Top 4 World Map Skyrim Mods

Comparing the vanilla map to the Top 4 World Map Mods for Skyrim. Links to download the mods are below.

#1 A Quality World Map With Roads 4,504,863 downloads

All roads in skyrim are visible. :D

#2 High Quality 3D Map 544,923 downloads

This is a high quality version of the over world map unfortunately A Quality World Map beats it by providing the same quality with a option to see all roads in skyrim.

#3 Warburgs 3D Paper World Map 304,266 downloads

Can easily see the roads and no more clouds blocking the world map view BUT some map markers are not placed correctly on the map. You might have to revert to the vanilla map to find out where to go next for certain quests.

#4 World Map in full 3D 157,343 downloads

The most interesting one is the world map in full 3d but it does require modding the skyrim.ini file located in user documents folder. When viewing the world map in 3d, you must constantly use the console command "fw 15e" to clear fog. This mod is no longer supported but hey it still works.

This list is showcasing the map mods that have received the most downloads sorted from least to greatest. The map mods are shown with standard vanilla light settings that most players use in skyrim. Those that use advanced lighting or ENB presets, the mod features might look better. The map mods not included in the list are the ones that did not receive the most downloads or they did not work with the current updated version of skyrim.
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