Skyrim Hearthfire wife gets kidnapped

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This is a random event in skyrim's hearthfire dlc, the reason why i recorded this was becuase i never really saw a video on this random event so i thought why not make a video about it.
Also there is a reason why i didn't kill the bandits in this video becuase of if i did the quest wouldn't work for some reason i did kill them before but it just glitch and my wife escaped by her self that's why i didn't kill them.
  • Trent Tilton

    I've never gotten this question I don't know when I will

  • CutsieGamer

    "Well, well. You're a lot smarter than you look."Random dragon skeleton falls in the background

  • 노현태

    3:49 why the fuck did a dragon drop out of the sky

  • Norman Hampton

    You dickless little pussfuck. I've slain everyone in sight

  • Poodlecomb

    This also happened to me but here was my reaction... Well time to go take my wife back in wondering what she will make for dinner?

  • Idk

    It's weird because this happened to me and I was going to it and it randomly said it was completed and now my wife is gons

  • Stupid Elephant

    When I did this, I killed the bandit out of instinct when they attacked my house. I still read the letter (and it gave me the quest) and went to Knifepoint Ridge, but it randomly said I completed the quest. The bandits there attacked me and there my wife wasn't there or anything.

  • tail feather

    I've never run into this encounter in game before. o.o

  • Shawn Driscoll

    I was wondering what starts that event. I guess marrying someone is the key. That's messed up though if you can't kill everyone and then rescue her.

  • Aids esketit

    Lost my wife because i had guards around my house and they killed the bandit so i didn't get the quest

  • Warrior

    I have Zoya Ningheim Follower as my wife and she's better in battles than me but will be funny to see her gets kidnapped sometime if i remove all of her weapons.

  • Joe Bell

    Is this a mod or not because my wife has gone missing too😂

  • Idk

    What do you record with

  • Alexis Dominey

    I would have killed them

  • anime gamer

    can this happen on ps3

  • Lil3unny FooFoo

    I fast traveled to glenmorial witch cavern and then the mission was completed and i havent seen my wife since

  • Evinka Yainne

    Come on! You could have killed everyone without wasting your money! Dude, you suck!

  • Juan Frate

    "this guy can kill dragon with his voice and eat theyr souls, fight armies alone, can use magic and is a master of every way of killing known in Tamriel... Im going to tell him to his face that we kidnaped his wife. What could possible go wrong?"

  • Alpha Unite

    How does this get started

  • Trent Tilton

    when does this happen how does this happen

  • Hank Murphy

    This just happened and it effed up my whole game. Wife is glitched. Last save was over two hours earlier because the autosave just updated after the attack. Stupid Bethesda, fix your games before you sell them.

  • YuSin HD

    My characters wife is Aela and lydia act like a guard on my place so i dont have to worry if Aela gets kidnapped xDi gave Aela a Dragonbone Bow with Chaos and life Absorb enchantment.I made my dog unkillable btw i used setessential so my dog wont die :D

  • wayne king

    if you have mjoll or aela as your wife i really want to know how the bandits manage to kidnap either of those two. They both can single handedly take down dragons.

  • Rinnegan Ice

    Ya know my first time my wife for kidnapped.. I remember killing everyone of those damn bandits and it was so fun watching them die slowly and painfully. You sir however payed for her safety ... You sir are a pussy save yo damn wife !

  • Bayek Of Siwa

    Is this a random event or is it a set event?

  • Mendigo de Inscritos Que Não Posta Vídeo Nunca

    Nooo i dont want them to kidnap Jordis :(

  • MrArcadia2009

    Nvm, just found her....

  • Crusader1815

    What a loser. I killed every one of them on sight, and made sure to suck that bitch Rochelle's soul into a black soul gem. Then I enchanted a wooden sword with it and burned it. Then I told my bard to write an epic poem about it and spread the word.

  • Peter Stefani

    Just kill them all and go get her out of the jail cell. Easy, she'll show up at home later.

