Skyrim Mod: Requiem - Atmosphere

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Requiem - The Introduction

Part I - The Leveling System

Part II - Skills and Perks

Part III - Magic

Part IV - Combat and Attributes

Part V - Atmosphere

Part VI - Items

Part VII - Finale

Intro/Outro Music:
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  • 00WolfSpirit

    Can't fast travel? Well there goes that mod. Fuck that shit. You can only explore the same path so many times. And actually NEEDING perks just to do anything is ridiculous. Yea let's get the pick pocket will up without actually being able to pick pocket. BRILLIANT! Being able to be locked out of your own home s that way you need to use the console jus to get any of your stuff. AMAZING. Dungeons won't spawn? Yea okay so if some rouges see a totally abandoned fort they'd never think of reclaiming it. Uhhuh sure. I love mods that totally change things around and make it more RolePlay like. But most of these mods seem to just change shit stupidly for the sake of it. That's just dumb.

  • David Bowie-Sama-Senpai-Sensei-San-Sama...-kun

    I hate people who are saying "I WOULD get this mod but <Insert Idiotic Complaint Here> and t kills it for me"... Edit the fucking mod

  • Madhav Menon

    Started a game yesterday, wood elf Archer, stumbled on a bow with 236 damage, busy one shotting everyone with light armor. So far ..kinda under whelming on the difficulty front. But yeah, i am getting one shotted to...

  • Ksam Tekcaj

    Is there another good mod by itself apart from Requiem that turns off Dungeon respawn when you clear it?

  • Creed Diskenth

    Actually the reason why they have gold or jewelry is because they ate it and you are technically opening the animal to get meat and skin so yea......

  • J House

    Can anyone link me a mod that disables fast travel and buffs the horses without any of the other stuff included in the video?

  • Techno Touhou

    Whoaaaaa!!!! Waaaay cool mod! :O Thank you for covering this mod~ Also, anyone know any other mods that slow time, preferably one that makes any minute in-game one minute in real time?

  • ZaThrint

    After playing 50 billion playthroughs on the Xbox I eventually got Skyrim for the PC. I want to change the game completely so that I get a different feel then all the vast playthroughs that I completed on the console. This mod is perfect for doing just that!

  • NotUsingMyName

    I know this is a small trifle of a correction but around the 1 minute mark you mention the change from 3rd to 1st person messages.. 3rd person is "he," and "she," 2nd person is "you"

  • judgemental weirdo

    Basically, install this Mod if you have played old-school RPGs like Dragon Quest.

  • Alex Synan

    Pro tip NEVER drink alcohol casually it takes sooooo long to get rid of it. Im sure everyone knows this by now and maybe the time has been shortened but goddamn it was annoying.

  • Mr.SofaKing1230

    This comment section is just laughable. i Love how people are bitching about a mod they don't have to get.

  • Skylanator Mann

    Holy Jesus that thumbnail looks amazing

  • #CFBM

    This mod is amazing but the fact you can't fast travel is a killer to me

  • Kam Chomlack

    I think everyone fails to see the point that this video was done in 2013, if something has changed in that timeline then it isn't the youtubers fault. It would be best if people look at the date of these before giving opinions from the years AFTER the video was posted. Are you expecting the YouTuber to release a new video every update the mod has?

  • Doru Anton

    will this mod work with high level enemies? (it make enemies be your level), and why are dungeons not spawning any more enemies?

  • Youngerhampster

    What? you can get drunk?SOLD.

  • Rendell Ellorin

    how do i get the words/text in that font

  • Cygnus2045

    What's up with the empty hand with 1 handed? It's soon stupid looking

  • LadyConqueress

    Does Requiem by chance change the AI of townspeople so they run away from danger? I need to know whether or not I should also install a mod like Run For Your Lives so that people aren't just standing around and dying when a dragon comes around

  • Unstable Code Scarlet

    The comment section on this video is pure cancer, just don't go down there....

  • YPluto_

    which enb is used in the thumbnail?

  • Saisinksonite

    i just love to read these comments on requiem videos. can anyone guess why?? LOLpeople, do you know what the easy hand holding games have done to you? they have made you DUMB. this is exactly what you need. maybe its too late though because you never had to try. its a completely new feeling for you. no ones gonna help you here. not in requiem. GIT GUD YOU FILTHY CASUALS

  • Matheus2Jz

    What is his Race Menu mod?

