ROMANCE MOD 3.0 - Skyrim Mods - Week 227







Special thanks to bishopau, Adrian Woodin, Sam Blair and Tomarty for their support on Patreon!
  • Pickle Wart

    Getting pregnant IN THE GAME OF LIFE!

  • PotatoBabyGD

    wait hold on you think you can just summon me like this??? I was busy eating tacos! >:[[[

  • Pandas FOR Life

    Guess what bitch ass YouTube you wanna be teen friendly but your being child friendly, I'm pretty sure everything he shows teenagers watch all the time

  • Flamesyte

    Lol the moist towelettes reference

  • Giant Dragon

    what is name of mods that he is using for his character . Like female face grafic that make character sexy and sexy hips moving wile walking , that mod is awsome

  • Dragon Blood

    would romance skyrim be only pc or is it going to be for xbox and ps4

  • Kareem Abusaad

    u suck and shotgun is better than u

  • WingDingsGaster Error

    you should do a lets play with ALL these mods installed

  • Jace Ace

    Oh, I thought we were on YOUtube not FAMILYTube. These stuff with YT is really getting annoying.

  • Blitz Krieg

    Holy shit, that is some immersive mod.

  • Wingedwolf

    Xobx One needs that romance mod ;-;

  • WingDingsGaster Error

    great dog..... such wow...

  • ibasswood

    Skyrim VR.... shit just got real!! Haha omgoodness a perverts dream come true isn't it?


    "If you jus eat bread all day, you gon die" LOL -Gained a sub.

  • Bri _

    I love your videos! I always get a good laugh ^-^

  • Robert Hicks

    Is bishop wearing witcher armor?

  • Pam Swiger

    I would rather drink bleach than date Bishop.

  • Casey Dovahslayer

    is it just me or does he kinda sounds like pewdiepie?

  • Gerfoe


  • Abbe Winter

    I loved his description of the nexus, because just about every time I go there, there's a new female follower mod. It got old real quick.

  • Alex Marroquin

    Thanks mxr at 10:26 my mom walks in and i have to explain what i am watching

  • Belladona Poi

    Hahahahahahahahaha that was so funny!!! xD Nice voice indeed :D

  • Alyssa Davidson

    Part of the 5% here!

  • Animebot

    I'm just trying to figure out how you have 1.5 million subs like this channel is so good it should have twice as much.

  • Brianna Catlett

    i feel like the only 12 year old girl here

  • Jerry C

    The sad part is that if 2% of the people that regularly watch these videos gave him $1 per month on Patreon, he would be able to focus on this channel entirely

  • Shane k

    how ironic, it was you and alchestbreach that made me get a pc, which got me watching youtube a lot lot more.

  • Killingmeslowly

    whats the mod at 10:28?

  • Randy Bongson

    Fuck Google! It's their goddamn fault that they didn't inform the companies selling the ads, not the content providers. It sounds to me like YouTube content providers have a legitimate legal case for Promissory Estoppel and unjust enrichment. Feel free to contact me if you would like more info on these potential causes of action against YouTube.

  • M.S Brewer

    I love your videos but you make a shit ton of cash monthly just from patreon, don't complain, we're keeping you alive

  • My

    AWW HELLL YEEEE, one of the 5% here. That mod is gonna get me to play skyrim again

  • bradley kane

    that ballroom is from dragon age

  • Honey Tea

    The 5% are here to about the Dude Fuck DLC

  • kulgan 347

    Can't remember the name of that armor, really want it for my next run-through. Can someone name it, plz? The sexy chained, plate looking deal. ^.^

  • patrick tatum

    That's hilarious "you can even have a ... no way else to say this a mistake"

  • Tatsumi Kenji

    anyone wana try the romance mod 3.0 with a Man Character?

  • toxic advenger

    Are these mods also on Skyrim Special Edition?

  • Based Psychopath

    Youtube are such idiots! Typically twisted, ill-minded in their fucked-up political correctness they punish the people who provide content for them and make YT work instead of solving the dilemma by plain and simply putting a disclaimer on YT that tells viewers that advertisers do not necessarily represent the opinion or content of the video and tell advertisers to swallow that rule or GTFO!

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