Nintendo is STILL scum & begrudges YouTubers Sponsorships/Superchat

Hello Nintendrones, no company in the world is your friend. It doesn't matter how much you like what they do. Your tribe is a lie, and you are mere dollar/yen signs to them. I would be Nintendo's biggest fan if they didn't do such scummy business tactics.

They would rather you get nothing than allow you to get Superchat and Sponsorships without them taking a cut. That's why Nintendo partners can't live-stream. The game footage is from Hollow Knight, never played it before.
  • Christoph Hofland

    I dont know when Customer became a dirty word...maybe I'm just weird and think of businesses differently, but as far as I'm concerned, being the customer puts me in the power seat, not the business. Maybe because I like supporting small businesses as often as possible and when your in a neighborhood butcher or meat-locker they will happily bend over backwards for you money, because they know they need you far more then you need them.everything you said is correct, and your position is the one i hold as well, its just funky how we got there from different roads.

  • Zaric Zhakaron

    I love Nintendo was Creators but hate them as a company - Nintendo are Scumbags Part 2 -

  • ChakaWhat

    It's such a shame since such beautiful and deep worlds/stories have the Nintendo name but the company behind them is such shit.

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