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Welcome! Showcase of amazing armor & weapon mod "Sithis Armour" by jrc0011. Mod is available for PC.

Mod a new standalone Dark Brotherhood themed assassin light-armour with HDT physics (non HDT version available) and 2 DSR-compatible swords. The armour is craftable at any forge if you have an 85 smithing level and a 75 light armour level. If you do not have these skill levels then the armour will NOT appear at the forge. As for me, it looks just epic and must-have in any DB fan's arsenal.

Vindsvept - A World Divided https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1rEExGPW-G4
Vindsvept - Nightfall (metal version) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1ZfmR5WZP3w


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  • Shane Noto

    Just an FYI for console users. The ma working on the console port is having trouble due to the mod requiring hdt physics.

  • ReaperBM

    Can't craft it anyway, I got everything maxed out but still nothing soo I don't know how u installed this mod

  • Joshua Bailey

    Not how you spell hale hail

  • Templarkiller

    That is very pleasing to look at

  • Erik Alford

    Elder scrolls needs to start hiring modders. Seriously, this armor would have made the game so much more interesting for an assassin build. I can't even imagine what kind of enchantments it would have. A lot of the guild questlines were so lacking in usable rewards like armor and weapons, and most of the special rewards didn't look any different from basic in game weapons. It seemed so, generic. Not enough unique stuff, and this would have been a hell of a reward, like if you say, killed 50-100 contract kills for the brotherhood.

  • NAVY Calvin

    am i seeing shay patric cormac ?

  • SoulzShadow

    @SinitarGaming Hey man what animation mods you use? Great showcase of this armor & weapons mod really cool and dark looking one, perfect for an assassin of the Dark Brotherhood. ^-^

  • Frost

    the hdt armor doesent work for me

  • Ronell Ronell

    is this Xbox nevermind..............I read the comments

  • pimi gashi

    it do not work for me

  • Daedric Knight

    That armor is soooo awesome

  • Soul Harvester

    Amazing mod, I definitely prefer this over the vanilla brotherhood armor.

  • kevin Hernández

    why isnt it on SSE? :(

  • Mankind - Redefined

    Amazing! The Dread Father would be pleased.

  • AvoidingPear Pancoust

    This should hon steam workshop

  • Alejandro López

    I can´t Unzip the WinRAR archive, it says there are some damaged files, can anyone upload it to any other site?

  • Angela Hill

    That is some sweet armor!

  • samuel robertson

    who do i gotta blow to get this on xbox?

  • Keosam QC/FR

    How do you put your weapons in your back?

  • Afro Thunder

    WHY!!!! I knew I was gonna regret looking at this smh! I NEED this on console lol!!!

  • Hare deLune

    Great choice of music for this video, Sinitar!

  • Brush Bu

    what version of the armor are you using i could only find the light armor with the engraved shoulders would like to use the one in your video

  • Reggie Reagan

    My dick smells anyone have this problem and if so why ???

  • Leyton Livingston

    please put this armor on Xbox this armor is the most detailed and coolest looking armor I have ever seen

  • Void-master


  • MaxTheMaximumGamer

    Hey. I know who you are. Hail Sithis.

  • masked demon

    its very nice but it has one mayor bug

  • Jaime Manio

    game crashes when i try to equip it, i installed HDT before i installed Sithis Armor mod (non-HDT) please help

  • A Majestic Goose

    What are those dual sheathe animations? It looks badass

  • Derrin Walker

    i installed dual sheath redux, but why i only can see 1 sword on the back?? (i equipped 2 Sithis Blade)

  • Sharath s

    which combat and walking animation mod did u use?

  • Guru Juju Simpanzie

    Honestly, this armor is average. Not that appealing imo

  • Alex Perez

    has it been ported to Xbox yet?

  • Montajcı

    I installed the mod but I can't find armor :( Where can I find it?

  • [BKZ] Necro -

    Which mod do you use for the sneak idle and animations?Great video btw!

  • M4xECuTIoN

    Please implement this armor to Skyrim Special Edition ! :))))

  • ChefandGuitar 4Christ

    yes I read previous comments but can we have this on xbox1? ?? I'm not sure what all the htd means? but I'm sure there is way around it cause I seen other mods with that htd in discription and we have them on xbox1

  • Quentin Hernandez

    Please port to Xbox One, somebody, anybody.

  • The Elder Squirrel


  • dickslap onthynecheek

    looks like ermac LARPing

  • suman khanal

    Only problem is with hood ... wearing it won't give light armor bonus perk. I had to use guildmaster hood for bonus

  • Lucas Wendel Melo

    so sad that its not for especial edition D:

  • Kakushi Hatake

    Hey what is the name of the mods when you have those two swords on your back and that sheath animation ?

  • ElChanChito

    DAMN! This is exactly what Skyrim was missing!

  • Wil Rogers

    not available for skyrim special edition ? i look all over and didnt find it, even at nexusmods.

  • Kodi Kowalko

    Can someone pls tell me how to get both swords on the back?

  • Wilking Gómez

    i both hate u and like u for making me download all these armors.

  • Odin

    +Sinitar GamingName of blade ? pls

  • Wombat

    whhats that combat mod that allows u to roll during combat, can i have the nexus link

  • Nicholas Musser

    Looks like reaper from overwatch.

  • luckycoconut95

    can someone explain how the swords are on his back? it looks amazing, but when i play my dual sword redguard, there is only one sword at his hip.

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