Skyrim Mods: Immensely Immersing Immersive Immersion Mods

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Khajiit Speak

Immersive Player Dialogue

NPC Bartering:

Hold Border Banners

Immersive Hold Borders

Unique Border Gates

Essential NPCs Ragdoll on Knockdown

muh immersion:

The fantastic Musical Lore by Nir Shor -
CC BY 3.0 -
  • Panty Jesus

    OH MY GOD! i love the khajit speak mod! thank you!

  • ZSTO

    the elder scrolls is my all time favorite game franchise

  • Dillan Timpany

    Try saying that ten times fast...

  • Marco Kang

    excuse me, did you use a mod for your khajiit face appearance in the thumbnail? if so, could you please let me know what is the mod name? thank you

  • Salad Father

    These immersive mods are so immersingly immersive, that my game has become so immersingly immersive, that is more immersive than immersingly immersive.

  • 斯大林主义者拉脱维亚

    "Khajiit says yes for taking you as a wife... for extra coin" :3

  • Skyrim Mod Reviews

    did anyone try the new mod : Immersive 9/11

  • Epic Gamer

    The mods are so immersive that is it is so amazingly immersive to immersively immersive to download these immersive mods

  • Riven Fish

    thats some good hot sauce...

  • Doge Greatness

    yet still no "frostfall, ineed food water sleep, immersive citizens, immersive storms, immersive weapons and immersive armors"

  • Ava Van Pelt

    I want Khajiit Speak to come to Xbox Mods. I play Khajiit and I hope many of these get ported to Xbox as well.

  • *intensifies*

    Kahjiit wants cookie, you better give Kahjiit cookie.

  • Chillbot17

    I've run into an issue where none of the modded content shows up. All the meshes are missing. Any advice?

  • Martin Mařík

    Hey I like the title of this one :DCan you make next one even more immersive?That will be hilarious :D

  • Ross Kostopoulos

    Khajiiit has wares, if you have coin

  • Cancer Police

    Immersive dialogue is great but some dialogue options are really cringey or it just makes your character talk like some tryhard medieval roleplayer.

  • Much Unique Jim

    Ehhh, I could argue the Khajiit Speaks mod. It's inaccurate really. The way someone speaks is cultural, not racial. What if a khajiit was raised in Skyrim? That Khajiit wouldn't have that strange accent. Boom.

  • Jahd Howlter

    i thought the immensly in the title was immerisvely

  • DeathIsLight

    Essential NPCs Ragdoll on Knockdown: No question a must have after i've used it!

  • Spounson

    Are you going to state that you're sponsored or have been paid to advertise?

  • Amazing Spoderman

    I love your channel bro:)

  • Pascale F

    have to learn these dance moves at the end

  • Rengar The Cat

    I always thought English is an easy language and then I saw the title

  • Teague H

    what mod does he use for the headbobbing in the vid?

  • xzcrusher

    What is the mod to where he looks like walk in first person

  • SickSkyMods

    if you wanna make it supa supa immersive, they should be speaking old english

  • Ben Ding

    What's next? Immersifyingly Immerseracticalingly immercseratilising Immensely Immersing Immersive Immersion Mods

  • jocem009

    Oh my gawd brah, this is soo immersive

  • The 9th evil

    I think we all know why we clicked on this

  • Sideros


  • xXdarkcloud47Xx

    Hello Brodual I was wondering in you know anyone that can make a save editor for people who still play skyrim on the Xbox 360 there isn't one an it would be cool if some one started making mods for the Xbox 360 like they did for the pc version of the game

  • Voult Bioy

    These mods are immensly immersifingly immersive with extra immersion.

  • Jayden Frank-Doyle

    the way kajhiit speak is like a religion not the way they all speak

  • Pepperlemons

    I can't believe the English language allows titles like this to be legit.

  • Black and White

    4:06 Dancing khajit is best khajit

  • chris winter

    We need a NORD SPeak, IMperial SPeak, Elf Speak, Breton Speak, etc.

  • gatordog puppy

    From what I've seen on Youtube, you're one one of the few male Skyrim players who plays as a male character in game. You also seem to be the last one not using mods that make females big-breasted/creepy doll-looking :D.

  • bigbangman99

    I love how brodual's become aware of everyone hating the word 'immersive'.

  • Corbin Bishop

    0_0 the immersion hurts...

  • Fish Head

    i almost always play a khajiit

  • Comical

    I can't think of a single other RPG where you could randomly barter with everyone in the world.

  • Useless Cunt

    Immersive player dialogue= Joseph decreux simulator

  • The Grin Reaper

    That cringe of seeing a snowless Windhelm

  • André Sena Kerber

    j'zargo likes khajiit mods, one finds them very funny.

  • Wario

    Why don't you ever put prison mods on these doing real time instead of seven days for murder is immersively immersive

  • Marcus Games

    I wish you could play these on skyrim SE Xbox

  • Miko

    That's a pretty big over haul.

  • Skylanator Mann

    Brodual doesn't always make a joke, but when they do, it's funny.

  • thedoubledeus

    khajiit speak is awesome

  • Callum Shamwana

    immersive Player Dialogue sounds like you are a British villain.perfect for my Playthroughs.

  • Charvel S

    For the NPC bartering. Can you increase the gold an npc has with a mod? if so what is this mod? I'm creating a build that sells stuff to npcs. thanks!

  • Ego

    yo dawg i herd u liek immersion

  • Youngerhampster

    immersive player dialog makes you sound like a LARPer...

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