The Elder Scrolls Online - All Cinematic Trailers

New Version including the 'Confrontation' cinematic:

Trailers used:
-Announcment Trailer
-The Alliances Trailer
-The Arrival Trailer
-The Siege Trailer

ESRB Rating: MATURE with Blood and Gore, Sexual Themes, Use of Alcohol, and Violence

New Fallout 4 Trailer out now!!!

    is this a movie..???

  • Lee

    The real game is nothing like this.

  • Max Tung

    The nord warcry make that monster sound like baby

  • Omar Gentles

    This is bigger that the game itself... This is a movie that better than most movies that exist!

  • Cody Anderson

    The game sucked but at least the elves weren't ugly this time

  • Noy Yai




  • Huong Do

    ad cho hoi phim này tên là gì vậy.

  • Titus Monk

    I didn't see one Khajiit or Dunmer et al

  • Thomas Schrank

    daedra pop out of the skyelf lady:these guys with u?Nord guy: I thought they were youBreton guy: they look mean

  • Awesome Sauce567

    whats that big troll thingy that came with the "Daedra"

  • Greyler

    what fraction is the guy with the bow?

  • SaRfaRaZ AhMad.

    This is a amazing fight.

  • Nathan Lewis

    I got the eldor scrolls was quit difaculte mission but there no way you kill were wolf if I was playing not even army take me with my were wolf and I used my Dragon speeches and powers destroy Enything very good game though

  • vijaylakshmi kunchu

    I know this video is pretty old. but it'd be nice if someone answered me. what's the staff used by the elf with the Nord in 1:20? is it possible to get it in game?

  • smol kookie

    Which one is the vestige?

  • Cody Anderson

    These trailers could've made an excellent movie

  • Matt Zarland

    Hey if you didn't notice at the end in the rogue raising his sword on the horse... look at the clouds.

  • Pernion

    As much as i love the nords, that badass nord is kind of a dick. (Well i do know that nords are dickheads)

  • the gaming seals

    I thought this game was gonna be great but it sucked ass


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