The Great Battles of Skyrim - Part 3

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The 3rd video in The Great Battles of Skyrim. This was on Machinima under a different title and is now available to watch here too.

Special thanks to the following people and mods:
Voices by Princeroy (AntiRivet)
Midas Magic - Spells in Skyrim by Xilver
Directors Tools by - Artisanix
Skyrim Monster Mod by Dogtown1
Vanguard Armor + Warchief Armor by hothtrooper44
Warmage Armor by DoODABoOM
Skyrim NPC Editor 0_75_1 by foretrenty
More Rain by Zappoo
Extreme Graphics Vision ENB - by Sharpshooter8

Music Credits:
'The Forge Of Hephaestus' God Of War 3
'Bog of the Lost Souls' God Of War 2
'Depths Of Hades' God Of War 3
'Lair Of The Judges' God Of War 3
'Arena Of The Fates' God Of War 2
'Main Theme' God Of War 3
'Anthem Of The Dead' God Of War 3
God Of War Soundtrack
  • Eternal Kick

    The God of War soundtrack fits so perfectly.

  • Mu Draconis

    I can hear a few hunters in there, I hope you realize that Francis hates hunters.

  • OtomostheCrazy

    They need some vigils and Dawnguard. They got spells that hurt the Undead...In fact, bring the Restoration mages in, and see what they got

  • tahlia Meier

    the necromancer is powerful

  • Sam S'usam

    Так, почему саблезубый нифига не чешется?!

  • Sang Lee

    should keep voices out of these videos :P


    What mod are those Helmets from?

  • Papa Chanka

    Yeah that's enough lore for today.

  • Zoë O'keefe

    I don't like how it ended abruptly, and it seemed sort of unrealistic, I mean in the fighting scene at the end, but all in all, really well done.. Though I still like the first two better. But great job, love your videos!!

  • Templar Rautenbach

    Love the God of War music in this.

  • Erick Ledezma

    what helmets are the soldiers wearing?

  • restam ahmed

    What the hell are Rotfiends and Bullvar doing in Skyrim?

  • Aurimas Puodziunas

    Everyone knows THat the dudes at the start were the Akavir Right ? (gods PLease Let me Be right)

  • Mr. fancy Pants

    I feel like these are all kinda tyin together like the fall of civilized society

  • Kyle Sturgeon

    This should be a dlc, they've got a crap ton of stuff for Oblivion, but only 3 dlc's for Skyrim.

  • lahtiboi

    it was so cool you earned sub



  • sdhusdsi

    What monster mod does he use? Looks cool.

  • Karu617th

    Dude, i just discovered these videos because i just got Special edition, im at episode 3 now and am completley blown away.

  • Potato Lord Gaming

    Wat mod was the purple lightning from

  • Daniel Simons

    Am I the only one who was reminded of a black ops 1-2 zombies opening video lol not saying its a bad thing

  • Flashgaming18 Pokemon,Minecraft,Gta5 and more

    this looks like resident evil

  • Gauer101

    That robot is from fallout 4


    I don't care what other people say these are the best skyrim war videos out there

  • Saesee Tiin

    Nice god of war music!

  • Sethasouras Rex

    were did those giant devil things level and the zombie's level from?

  • Trion Fancher

    Were the dead those creatures from the 90s animated Star wars thing, but without the metal arms?????(only true star wars nerds will understand this reference)

  • reverse mike

    How do you spawn the diffrent npcs if its a mod id like to know but if its not can I have the console codes

  • Sunyaj Engage

    1:17 smoker - l4d1:19 Barbarian - Diablo 21:20 Zombie - l4d1:21 Wrestler - N64 Attitude wrestling (Groin shot)Idk why i know that lol.

  • Ryan 6586

    these vids are incredible!

  • Deune

    I bet it was Morgasm The Powerful

  • Kam Dog

    When the iron golem from dark souls randomly shows up XD

  • Matt

    Man, your battles get better with age.

  • Chickenmcnugglie

    What race was the Mage

  • Daniel Outlaw

    never want to go there on spring break lol

  • Impulse Takedown

    Dude you should make more

  • Eugene

    What armour was that Mage wearing

  • Evan O'Keeffe

    I really hope Tyrannicon makes Fallout 4 battles

  • Natural Disaster Survival God

    Nice Godzilla sound effects

  • Hungryhyena78

    This is why I want skyrim on pc

  • Brandon Fields

    You should do reinactments of the LOTR and Hobbit battle scenes

  • Albrecht Hofmann

    do you use a blood mod ?

  • Broken Brother Louis

    Ok how did you get the mage and the leader to talk

  • Julien 1406

    I am just so impressed from your Work that i cant put my words together this was so cooll keep the good work on You have my sub,Like,Comment and favo😉👏

  • MaximvsDread

    I don't care what anyone says. This has always been my favorite one of the battles of Skyrim series. The gloomyness. Shipwrecked on a strange shore. Foul weather. A no tresspassing sign. Tresspass anyway. Big showdown. Asshole winning at the end was a nice twist. The Warchief and Mage went out like Stalwart Heros.Some prequels to this demise would cool to see. Just a thought. I know your busy. I know it's a pain in the ass to produce. Yours' and Cops Skyrim have always hands down been the best Skyrim videos. (imo) Throthgar meeting up with Officer Jenkins might be don't know if you know those guys overthere but,...yeah... :)

  • marylain69

    The viking Champion calls him mage. The mage is more like a summoner than a mage.

  • Frank Mailki

    these are designed like movies..great job!

  • jonathan Canete

    what armor are the soldiers wearing

  • Kyoraku Shunsui

    Any 1 noticed sounds from L4d?

  • jody moseley

    That guy with the Saber cat pelt was so useless. Until the very end. He just stood there making everyone else do everything.


    What are the good guys I mean what type

  • Kittycat Heron

    why do i hear the left for dead horde music

  • GreenDemon

    Never before have I given more of a damn about skyrim npcs before these battles...

  • 方济民

    So what are those mods from?

  • 𝕲𝖗𝖊𝖊𝖓 𝕳𝖊𝖉𝖌𝖊𝖍𝖔𝖌

    I love how skyrim mods often are better than the actual game itself

  • Retrogage

    that zombie model is the most goddamn fucking scariest thing i have ever seen in my fucking life

  • Brandon Fields

    The Siege of Markarth (because of the twist ending) and the Battle of Dawnguard ones I think are my favs so far. I still havent watched all of them yet though. Badass! Keep em up!

  • clay !

    mods knew it makes the game better in ways

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