Skyrim: Assassin (Tutorial)

This is simply game play suggestions as requested. PAUSE IF YOU NEED TO
Song: Majora's Mask_ Time's End
  • DeltaWolf

    Best thief anyone? Argonian or khajiit? Weopans of choice would probably be daggers and bows kills being stealthy. But yet hoping to have good lockpicking and pick pocketing.

  • Courage Ekhaguere

    this was the video that inspired me to to make my own assassin still one of the best skyrim videos

  • Kalgara 'Canon White' BDK

    Keep your videos up, sometimes i just come back and remember all them g00d memories.

  • jason sims

    so what happens when you face a boss? stab him with your putty knife?

  • Peter Zhang

    whats that armor ur wearing?

  • Catzilla

    I do the Thieves Guild storyline first, before I start the Dark Brotherhood. It's a good way to develop your Sneak and Illusion skills.

  • Ninja lizard_gaming

    I usually play dark elf mages but you inspired me to play khajiit assassins. thank you 😊

  • lalalabizola

    I'm playing with a mod that decreases the range of all weapons (so that the fights looks more realistic in 3rd person view, which is how I prefer to play). Sneak attacks with daggers are a little bit hard to land because their range is very small, so it feels a lot more rewarding and fair to play as an assassin.

  • chris daniel

    What armor are you wearing

  • Lacko meliško

    The most cringy video I have ever seen.

  • DeaDly FoX

    good plays man. well done

  • ender skull

    the assassin skyrim was sweet I wont more assassin video's

  • oh gosh

    Are you a hitman irl?

  • Prezzly Vang

    Forget assassins! The Nightblade build is an extremely powerful build if know how to use correctly. One of the best if not the best stealth builds in Skyrim, but I love assassins too, I'm a huge assassin's creed fan just not in Skyrim.

  • Bubba Fetz

    How to be swat member step1 kick down door step 2 shoot em all up

  • Gunheart x Nutshooter

    Wow this video was incredible the music and the gameplay was fluid and the way you control the environment and our enemies and then take it to your advantage was amazing and all of it was beautiful thanks for sharing this video for all of us gamers and nice armor to.

  • noob gaming

    This actualy helped! Normally i really strugle in skyrim when it comes to stealth (even though i love the assasin creed games) thanks dude keep up the great work!

  • Ridiculus Chicken

    If he is dead this song is kind ironic in a way that its called time's end so yep :/

  • Tyki Mikk

    How did u kill ur enemys with one shoot in master difficulty????!!! I play in the lowest dif. with a bow wich makes 35dmg and the only enemys i could kill with a single shoot at stealth are mostly just skeletons

  • Good Job

    Wait... I know you... Weren't you on an assassin build before? I could of sworn you were on there...

  • ll Winter ll

    Can't believe this was uploaded 5 years ago.

  • MochaChoca

    I don't like trying to promote my channel this way but if you feel the nostalgia from watching sephs videos then maybe come and watch mine :)

  • Daniel Gale

    How do you slow time like that? Is it a spell or maybe a mod? I created a new character and I'm considering making him a duel dagger + bow assassin and looking at the skill tree for archer there's the steady hand but is it that op and slows down time even when you aren't aiming?

  • DaRealXirneh

    or you can use throw voice and aura whispers shouts ez gg noobs

  • Pawlikpl90 Pawlik

    i miss that gameplay :/ i wisch this gay will back some day. meyby with new content from DLC

  • PhoenixTV

    Hey I wanted to ask is there a thing as too much fortify sneak enchantment on gear cause I always get detected and I heard someone say it's because too much sneak is this true

  • khaled yasser

    How to play an assassin:1- Level 100 enchanting2- free invisibility 3- profit

  • Dirk M'gurk

    you ever get any requests from viewers to kill certain npcs? that could be entertaining lol. start the Montage by killing all the jarls in skyrim and escape each.

  • Alwin Kraus

    Where did you get the song from? I used to listen to that one when i was like 10 years younger. Cant find it on newgrounds anymore (where i found it back in the days).If anyone knows, pls share with me

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