Skyrim Mods: Immensely Immersing Immersive Immersion Mods

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Khajiit Speak

Immersive Player Dialogue

NPC Bartering:

Hold Border Banners

Immersive Hold Borders

Unique Border Gates

Essential NPCs Ragdoll on Knockdown

muh immersion:

The fantastic Musical Lore by Nir Shor -
CC BY 3.0 -
  • Skyrim Potato

    best title i have ever seen

  • Skylanator Mann

    Brodual doesn't always make a joke, but when they do, it's funny.


    whats the mod that makes it zoom out on a conversation at the beginning part

  • Voult Bioy

    These mods are immensly immersifingly immersive with extra immersion.

  • Ross Kostopoulos

    Khajiiit has wares, if you have coin

  • gatordog puppy

    From what I've seen on Youtube, you're one one of the few male Skyrim players who plays as a male character in game. You also seem to be the last one not using mods that make females big-breasted/creepy doll-looking :D.

  • Jayden Frank-Doyle

    the way kajhiit speak is like a religion not the way they all speak

  • Epic Gamer

    The mods are so immersive that is it is so amazingly immersive to immersively immersive to download these immersive mods

  • Luis Flores

    what first person horse mod do you use

  • Teague H

    what mod does he use for the headbobbing in the vid?

  • Ava Van Pelt

    I want Khajiit Speak to come to Xbox Mods. I play Khajiit and I hope many of these get ported to Xbox as well.

  • phonics conections

    Kahjiit wants cookie, you better give Kahjiit cookie.

  • What's wrong with this world

    I once played skyrim without fast travel... The pain was excruciating...

  • Nebby

    Drink a shot every time he says immersion

  • C S

    For the NPC bartering. Can you increase the gold an npc has with a mod? if so what is this mod? I'm creating a build that sells stuff to npcs. thanks!

  • Dillan Timpany

    Try saying that ten times fast...

  • ODD Bin

    I think we all know why we clicked on this

  • Alduin World Eater

    Bartering with Nazeem? I'd give him a health potion that is definitely not poison (Lie).

  • Nick

    carry weight over 30000Are you half fucking mule on steroids?

  • Black and White

    4:06 Dancing khajit is best khajit

  • Marcus Games

    I wish you could play these on skyrim SE Xbox

  • Martin Mařík

    Hey I like the title of this one :DCan you make next one even more immersive?That will be hilarious :D

  • Marco Kang

    excuse me, did you use a mod for your khajiit face appearance in the thumbnail? if so, could you please let me know what is the mod name? thank you

  • Chillbot17

    I've run into an issue where none of the modded content shows up. All the meshes are missing. Any advice?

  • Amazing Spoderman

    I love your channel bro:)

  • Kothata

    Why did I never think of playing without the map before?

  • ZSTO

    the elder scrolls is my all time favorite game franchise

  • hor

    i thought the immensly in the title was immerisvely

  • Catsaretheworst

    Khajiit are good meme, yes?

  • Comical

    I can't think of a single other RPG where you could randomly barter with everyone in the world.

  • Sunglasses Duck

    yet still no "frostfall, ineed food water sleep, immersive citizens, immersive storms, immersive weapons and immersive armors"

  • Polish Wario

    Why don't you ever put prison mods on these doing real time instead of seven days for murder is immersively immersive

  • Helljump's Video Hole

    But is it.... ahmerssive?

  • bobthespacething

    Man this really makes me want to use nexus instead of sream but i dont know how to use cuz ive never used it before

  • DeathIsLight

    Essential NPCs Ragdoll on Knockdown: No question a must have after i've used it!

  • Gabriel Leonardo

    Hey you!Yeah... you.Are you tired of your Khajiit talking in first person?THAT'S GOOD MAN, THAT"S REAL GOOD.

  • brem -

    Your Khajiit name J'zidzo was it, how are you able to use ' because whenever i try to make a Khajiit and steal a name from (because i'm not creative) with an ' in the name i can't use that name because my game doesn't allow me to use ' when making a name and i have no idea why

  • Ben Ding

    What's next? Immersifyingly Immerseracticalingly immercseratilising Immensely Immersing Immersive Immersion Mods

  • Callum Shamwana

    immersive Player Dialogue sounds like you are a British villain.perfect for my Playthroughs.

  • Riven Fish

    thats some good hot sauce...

  • Kira

    Immersion Mod comes out Hello and welcome to Brodual

  • ZombieMinion

    You videos are better than MxR mods. You don't click bate

  • SickSkyMods

    if you wanna make it supa supa immersive, they should be speaking old english

  • Rengar The Cat

    I always thought English is an easy language and then I saw the title

  • Keino but you can call me Kei.

    That's a pretty big over haul.

  • Nicholas Evans

    Wish I could play skyrim on PC, it's my favourite game.

  • 斯大林主义者拉脱维亚

    "Khajiit says yes for taking you as a wife... for extra coin" :3

  • James Stapleton

    Ehhh, I could argue the Khajiit Speaks mod. It's inaccurate really. The way someone speaks is cultural, not racial. What if a khajiit was raised in Skyrim? That Khajiit wouldn't have that strange accent. Boom.

  • Spounson

    Are you going to state that you're sponsored or have been paid to advertise?

  • Eriksonix

    OH MY GOD! i love the khajit speak mod! thank you!

  • chris winter

    We need a NORD SPeak, IMperial SPeak, Elf Speak, Breton Speak, etc.

  • Melon Moan

    Say the title 5 times fastly good luck

  • bigbangman99

    I love how brodual's become aware of everyone hating the word 'immersive'.

  • Sideros


  • Skyrim Mod Reviews

    did anyone try the new mod : Immersive 9/11

  • jocem009

    Oh my gawd brah, this is soo immersive

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