9 of Skyrim's Craziest Mods

IGN takes a look at some of our favorite wacky mods for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.
  • Kevin Vizcarra

    You mean Ultra Mega Chicken?! Shh. No, he is legend!

  • Mystic Dream Catcher

    Omfg I want the zoidberg XD

  • Mikey Angelo

    LMFAO I was in night school while watching this I died of laughter when Thomas came down as Alduin

  • Braden Dodge

    The ridable Dodo Bird. I don't know why, but it is just great to ride around on a giant extinct bird.

  • Onur BOZADA

    Macho man dragons ndjdjdjdjfkf

  • Gorgon the Munificent

    it'd be kewl if the thomas theme song played in the background when he attacked

  • Vonek DS

    I lost it when mudcrab shouted "Holy Shit!"

  • ThatElephantSeal

    Alduin: "OH YEAH!!!!"

  • Ashton Basco

    I'm not even going to lie, I really, really want that train mod for the sheer hilarity.

  • Christian Kneupper

    I like the mlg sound mod

  • ilovesnuggz


  • Jordan Romo

    I would love a Zoldberg mob version of the Mudcrabs in my Skyrim game XD and the My Little Pony Mob

  • Elder Pickle

    Heart breaker is awesome!

  • Necrosis the Dremora Warlord

    Someone add in all of these mods into your game, record an hour long video of it, and send me the link

  • Connor Ross


  • welly thegod

    Do mods change each other, e.g if u have a mod that adds a metal dragon and also the train one does the new metal dragon become a train?

  • Haakonboyvg2003

    I downloaded all of these except for the train dragons and my world might be weirder than a lunatics mind

  • DergonDark

    "WHAT IN OBLIVION IS THAT?!"Train Deathstare Intensifies

  • Cait

    you missed the legendary skyrim belongs to the gourds!!

  • Crystal Quarts

    When you know the Skyrim theme fluently, and can translate it too....*sigh* my parents thinks I'm crazy...

  • Chintzy Fufu


  • Good Job Retard

    0:32 thats the mod that my brother showed me when i was little

  • xXCrowFeatherXx

    The bear mod is the best Omg XD

  • abdurahim robinson

    What I want is someone to replace bird noises with 'lemme smash'

  • Miss.PuffyGamer

    i have a mod called posh mudcrabs which gives them top hats and monicals

  • Gaboseries

    Sadness is: Having Skyrim for xbox 360 and have no money to buy a pc/xbox copy to mod it ;____; (not legal to mod skyrim for 360)

  • WolfeyPlayz73


  • Flies

    "For some reason I'm as frisky as a squid on Tuesday" I need this

  • Killer_Greag

    Slip into a slimjim!

  • teoteous

    I thought the spider-man were headcrabs initially.

  • Strong


  • Gregory House M.D

    Macho Man Randy Savage!

  • 0rdnajela

    Was I the only one who thought that frostbite spiders weren't scary?Honestly I was scared more by the wolves just because they would run off screen so I couldn't see them!

  • Blake Murphy

    I was hoping too see the Tommy Wiseau horse mod.

  • Adrian rios

    Chicken born shout fus ba ca

  • Breadstick

    why is it when cool mods like these are shown in youtube vids never get links to them. like come on.

  • baeqmili520

    Who still plays skyrim in 2017 cuz I do lol

  • Mirroracle 27

    I'm getting the mud crab one and the pony one! Xd

  • Jon

    Kenny Logins mod...great music replacer + dragons get turned into F22-Raptors... or some other kind of fighter jet...idk

  • Evie Green

    I want that crap mod...

  • Celestial Simmer

    I’m no longer afraid of the spiders in Skyrim... I’m more terrified of Spider-Man now...

  • Rapcut Monkey

    Please Thomas the train song for really useful dragons

  • alan evans

    it would be so funny if there was a big smoke dragon mod XD

  • TheAmoungUs


  • starfarts

    thanks for linking the mods....

  • Tracy Clough

    i do not even play this crap but it is funny.

  • Xhylus

    "Who's gonna mess with chicken man" Maybe the 12th bandit party you find after laying waste to alduin.

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