Skyrim Mod - Recall your follower or Find lost followers

Skyrim Mod - Recall followerS or Find lost followers

Skyrim Mod - Recall your follower or Find lost followers
Tired of losing track of your followers? Here's a simple answer to that annoying issue.
You can now instantly teleport your followers right at your position via spell.
You can also manage a list of followers via a secondary spell to have them all affected by the primary
teleport spell at once(it doesn't matter if they're dismissed or anything as long as they're listed)

The Tome you need in order to learn the Spell is located at the Sleeping Giant Inn in Riverwood.
The secondary spell (Enlist Follower) is automatically added to your character.

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  • sam mcgrath

    dude thats fucking sad tricking people with mods like that neck yourself

  • Spider Pig

    Thumbs down the book wasn't there.

  • ItzNeoxys

    Does someone know how to port the mod to xbox

  • Don Manta Ray

    Does this work on Animal Followers?

  • Sir Banana

    I can't find the mod on the Xbox one,I'm not sure if it just wasn't ported or I'm searching for it wrong.If anyone found the mod on Xbox One I'd like some help,thanks.

  • mer blon

    the follower never pops up

  • Ashley Smith

    Can't find the tome??

  • Legend Phillips

    its not there where else can i get it

  • Lamb Sauce Gamer

    Is this mod for ps4?

  • Kayla DeFranco

    The book isn't there for me

  • PyroLetsPlays

    i looked but it wasnt there then saw the title. praise the gods. didnt know there was a mod. looked for one but didnt find it. thx

  • Pan Kot

    Fuckin modsI dont have computer

  • Spitos Pozeridis

    where you find the book? because is not in the!!!!!

  • marcel hegmann

    Is this mod available at Xbox One??

  • Brcboston

    So this won't work if i don't know where they are?

  • Brett Williams

    If you dont have the mod just sleep for 24 hours cuz it worked for me

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