Skyrim - How to resurrect Lydia

A quick guide on how to ressurect Lydia no matter where she is.

In the console type:
a2c94.moveTo player

Once she appears at your feet type:

She will then come to life and behave as usual.
  • Mighty Greninja

    i wae annoyed that she killed j'zargo, so i attacked her till she became hostile

  • Tanglet Pilot

    Mine died by a stupid ice troll. trolll

  • Patrick Murphy

    Thanks a lot man, I'm really happy to have Lydia back. After she died on the wrong end of a shout, it's never been the same

  • AtherGade

    I lost lydia when I was fighting a frost troll at level 8 when going up to High Hrothgar for the first time.I forgot about her death so I just carried on and now I'm level 35, I bought a house in Whiterun and when I went to the housecarl's room I saw her dead on the floor.Is there any way I can get her back? (Without loading my game back) cri

  • IcY infinite

    Mine died because she was damaged by a dragon and I shot a fire shout at the dragon she got in the way and she got hit

  • Adam Kraemer

    how to resurrect vokun

  • Joptopia

    I lost lydia while trying to get dawnbreaker and she and I were surrounded

  • Gerry Turner

    i was fighting some guards and i said oh girl in girl fight so i busy killing the thalmor wizard then she died and like this if you watching in 2015 because i have no likes yeah 0

  • Blacktop61

    very helpful. thank you

  • Guilherme Fortunato Vidal

    in my game lydia died in a dawnguard missioni hate you vampires and skeletons

  • Rex Irkalla

    I guess I'm the only person for which the cheat doesn't work. I do a2c94.moveto player and nothing happens.I try resurrect and it gives me error.

  • BadassMOfoe GAmen27

    I love the Irish accent.

  • Maciej Czerniak

    Super, dzięki!!!!!!!

  • Maddy Loe

    I have no idea how to put a code in

  • ZubnoyPast

    Well, that was usefull... Thanks!

  • Last of a Dying Breed

    thank you for this video. i litterily just shot her off a 200ft cliff by accident

  • Jarlon jaim

    I am unable to move the lydia up to me

  • tweedie dabest

    This helped me because I was married to Lydia but after the ceremony she disappeared and I couldn't get her back. So thank you so much

  • carol-draws

    I was like level 10 and I had went to Solstheim on one of the Dragonborn Dlc missions. Long story short, I was aiming an ash spaw and she got in my way. It was to late. I has been a lot of time since then, but I miss her.

  • Big Smoke

    I think my Lydia died when I was attacking a giant camp with 2 giants and mammoths and then a dragon came down but thanks

  • Steve Kendig

    She spawned where I was expecting a enemy, I burned her to a crisp. Think she will remember the flames after I bring her back? Thanks for helping me get her back.

  • ItzBot360 Studios or GreatThecoolbot

    I fucking idiot pic is not the only platform that there is for skyrim!! This is not a fair tutorial!!! 😡😡😡😡👎👎👎👎

  • MLG Player

    I playd the dragonborn dlc and i was in a dwemer dungon she died and i resurekted her with the spel that lets you resurekt sombody for 60 seconds and then she turnd into a Pile of Ash what shuld i doo halp

  • Lee Minho

    How about benor can you make one about him?

  • MaryPretty 1781

    this helps a lot thanks!

  • Rikimaru

    i love u guy..... lidya too

  • André Sena Kerber

    her body just disapeard from world what do i do and dont say me i need go go to a early save

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