Skyrim Mod: Konahrik's Privilege

Konakrik's Privilege, an enchantment overhaul for the famed golden mask of Skyrim named Konahrik. Choose between four unique effects; force, fade, fire or time.

Download from: Steam Workshop

Download From Skyrim Nexus

Armor From Konahrik's Accoutrements
  • GrandAlastor

    And this is trailer! Great work, friend!

  • Conios

    All of this is true think about it what calls to you Dovahkiin Fus = Exercise Feim = Meditation Or Yol = FireForce in your tongue you will push the world harder then it pushes back Workout!Fade in your tongue Meditate Your spirit will give you more strengthIn Your tongue the word simply means Fire! = Research Wim HofTime itself Be Patient LOL

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