Skyrim: Warzones - Civil Unrest

The war has finally come to Skyrim, in the form of an awesome mod by MGE (MyGoodEye). This is a fairly processor intensive mod, but it's well worth it to tweak your system. Stuff like this people, subscribe for more.

Get the mod here:

and the music here:
  • Its_Sun

    It would be alot more awesome if there were catapults.

  • Nobody Nothing

    7:11-7:33 There is no forgiving that shitty fighting display. :(

  • Forbidden

    there's one way you can make a warzone in skyrim without mods, but it's a bit repetitive

  • Gasgano

    this mod is all the rage, so fucking epic

  • Jumanji089

    2:30 Giant's like "Hold up, bruh. Lemme get in on this shit."

  • mattheweurt26

    how much does this hurt performance?

  • The real Theseus

    His saber cat kept on dying

  • Liberty Prime

    Wears Dragonscale Armor.Uses Iron Arrows.

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