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A Quality World Map - With Roads

High Quality 3D Map

Nexus thread for updates

Intro/Outro Music:
CC BY 3.0 -
  • stevenishax

    anti first deployed

  • LewisMenzies

    just signed bro! #18,003

  • TheRealLegwon

    then Y even post??? that makes TOTAL sense to me... ugh!

  • BKInbound

    one does not simply stop playing skyrim

  • pikistikman

    I don't even care. I don't play Skyrim anymore. I actually don't even IMAGINE that I'll ever use this. But I still enjoy your videos!

  • pikistikman

    No, it's still on 360, I'm just... disinterested.

  • Leland Mason

    Is there one on Steam?

  • JackTheRipper

    can some one help me please ?? when i open worldmap i dont se nothing is invisible

  • Cole Jenkins

    For mods? That's why I got my PC version(Started with the PS3 version). I feel like the is more immersion for console since you can't even be tempted to cheat your stuff in. You have to earn it the hard way. But PC with it's thousands of mods lets you play any character you want, to the full extent of possibility. I've made 14+ character with strict play styles, armor and backgrounds. I play with each for a week, make a new one, then never touch the old one again. I'm the Roger Smith of Skyrim.

  • That Leetri Guy

    This was one of the first mod I ever installed. :)

  • Skyrim GEMS

    Nice. I just updated the video on Skyrim GEMS for "A Quality World Map - With Roads" with this video. :)

  • Darthax Wyrmender

    even if they get the petition finished, WB doesn't have to take the C&D back.

  • Strelok SIC

    I have feeling that when i complete the game it will be boring

  • pikistikman

    I get the joke, and it made me laugh, but after I ported over to PC I lost access to all my save data. No point to me.

  • AGiantPie

    That isn't o.k. Don't joke about rape.

  • TheGreatEmore

    Use the oblivion like map myself

  • Tristan Waine

    Did Bear Grylls make this video?

  • Elf Friend

    if everyone thought like that the petition would be 0, but since some people are brave enough to stand up to big corporations that are (nicely put) failers, then the petition has reached over 17 000 signatures

  • Elf Friend

    if you haven't featured Middle-Earth-Roleplaying-Project in one of your videos then please do so, it's honestly the BEST TC of skyrim you can see their main page on the teams goal is to make make a LOTR mod using the skyrim game engine, unfortunately they we so good that Warner Bros. saw them as a risk to their profits, therefore I would like to ask you all to sign the petition so that WB will take the C&D back.

  • NOK CHUN Lam

    thats how you call a true map

  • Nick Summers

    Fantastic that is all

  • emo haralampiev

    Is there a mod that hides your location on the map?

  • Cole Jenkins

    Someone had to be, right? I'm moving on to a female Dragonborn playthrough. Basically i'll play as the "Bethesda Dovahkiin". Being, the armor used in the trailer and the logical perks that follow that look. Heavy, Light, Smithing, one handed, block, and enchanting. This is where I change it a little though. Maces will be my Primary weapons but unique swords may also be used; no axes though. No two handers. Main armor will be the iconic look but I will throw together other armor combos as well.

  • mynameis Shadows

    i've uninstalled skyrim a long time ago ,but i like watching mods lol

  • KRivera

    Ronald Weasley, It's LEVIOSAHH!!

  • AGiantPie

    Firstly, I didn't post the original comment. Secondly, if you are seriously threatening him then I should go notify the Police. Thirdly, if you are joking it is not funny to joke about that and you are a pathetic loser.

  • Mista Mista

    I love this mod it's sooo helpful.

  • AGiantPie

    That isn't funny, shut up you pillock.

  • Barney Collington

    I usually watch these videos for fun, this is the first mod I was compelled to install.

  • WeepingOdin

    wooe,it took like ages...

  • Elf Friend

    not if the the 17 000 signers decide not to by their crap, i mean 17000*X(amount of crap variety they try to sell)*cost of crap(usually60dollars)=over1 000 000X and thats just based on estimates, the actual would be more.

  • BKInbound

    i would probably cry

  • Chimpy Shayo

    MERP is very playable on oblivion since its latest patch

  • John Poe

    If every country danced to this Dubstep There would be no war

  • Senna

    hey could you check out my mod, Dawnfang And Duskfang REBORN, i really hope the more people who see it, there'll be those who can help to get the scripts to work

  • ratsalad

    YEAH 6TH COMMENT. Lol, could you imagine if I was like that?

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