Nintendo is STILL scum & begrudges YouTubers Sponsorships/Superchat

Hello Nintendrones, no company in the world is your friend. It doesn't matter how much you like what they do. Your tribe is a lie, and you are mere dollar/yen signs to them. I would be Nintendo's biggest fan if they didn't do such scummy business tactics.

They would rather you get nothing than allow you to get Superchat and Sponsorships without them taking a cut. That's why Nintendo partners can't live-stream. The game footage is from Hollow Knight, never played it before.
  • Nitwits World

    So if Nintendo is caught with Child porn on their PCs? Are they still called scum or rapists like Trump? lol

  • Zaric Zhakaron

    I love Nintendo was Creators but hate them as a company - Nintendo are Scumbags Part 2 -

  • Han Shot Guido

    lets just all agree that capitalism is an evil to the working class

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