ONE MUST HAVE MOD - Skyrim Mods - Week 235

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TERA Armors Enhanced Textures /mods/88502
Obsidian Weathers and Seasons
Animated clutter
and Adoptable SSE
  • Espara Stormrage

    Good choice on WOTLK music for the zombie loli. Even Arthas would be proud to have in her in the scourge.

  • Rage Extinkt

    How do you get your mods

  • Mr DJ Repack's

    did anyone else notice there was no intro in this video?

  • With a Side of Murder

    Been watching since 2011.

  • Naja1234

    4:32 what armor mod?

  • Aotaru

    One important question (at least for me ^^) will there be another Skyrim Mods weekly in the future or did you stop this series? I found your channels through them and I like `em, but there was more than one month nothing new. I miss the mods weekly, even though they are not released weekly anymore, but never released once again? Please stop this series.P.S. sorry for my bad english, I am german ^^.

  • Carl Murphy

    Around 2014, I then went back and watched all, or nearly all you videos

  • Nightlord700

    I came back after like 4 years lol

  • Remianen

    Don't remember exactly when I started watching you but in one of the first videos of yours I saw, you explained how you were a college student and only doing this to learn how to speak in public better. My, how times have changed. :)

  • sakurahtf55

    Damn ive been around since episode 23 :O

  • Jack Cruise

    Started watching whenever you did the guild wars review. I remember watching that when I was deciding whether I would get it or not :3

  • Bart xVelken

    That would be March 2015 for me I'm pretty sure :D

  • Sylva Shot

    I joined in.... the week 120.

  • Abdul Rawas

    Dear MxR,Obsidian > Vivid Weathers?Thank

  • Sylva Shot

    I joined in.... the week 120.

  • tarick teran

    ever since episode 1 on my other channel you rock dude

  • Robin Myers

    I cant install more mods for my Skyrim because its crashing alot...

  • Tassi

    I've been watching since around episode 100. Fuck me that's a long time

  • Luk Luka

    Started watching around week 20... I don't even own Skyrim on PC..

  • Red

    watching since 100k bruv OG

  • classy mofo105

    i started at around week 80

  • NecessaryOcean

    Are there any OG subscribers still around?

  • Al chemi

    So I know this video has been out for over a month now and all, but I have a serious question.... Why did I get a notification about Skyrim Mods 237? O.oWhat happened too 236, and also why is it Unavailable now? Did YouTube get scared of it? Was it Demonetized? What is happening?

  • lisette yarzagaray

    Started watching i think in either 2015 or 2014, watched it ever since and enjoy every episode

  • Landon Yazzie

    I've been watching since 2011. I saw one video and had to watch them all. So, once I was free to sit in front of my Xbox I binged as much as I could for that night and watched every single Skyrim video, wishing I had a boss computer to mod or create. I'm now 29 and still look forward to every Skyrim video you post. From a very big supporter in Arizona, you and Jeannie are awesome!

  • Alex Elmore

    watching since week one

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