Skyrim Mods: Immersive Mini-Mods

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Face-to-Face Conversations

Improved closefaced Helmets

Multiple Floors Sandboxing

No Combat Boundaries

Farmers Sell Produce

Mine Foreman Sell Ore

Air Atronachs

Intro/Outro Music:
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  • Xtazic

    That outro though.... xD

  • An fear Skuzzy Games

    that troll scared me

  • RoboHobo

    link to the cobb over weight mod

  • GangsterJasper

    no combat boundaries i didnt have the mod and it happened

  • ThatFluffyHusky

    Excuse me, was the combat zone mod deleted of nexus? the link says the file doesnt exist :(

  • Paula Lang

    Is it just me or does the air Atronach's combat animation look like it's been ripped from the Dwarven Centurion's stuff(I have no idea what their set animations are called)?Not that using vanilla animations is a problem(as a matter of fact, I prefer mods that reuse vanilla textures/animations), I'm just curious about other people thoughts...

  • Rammus

    I can finally wear a closed helmet with my argonian...

  • Nova

    I understand the improved closefaced helmets mod but it looks horrible in my opinion

  • LostIceCream

    0:17is that a mask fix to the argonian? what is that mod called?

  • Fuck You

    No combat boundaries is not available any more,so if there is a mod that does the same thing please tell me.

  • The Croatian Cowboy

    I fail to see how air atronachs are immersive, besides the fact that they exist in another Elder Scrolls game.

  • AL3X2580

    What is the armour in the opening screenshot

  • I'm really angry x98372

    Yeah because every time I start a conversation with someone my neck extends about 10 feet into their face.

  • LikeICare

    Omg, I went to that exact farm where they DONT sell produce, assumed the mod didn't work.. and uninstalled it ffs.

  • Luis Marrero

    What happened to No Combat Boundaries?

  • Tovis

    but.. is it immersive enough?

  • Ramirez The Astronaut

    Cobb encumbrance sounds awful

  • Lucas Oyama


  • Richard Marton

    Thanks to you i have over 70+ mods ...


    Which mod was it that changes the horses you can buy to have horse armor on them when you get them?

  • Communist Potato

    When watching Brodual every Skyrim video I have watched I have at least downloaded 1 per video now I hit 80 mods O_O Brodual is the first guy I go to for Skyrim mods....His explanations and reviews are top-class!

  • okvh

    Wuts the mod for the backpack at 2:11?

  • Daco Stance

    Can someone tell me how I can install mods? Please?

  • A Skele-ton of Gaming

    You break more immersions when trying to configure these "immersive" mods

  • Trey Trevor

    the game is good as it is, most of the mods are unballanced

  • Lenny Is A Carrot

    Wait, how are air atronachs and zooming in on people's faces immersive?

  • lance george

    Link to download fireundubh's Mods; No combat boundarieds, master of disguise...etc. As far as i know they where uploaded by the creator.

  • Sebine LifeWind

    Combat Boundary mod dead....

  • Thymo Gieltjes

    Dude, you make the best mod videos out there! Why do those people with "NAUGHTY SEXY ANIME CHICK SERANA XXX" mods get more subscribers than you? Keep up the good work!

  • Damaine Logan

    Does anyone know the mod he uses, so that you can see more of your hand on the weapon similar to the other Elder Scrolls games. Been looking around and still cannot find it.

  • Kozzy Kay

    One extremely immersive thing to do in Skyrim,which is something I never saw an any channel,is to low the music and use clanking armor sounds to make it extremely atmospheric.You can also add dark music soundtracks aswell.

  • T.A.P. Gaming

    No Combat Boundaries not foundSo Immersion breaking :(

  • Nightingale Shadow

    That troll with the giant head at the end what the freak! :0

  • pandakadabra

    I can finally stop pretending to talk to farmers, then stealing their veggies, then player.additem f -<enter imagined amount>. Damn!

  • Neναnαrτ

    5:45 Is an troll with such a big head.... IMMERSIVE!?!! XDDDDDDDDDDDD

  • Martin Mařík

    No combat Boundaries is no more a thing on that link

  • Kip _

    got to many mods, but I wunt these.

  • Cut. Fxck

    I hated the zoom in feature of oblivion lol it felt so awkward and weird to Me but I'll give it a try here

  • Hadmen Yadongplease


  • Fleece Johnson

    can someone please make a tang mo, frost or tropical race mod?! please

  • FallScrolls

    What graphical mods do you use, its exactly how i want my game to look

  • ᏕᏗᎷ

    I hated the Oblivion face-to-face conversations, it was creepy af. xD

  • Homophobic Horse

    no horse vagina mod1/10

  • TheLonelyTurnip

    is there a mod where the game doesn't freeze when you go into a trading menu?

  • Young Blood

    How do you open the mod menu? Do you need SkyUI?

  • joshzamaki

    You should try to make a video on ESO inspired mods for Skyrim.

  • Eduardo Barros

    Cobb Emcumberence isn't in your links list.

  • Osiris Paradox

    Farmer spends all this time working on cropsHere comes the Dragonborn or equivalent adventurer to take the farmers crop.

  • Aleksa Petrovic

    damn it, how much i hated that zoomed camera in oblivion. always creeped me out.

  • upplsuckimcool16

    the no boundaries mod has riddles with glitches so I've read... so it's really not a small mod.....

  • Kyo

    0:00 Anyone know what armor that is?

  • thedoubledeus

    i have a spell that turn iron ore in to silver and silver into gold ..... i foresee great riches

  • Obi Wan James

    Where's the mod in the thumbnail where the guy is doing a fire kamehameha

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