  • Camster40

    More realistic but not if you want a casual game experience

  • Darkie Mayhem

    you had fast travel even in old school baldurs gate titles , like what the hell??


    what mod is used on the picture of the thumbnail?

  • BroBroNelly

    quest markers ruin #muhimmersion

  • Juan Frate

    Is compatible with redone?

  • Daniel Vallah

    love this channel. it relaxes me.


    Holy shit... dat sexy thumbnail though!What mods are used to make it look like that, please i have to know!I just wanna eat it!

  • AssassinXMod

    caption be like hello and welcome to bro jew

  • Christoph13131

    Is there a way to disable the switch from third to first person message? The game can just tell me things, rather than putting words in my character's mouth.

  • Captain Nemo

    If install this in the middle of a play through, will it cause problems? It seems the type of mod that needs a clean save to work.

  • pie mammoth

    bandits or animals should be able to inhabit cleared dungeons or caves

  • Alex Whyte

    I want to get this super badly, but from what i've seen it's not compatable with a lot of mods... Anyone know some really good mods that it DOES work with? I've got almost 200 and I don't want to lose / not be able to use them ;-;. Especially ones that add more areas...

  • imTheMrBEAN

    Someone please explain the riverwood thumbnail. +Brodual pls

  • Cody Martin

    That font is pretty ew tbh :pp

  • Brandon Birkett

    Your werewolf appears to have fur everywhere as opposed to the missing parts in the vanila... Where can I get that mod?

  • Dante Thompson

    it's not fun though. you spend the whole time fighting the mechanics of the mod instead of playing a game. just like how frostfall makes the northern regions nearly unplayable. interesting, but not worth it imo


    Is this mod compatible with the ordinator mod ?

  • brody lockwood

    How do i get Riverwood looking like the thumbnail? Wow :O

  • Bart

    My name is also bart

  • Leftist Cuck

    Monsters dont spawn back in dungeons? Seems kinda stupid....If its focusing on rolelplay whats stopping new stuff from wondering in the cave?

  • gene hobo

    i must ask how much gb have your pc . when you play so smooth.

  • Chratiss

    so can you give a list of the enb's you used to make it look like the vid picture?

  • CaveBobSpongeMan

    i hope you can change the clearing out dungeons thing cause otherwise i aint using this mod lol

  • Viri 369

    Some of these changes are interesting, but some seem like changes for changes sake. Why would all merchants try to rip you off? Belethor doesn't seem like that kind of guy. What is the point of being able to lock yourself out of your own home? That's just tedious. And if you can clear a dungeon and make it a home, why can't it respawn? As in, why wouldn't another bandit group or whatever stumble upon an empty, abandoned base and decide to set up there?

  • RmX

    Good luck with travel from Riften to Solitude ;D

  • Sirax123

    if you can claim a dungeon as your own, does that mean you can leave loot there without worry of it disappearing?

  • Gudd3

    Taken from the requiem manual: "The respawn times have been increased to prevent fast re-occupation of cleared cells. Random dragon spawns are also less frequent."

  • Leto85

    1:18 That would make any ENB obsolete! :DBut seriously, I hope this won't interfear similar drunk effects certain basic needs mod also provide, but I'm sure that can be toggled of in one of these mods.4:35 I hope that if monsters stop spawning in cleared caves won't make Skyrim quite empty in the end.

  • Luke Brown

    FYI to everyone watching and considering this mod: you can tweak a lot of things. You can enable fast travel and make dungeons respawn normally if you so desire.

  • sheltomlee

    Wait, there's no monster respawn in dungeons ? lol wut

  • Hyper's Son

    I just want to know which mods were used for the thumbnail, it looks amazing, I see there's some extra foliage and ground in place of that old lady's house, please someone tell me.

  • Montana Nelson

    Everyone complains about stuff breaking immersion. You have the soul of a dragon. I'm pretty sure if a Dragonborn were to train like a monk or something being able to tap into the power of the dragon like with shouts he/she would be able to gain immense power. Like a massive massive pool of stamina,health,armor etc.

  • 3.14159265358979323846 26433832795028841

    Disables fast travel? Screw that.

  • skamranen

    Your voice is amazing. It really calms me somehow

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