The Beginning Of Enderal, The Most Massive Skyrim Mod Yet

Enderal is a total conversion Skyrim mod that adds a whole new continent and tons of fully voice acted quests. Here's how it starts.

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  • evolusaw PE

    can anyone here tell me how so i tweak the graphics to fit in with low end pc? it's quite laggy..

  • Davvax

    This mod looks greatWhy dont modders just be game creators

  • Thread212

    Looks like fun, can i get this on nexus?

  • 4JProd

    This is fucking dlc quality. holy shit lol

  • Andrew Baysura

    talking about physco dad!!

  • Rigiro Karuma

    it aint a mod anymore if it completely changes the whole entire game. Simply it "IS" a new game based on Skyrim's graphics. which I think is pretty legit.

  • BleachNoSkip Takken

    Should have not watch this when Eating.

  • J.B. DaOne

    4:40 I think that's how vegans see meat eaters lol

  • Markus Basso

    can somone link me the mode

  • bigbangman99

    Fuck, I want a nice, crisp piece of meat now.

  • TheDuckumz

    720p, the blur, KILL IT WITH FIRE!!!

  • Spike Roberts

    Say "shit" more

  • Lithium Anime

    what the actual fuck

  • Nick871203

    if this game replaces skyrim, there complete idiots. are we able to travel between the 2 areas? if not. nooooo thanks

  • prosevspoetry

    i started serving the vogue at bringing daddy a nice piece of meat yas fatha

  • August Burg

    At 6:22, there is audio from NSDAP propaganda. Did anyone else notice this?

  • Sofi

    whats the name of the paino music at the beginning?

  • Big L

    spoiler: daddy's a creeper

  • Lee

    The mods is alright but the voice acting....

  • BoardGMusic

    Overdone and stilted dialog aside the narrative in the mod with its darkly (morose?) undertones are... refreshing. I like f^&*ed stuff in my RPGs. Those are the best especially in skyrim.

  • DrInstant Defriends

    Is that Silvia from wander over yonder?

  • HotaruZoku

    4:10"Time to bounce."4:15"Yep. Still time to roll."4:20"Dip this."4:25"WHY THE FUCK ARE YOU STILL STANDING THERE.

  • Metatron's Cube

    What are we like 4 years old in this game....Daddy, Mommy? really?

  • AsianCowboy !

    I'm assuming this won't be available for Xbox One

  • 1misanthropist

    0:19 Now you see the axe, 0:20 now you don't.

  • Ainsley Harriott

    It was the masketta man.

  • rayzzonngaming

    Ok the beginning tho... What the actual fuck did i befoul my eyes upon.

  • Pagan D.

    horrible voice acting

  • R Wang

    'Daddy would you like some sausages?'

  • ender drache

    And now you will go on an epic quest... to find mother mabucka and defeat her evil son Remor and...uh that's what this game is about right? Am I confusing it with something?

  • Bart van Erkel

    BRING ME A NICE PIECE OF MEAT BRING ME A NICE PIECE OF MEATcompleted: i nice summer daylmao

  • Ninja Conservador Zuero

    15:21Rise and shine, Freeman.

  • Hello Im lbaldi !

    If i understand something from story of this mod.I AM ARAB

  • AsianCowboy !

    Wow, dad... chilllllll

  • Osru


  • What Thyhex

    Kotaku is the mother of aids.

  • goddins mcthunderwood

    voice acting is great!

  • UnivalentPlace

    Feels more like a Fable start. Anyone else?

  • This Is Google

    I don't know man.. Sometimes I look down while standing in the scolding hot shower while thinking to myself "Will my meat every be crisp enough for my dad?"

  • Creed Diskenth

    So your character is a psychopath. This mod is Trash

  • Xa La Von

    Bring me a nice crisp piece of meat!

  • Teamppappi

    is there a version of this for the remastered skyrim? or a different mods that create a new game like they do with the pokemon roms? i just started playing skyrim remastered (like 3 days ago) i beat alduin twice (first he ran, second i beat him with the 3 nord dudes) so i gues im done with the game now lol

  • Serene

    Nice voice acting, very nice indeed.

  • Clevor Trever

    just like their oblivion mod, this one has bad optimization too

  • Mark Ogdon

    I think the father went crazy and became a Cannibal and forcing his son to kill his sister and mother cooking them so his father could have a nice crisp piece of meat! you know real life is a lot scarier than anything a horror movie or video game could ever produce. I've heard Tales of people swinging small babies by their legs like a baseball bat so they can hit a thrown softball. fathers and uncles and sometimes Brothers slamming them up against the wall because they won't stop crying and even worse things I'm not even going to talk about.

  • Tyg Rahof

    One could make some good money installing this mod for us Luddites. I can't even begin to fathom the complexity of things to do to get this installed. My friend lost everything; and I mean everything trying to install this mod.

  • Angelo James Mordini

    This is incredibly well done

  • Andris Paralax

    The game just makes Skyrim go to shame.... each new area I explore I just end up saying WOW... they have the best imagination and they redesign and reinvented the whole concept of the game. Of course this has nothing to do with the lore of Skyrim, but this is how Skyrim should have looked in the first place! There is no fun in having huge wide and open area with almost no life in it and Enderal made use of all its space very intelligently.

  • August Burg

    At 6:22, there is audio from NSDAP propaganda. Did anyone else notice this?

  • Azatrik Prime

    Wait. Enderal is finished? Isn't it still in development?EDIT: Jesus... I'm the slowpoke of the skyrim modding community.

  • Why Anything

    This isn't a mod really. Calling this a mod would be like calling New Vegas a mod. Same engine, same general setting, totally new game.

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