  • Alpha Unite

    How do you get the quest started

  • That One guy

    That one Khajiit though...

  • Mari Skulstad

    Is this a random event? Do you need to be at a certain level? Just wondering. Because I have never ever experienced it before! :P

  • Blind Truth INC.

    when i go to my home, the banding immediately attacks me. and when i got to the embershard mine the bandit leader immediately attacked me. ni dialogue option or whatever. is it a bug?

  • Xenovista

    And the Darwin Award goes to....Rochelle The Red

  • MrArcadia2009

    I think I lost my wife, but not Hearthfire, in Solitude. I hear shit downstairs, but no-one is there, and the house is mostly empty... WTF????!!!!!!!!!!

  • Eddie Lee

    I enjoyed slaughtering the idiots and rescuing my wife. My current character is a ruthless Orc who swings Volendrung around, and eats people. Needless to say, these guys were just another meal to him. lol

  • CryAlot

    BUG: (maybe it's only Embershard Mine bug) well when I get the letter (doesnt matter if I kill the bandit or just hear her out), read it- blah blah we are in Ember. mines, quest normaly starts... I travel there, 2 bandits stare at me and the third one attacks me... i go inside and my wife disappears.. she is literally nowhere to be found and I dont even have the chance to talk to Rochelle the Red ... I can only kill all of the bandits to rescue my wife. But even when I complete the Quest my wife is still missing, she wont appear againif anyone knows what to do with this or howto fix it pls, help

  • Kryptic Scar

    My wife is Aela the Huntress and this quest already happened to me but one day i went to my house and my kid approached me and i saw a line of dialogue that said lets move which is only available for the children if you dont have a wife or they are dead so im confused cause there were sone bandits near my house but they were hostile towards me unlike the one you saw

  • kaneki ken

    really why did you pay the money instead of taking all there lives easy done and fun

  • A Skyrim Nordic Warrior

    I'm a General of the Stormcloak Army, Harbinger of the Companions, Leader of the Dark Brotherhood, a Nightingale, the Dragonborn, bitch, those bandits robbed the wrong man! xD


    That was the most skittish rescue i've ever seen

  • Ronin Goddess

    I have hearthfire on xbox 360 and married Argis the Bulwark and have a house owned by Falkreath and its called the Lakeview Manor and hes sopposed to be living with me but i cant find him. Idk if he died bc i dragon came by and i killed it. Hes no where to be seen in my house. Help?

  • JustSomeGamer

    since i cant seem to find my issue anywhere out there, my wife went missing but a bandit was no where in sight and the ones that did show up had no ransom letter. what do i do? i di hsve a back up save but if possible id rather not set myself back from what ive akready done

  • Stumack

    That never happened to me.The bandits always went straight for the horse.F**king weirdos...

  • Picx22

    I have skyrim on the ps4 and the saves get deleted for some stupid ass fucking reason. She got taken but I just killed the bandit that was at my house not knowing what happened so it didn't give me the quest. I tried to find out where knifepoint ridge was and she wasn't there. I watched this video but then tried to go and load back. But guess what. The ps4 deletes most of my saves half the time and if I were to reload back to the time where I did have a wife, I would be level 14. Fuck this game. But at least thanks for showing what I was supposed to do.

  • Alphapkmn

    Rochelle the Red: A very special brand of STUPID.

  • jodlad

    how do u activate this

  • Veronica DiFiore

    Nice game play. My wife got stolen and they took her to Embershard Mine.

  • Peridot What is a surname?

    When you look at the dragon I t that was your wife and I was like nooo way

  • Arkano

    I would have gone in and killed them al with a single shout or Spell or I would have fun by slicing them to pieces with my sword or just turn in to a vampire or last But not least kill them silent with the bow

  • Alanna J.C /Irishaly

    Haha, I got Rochelle before she even entered. I came at the right time! XD Thank you Odahviing and J'Zargo!

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