Skyrim Mod Spotlight: EzE's Colored Map Markers

Skyrim Mod Spotlight: EzE's Colored Map Markers

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(0:05) EzE's Colored Map Markers
  • Alicia Best

    not to advertise or anything, but you might want to check my mod out. it's specifically designed to be easier on the eyes, and it's also more unique compared to most of the others out there (some icons are multicolored such as the mountains/passes with snowcaps, some have gradients etc). i'm in the process of working on an update right now and hopefully it'll done and good when Dragonborn is released on PC, providing they don't pull a surprise patch. ht tp://skyrim.nexusmods. com/mods/26822/

  • Skyrim GEMS

    Great review! I just replaced the mod video on GEMS with this one.

  • Yiglic Persfactious

    What a great mod idea!

  • Senna

    how are you able to rotate your map?

  • MJOLNIR Productions

    I disagree. I use the white outline version. I think they look slick.

  • Zerfix

    press and hold RMB and drag your mouse

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