Great Battle of Skyrim Remastered!

A Tyrannicon Machinima, click here to see the making of/bloppers video:

Click here to watch the full battle video:
List of all the mods used: 1) The Asteria by Mattcm919:
2) Aetherium Armor and Weapons Compilation by lautasantenni:
3) Dwemer Exoskeleton by SpaceWiking:
4) DwarvenKillerMachine by m:
5) M3-CH - Standalone Robot Follower by Hammerbane:
6) D-TypeFollower by m:
7) Summon Dwarven ZGOK by m:
8) VAVAFollower by m:
9) Castle Draco:
10) Dwemer Skyship fully flyable by NoxyGame:
11) Skystone Castle by Lazz:
12) The Gifts of Akatosh by Corvalho AND Rafael De Jongh:
13) Beasts of Tamriel by SpikeDragonLord and jboyd4:
14) Shadow Order Armor Set:
15) Contractor and Mavari Armors by Zerofrost Satyr:
16) Puppeteer Master by JohnB:
17) TamrielOfWarTrains by m:
18) Ridiculously Explosive Arrows by sgtwinkler:
19) DwarvenRideChaserRideArmor by m:
20) MarkarthGuardIsAutomaton by m:
21) Orcish Weapon Set by Crazy Lion:
22) Flying Engine by Anton:
23) Helmet Overlays by Scrivener07:
24) SummonRevolverDragonAndCatapultTurtle by m:
25) Black Knight Set:
26) The Dance of Death - A Killmove Mod by DaedalusAI:
27) Ritual Armor of Boethiah by Wasbunny:
28) Invisibility on Target spell by Krusty Krevice:
29) Directors Tools by Artisanix:
30) Doomhammer by johnskyrim:
31) Finger of Death by dvkkha:
32) Dwarven Mechanical Dragons Mod by Grohiik:
33) Frozen Electrocuted Combustion by powerofthree:
34) Spectraverse - Magic of the Magna-Ge by Enai Siaion:
35) Midas Magic Evolved by darealslenderman:
36) Dagger of Disintegration by Verteiron:
37) Dwarven BigMagnum by m:
38) Satellite Missile Support by m:
39) Imvisio ENB by Matso:

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  • Pixelpoe

    Every single time you pause in this episode you get an amazing! picture. It's awesome!

  • 方济民

    A war between Chimer and Dwemer?

  • Peter C

    Tanks and mechs in Skyrim? huh, nope!!

  • Old Gregg


  • We3dCraftLP

    what an armor is that of the evil overlord?

  • Alisson Lares

    this is soo fun.. oh gosh.

  • Grey Crimson

    Well, they brought the castle down, best fight.

  • Kush Kong

    makes me wish we could witness the dwemers in action they had to have had some power man

  • Xander Oakes

    How come the dwemer have freaking guns, hover bikes and giant robots yet they don't have toilets?

  • Help Me!

    i am outsider of Skyrim but are those mods?

  • Maori King

    God of war music suits thisLove both games😎

  • Void Demon

    Sigh I expected better... You've gotten lazy Tyran...

  • LuxuryGiftIdeas

    What is the black armor the king is wearing?

  • Kaj Reid

    Why did he blow up his own soldiers?

  • The rejected Party planner

    I feel like I just watched some Star Wars shit lol

  • Almighty Deadmeme


  • Sam the advocate tall tower of stress

    1:07 when you stay in your room all day and your mom ain't cool with it

  • Paítøm Pänûlé

    I had to pause when they opened the gate and left the security of the walls to engage directly...what the fuck? No one in the right mind would do that when under siege! It's pathetically idiotic! Those walls are there for a reason.

  • Zosphus

    i really would love to see an elder scrolls movie or game centered around the Dwemer sick would that be

  • Andrew


  • FrowningFlamingo5


  • o g

    And another good battle

  • Alan S

    Wow, Skyrim kicks ass!

  • Ken220 Rossomando

    Tyrannicon is awesome on doing stuff like this I want more :)

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