11. You forgot the Fine Furs in Whiterun!I'm glad you enjoy my snow ^.^ that one you see is a special weather not found in any other mod. Also remember that the cities all have their own custom homes. So I thank you for being kind. Let me know when you stream again and I can help point out what isn't mine :)If you have more questions you can drop by my thread:

  • Evander40Child virtaranta

    Divine interior,divine athmosphere tarshana mods🤔

  • Jay N

    so the real question is, where's that fried chicken from?

  • Code Alex

    cant use divine atmosphere with ELFX or any other weather/lighting mod for that matter

  • Derek Pennington

    Your load order is terrible

  • Ryan Browne

    Are you feeling fat & sassy now?

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