ROMANCE MOD 3.0 - Skyrim Mods - Week 227






Special thanks to Bryan Jones, bishopau, Adrian Woodin, Sam Blair, Tomarty, Garrett Wills and TCGames65 for their support on Patreon!
  • Darkrai's Symphony

    Okay, there is no doubt in my mind now, you are a fan of Mans1ay3r Skyrim YTPs. Now you have completely earned my respect

  • Adam Halliday

    holy shit you can have a baby wow didn't see that coming

  • Quixot Willard

    Jimmy's a weird ass motherfucker

  • Demi hickling

    There is no skyrim romance in English on my computer 😫

  • Nat

    Need the romance in fallout

  • John Wilson

    I swear this guy sounds like Pewdiepie sometimes.

  • Toaste

    Are you related to pewdiepie?

  • Guillaume Bregeon

    does romance mod work for guys too?


    Lol he said skuuma what the hell is that lol haha haha


    This is my first time ever watching this guy, am I crazy or does he sound like pewdiepie?

  • P0LAR_

    why do you sound like pewdiepie?

  • septic dork neird idiot

    Why do you sound exactly like Felix?...(Pewdiepie)

  • Robin Steckler

    Look I'm sick of men having all the fun. Why can't women get the same Mods. I would pay for sex Mods why not. That's what most men and women want to have fantasy in Skyrim. If we want it make it please what's another trillon $ more added to the already. We're the consumers sex sells so just do it and stop teasing us with practically provocative naked people that just goes dark and we can't do and see the act wants the use of that. As your partner say on skyrim. That's It? 😂 lol

  • Daelyn75 Games

    Wow, that Romance mod - impressive and a heck of a lot of work went into it. I have no interest in using it but I do have to say it's one of the most impressive mods I have ever seen.

  • BurnedPeanutButter

    I found bishop kinda rapey lol

  • Secret-Psychopath

    well, as much as i like the skyrim romance mod, Im way to hyped up for the forbidden love mod!

  • Wolf gal

    Yay for being in the five percent!!!

  • Christine Willey

    ik who yew are~ lol :P

  • Spicy Soda Gaming

    Is it me or does he sound kinda like pewdiepie

  • coldblooded gaming

    lol you sound kinda like pewdiepie

  • Majin Ryuusei

    4:00 I need that mod

  • Chuck Kentucky

    I just laughed the entire video definetly one of your best vids so far and I watched nearly all of them

  • Alec Sullivan

    That musician character is totally hot. And he's also me. GOT EM.

  • Avalon le Fay

    Women are typically more okay with seeing slutty outfits and other naked women over men seeing one another naked in my experience. Actually, I have never met a woman who actively likes the look of dicks. They may like them in terms of sex, but many are like 'yeah, no, that thing's ugly af.' Women in porn, of course, are the exception, but they just say it because I assume that's a thing they're directed to do and I don't know them. On that note I gotta come out and say it again, dicks are gross, especially in looks, no offense. It's kinda funny because I can handle tentacle porn but looking at a dick as me just going 'nope, can't deal.' lol. Hashtag that is not my preference. On that note I'm off to find that one harem sex dungeon mod. Newly built PC equals new opportunity to download all those dirty mods my old PC couldn't handle but I want to play. Mwahahaha.

  • Battles

    Comments 50%- “pewdiepie???”25%- “I’m a lesbian and I liked the romance mod!” Or “am I the only girl that doesn’t care about being I princess”... no no you’re not, and nobody cares 25%- “moist towelettes!”

  • Cortana AI

    Is the Romance Mod for thr Originsl version of Skyrim or the Specisl Edition ?

  • Bibi Lutchford

    Hands up if you’re female and gay (🙋🏻‍♀️)

  • Mike Graham

    The romance mod was made by mara the deadric prince of loveBOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM

  • Kirstie Moyer

    lmao that romance mod had me on a rollercoaster at first I thought it was stupid as fuck then I saw the drunk pirate dude walk and immediately wanted it only to get my hopes crushed by finding out some dill weed ruins it all....

  • SkyHigh Games

    THANK YOU MXR!!! THIS ROMAMCE MOD IS THE BEST THING YES!!!! Imma fuck bishop harder than goddmn concrete hitting water at 80 mph. But I like the ass and titty mods you show so my character can be a sexy mf. But DAMN IMMA PLAY TF OUTTA THIS MOD

  • Cameron Walker

    You remind me so much of pewdiepie.XD.

  • Rafael Hens

    Youtube doesn't defund the money to the sponsors, so it doesn't make sense to don't get paid for the video. motherfuking youtube scum

  • popstarprincess123

    Damnit i want that romance mod to become a show or a game Throws myself into your arms All my girlyness just came out Please fulfill my fantasies

  • Rin TheReaper

    I love the romance mod. I love bishop. I love frickin Karnwyr

  • R.A. Martin

    Yes!!! The commentary!!! I was rolling.

  • Mizar's Games

    Ah, an ad ran on this video about 1 minutein, I hope that means MxR gets the ad revenue.

  • toxic phoenix gamer

    Someone also watches gamer poop

  • Arhon Pinéda

    You sound like pewdiepie

  • sh!t show AZ

    "Will you marry me?" "Im a man"TRAP!!

  • M'aiq The liar

    M'aiq dislikes immersion

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