Let's Play Skyrim - Dawnguard - 11 : Surprise Visit From Serana

  • g13haf

    Have you ever noticed that Serana's hood is actually the Thieves Guild Hood?

  • MrSentia

    00:55 Has the Dawngardener finally lost it? Let's wait and see Q_Q. 01:44 All hail the mighty Deergardener @_@ 03:45 Brussel sprouts :O 14:45 Sexy Serana +_+ 15:28 Nice spotting there Sammy.

  • Working Stiff

    BOOM HEADSHOT! Nicely done. I have the hardest time hunting deer.So ... Harkon let her leave with the Elder Scroll? From what she said, Harkon needed the scroll so they sealed it away (with her? what?). It seems the first thing he would do is take the scroll when she showed up at the castle.

  • FathersUnitedNow

    OMg you make this soo fun!

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