The Elder Scrolls 5 Skyrim - Unlimited Blade Works Remake

Unlimited Blade Works Remake by elysees
  • darkprinc979

    The only thing that could make this mod better would be if Emiya played in the background while you were in the reality marble.

  • John Peacekeeper

    When the usual spells just aren't GAR enough.

  • Troika

    Couldn't do the gears in the sky?

  • Faik Tagiev

    WTF this is so badass.

  • Frederick X.

    Wow these mod showcases are top-notch xD I might try this for the fun of it =)

  • Arsen Tohtarov

    What mods you use in video?

  • Turkish Bratwurst in Reverse

    what's the Armor and Fight Animations used in this video?

  • Faisal Istaka

    the sword stabbed enemy head, heart, legs etc. It's the heartless way to kill

  • Dani Hermann

    is there a version which does the same without transporting you to this other world, and without the stupid voice over it?

  • darkslayer31

    Huh, the girl in white has both Yamato and Red Queen as it's I only one who recognizes Devil May Cry? Plus did that girl used summon swords against those Dragons?

  • dahaka kaize

    Elysees can I ask you something....what song is that so awesome,can to tell me?

  • Raiden891

    My body is made of swords

  • Lulu Vi Britannia

    Surely the BEST Skyrim mod ever! Very well done, this looks exactly like UBW! BUT the woman "chant" is not the one to call UBW ^^'. What Rin says in the anime is an alternate version of it, but it's doesn't end with "Yet, those hands will never hold anything". (for example). I think it would have been better to ask a real girl to say it, so that the female characters have the real UBW chant. Plus, Rin's voice isn't epic enough when she says that.Besides this little problem, that's awesome! Quite hard to summon, and pointless most of the time, but for the Fate fans, it's great!

  • Shal ucard

    unlimited scroll works!

  • shouter00

    One of my favourite mods ^^ I love it. Thank you

  • Haqeem Darkz Reaper

    F4ckin Awesome...!!!!

  • Kevin Carlappi

    Your character in this video reminds me of Blade and Soul's Yun Blade Master...

  • BadgeurM0B

    all that in a pair of beautiful evening shoes, thats skill :)

  • Kana Noir

    Why is the video so fucking dark, can't understand what's going on.

  • Jarred Lambert

    Just saying this would love to see this mod on ps4 and Xbox one when skyrim special edition comes out and any other fate mods big fan of the anime and manga and of what I saw from the mods they are very amazing

  • Destine Xiong

    So when I use UBW on dragons, they dont appear in the ubw?

  • AnimeGamer124360 -

    can someone help me out?? I did install the mod with NMM and activated it but somehow the spells are not in my magic list i'm in Whiterun and am using Skyrim Legendary edition i'd apriciate it if someone would help me 'cuz this mo looks really awesome

  • Alpharite

    When did Rin say the UBW chant?

  • DefyVengance

    what mod are you using to carry the sword in hand?

  • Deathscythe432

    how do i make the blade works shoot that fast?

  • heishinigami

    The subs of the chant are totally wrong

  • joseph Buckley

    its the wrong translation in the beginning the translation is archers chant but the actual chant is shiros

  • Faisal Istaka

    Best mod ever. When my enemy is lots stronger than me, and i didn t have bow. I use unlimited blade work

  • DarkWolf

    Would love to see your mods on Xbox One

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