Lets Play Dawnguard With Mods Part 14 I Find Serana

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Here is Lets Play Dawnguard With Mods: Part 14
I used these mods:
JaySus Swords by jaysus
Tameable Foxes/Wolves (by Wgooch, a good friend of mine)
Knights of the Nine by Maty743
Wieldable Lantern by Gunner.STC
Fall of the Space Core by Aperture Laboratories
Follower Map Markers by annihilatt0r
Engineering by Vault Boy
MidasMagic by xilverbulet
Camping by LtMattmoo
SkyUI by snakster
Horses for Followers Spudgunner
Silversmithing by PP in da Pot
Selmina D'Archon (Breton Female Follower) by Valtarien
Isilmerial's LOTR Weapons by tomato
Viking Chainmail Armor by Hothtrooper44
Dogs into Black Husky by Kitty'eh
Nordic Spears by P3dr0
No Summon Limit by randomhobo45
Pet Polar Bear Oslo 2_0 Talkable! by Chosokabe Qīng Lóng 东方苍
Sea Predator by Sparkierlamb
Handyman by Pope Canuckovitch
Craftable Arrows by 笑い男-Laughing Man
Increased Cart Costs by Trigger Spasm
Morrowind Potion Names by Chesko
Chopping Block/ Wood Fires Fix by Crashnburn
Mike's Mystical Mounts by Mike
Crimson Tide - Blood by Magus
Werewolves of Skyrim by At Dawn I Sleep
Shenk Thievery Overhaul by Enos Shenk
Water and Terrain Enhancement Redux by Dead Man Playing
Repopulated Skyrim WIP V2.2 by Spontaneous Inhuman Combustion
Scout Armor- Armor Only by DoODABoOM
Better Hunting Prices by Kya Suleyman
Improved Craftable Lockpicks by Kromey
No Auto-Aim by fox
Seratic Armor (Dark) by maniczombie
Spend Dragon Souls for Perks by DarkSeraphim85
Jango PET/MOUNT Sabrecat 2.5 by Chosokabe Qīng Lóng 东方苍
Dragonkiller Cart by xgrufijury
Sounds of Skyrim - The Dungeons by MOD NO LONGER DOWNLOADABLE ON STEAM
Weapons of the Third Era by 747823
Beautiful Whiterun by [BF3] Mornin Jerky
Wearable Lanterns by Chesko
Into The Depths - Kavungard by ScottishSengokuJidai
Realistic Lighting by kurtcop
Heavy Armory - New Weapons by PrivateEye
LC Become King of Riverhelm Compatible by Locaster
The Dance of Death by DaedalusAI
Cloaks of Skyrim by Noodles
Pets of Skyrim by Qasiemo
Leveler's Tower by Willie Sea

All of these mods are amazing and I would like to thank the modders out there and give them the spotlight.
The Elder Scrolls IV was by Bethesda

    który mod jest związany z seranom

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