The Perfect Efficient Settlement - How to Make It - Fallout 4 Settlements

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  • artcrime2999

    Dont know if anyone has mentioned it but the vacuum hopper hooked to suck out the workshop scrap leading to a conveyor storage would bypass having to manually empty your workshops

  • ugandan knuckles

    how to get gorillas or other pets?

  • Fallout III 2013

    If you build your walls around your settlements using doorway walls with console command locked doors, will that not keep the enemy from entering your settlement? This does not include the spawn points inside your settlement. What about creating the same door walls around the spawn points, like enemy cages/cells?

  • Matthew Nichols

    Just a long shot but what the heck. How does the resource gathering cap work with supply lines in place?

  • Monster Bash

    If you want that many bars to make sense, build a casino or nightclub settlement. XDWASTELANDERS GET YOUR BOOTY IN THE DANCE FLOOR!

  • Lordoftheapes79

    So this quickly became the best tutorial for me. Thank you for that. I'd like to see an updated one with defence added. I also think adding an artillery and using 1 less scrapper is good for using artillery anywhere.

  • Shadowbane Gaming

    "The Perfect, Efficient Sweat Shop." Are you trying to bring Nikes back in the game's timeline? I'm joking.Keep up the vids. The lore vids are great.

  • lazerbeam134

    What's the point of generating resources if you built everything already?

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