Skyrim: Top 10 Immersion Mods

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Top 10 Weapons -
Top 10 Armours -

#10 - Open Cities

#9 - OBIS

#8 - Immersive Patrols

#7 - Pumping Iron

#6 - Sounds of Skyrim Series

#5 - Immersive Armours and Weapons

#4 - Hunterborn

#3 - Wet and Cold

#2 - Realistic Needs and Diseases

#1 - Frostfall

Honourable Mentions:
iHUD -
Wet and Cold Ashes -
Guard Dialogue Overhaul -
Intro/Outro Music:
CC BY 3.0 -
  • Tiger Awoken

    PC will never fucking die.

  • fuzzychewbacca

    Awesome, downloaded almost all of these. Now, I'm new to Nexus Mod Manager. Are the mods automatically applied to the game when they're downloaded from nexus straight into their designated folders in the mod manager?

  • Voice Actor

    At 1:42 she said "Good Morning!" Reeeeaaalllllly?- Damn, i should have listened to my Mother, she always told me: "Skill your Charisma!" and "Pull the Boots out if you come in!"

  • Nicolas Ebeno

    Problem with frostfall is, when you get attacked by bandits the moment you were going to your tent because you were freezing cold. NPCs are not affected by hypothermia so good luck fighting those bandits while under the effect of a constant super frost spell like debuff

  • Eric Steiburg

    immersive wenches combined with adorable females. 10/10

  • faisal istaka

    I Never care about immersion, not even once. A dragon and headshot system in Skyrim already make this game unimmersive

  • Stroppy

    It's crazy how this game is like 6 years old and yet Bethesda only added 3 dlcs 1 being fairly minor And yet they never touched up on basic immersive thingsThey've re-released Skyrim so many times too

  • jethical b15

    open cities is really unstable

  • Anonymous Void

    What's the armor at 5:20

  • Brendon Uranczyk

    Does this work with SE?

  • GareGix

    Hello i have error when i want to install immersive armours (only this one) Do you Know why ?


    does the armor/weapon mod apply to npc's because i think the npc's could use new and improved armor

  • supergamer CZ

    will bee work this mods in Skyrim :legendary edition?

  • Amelia Pond

    Lol the frostborn bandits is a shitty idea especially for immersion considering that skyrims natives can resist cold easily

  • Glitchy Fun

    The 5th mod is my favorite from all the mods that exist in skyrim

  • El gato elegido

    Mmm a mod for poop... IMMERSIVE POOP, Immersive making a piece of shit be an ultra immersive overhaulmegamodultrawtf

  • ReyProduction

    open cities is too buggy

  • Neel Jackson

    I've modded my game into a less advanced version of Kingdom come Deliverance.

  • Joe Bell

    Can you get the first mod on PS4? Probably not but still worth asking lol.

  • Student Jared Kittinger

    Wish that they would make it so you could use mods like these and not lose the ability to get the achievements

  • blebleh999

    Survival elder scrolls mmo would be pretty good... less magick more medeval.

  • maxxon89

    Immersive armors will fuck up your save file and if you uninstall it, some of npc's will appear naked...

  • Richard C. Mongler

    0:20 Open Cities0:45 Organized Bandits1:27 Immersive Patrols2:07 Pumping Iron3:00 Sounds of Skyrim4:30 Immersive Armours and Weapons5:11 Hunterborn5:50 Wet and Cold6:35 Realistic Needs and Diseases7:26 FrostfallYou're welcome :)

  • Can Hitler reach 1000 subs

    building a campfire while fighting alduin on the mountain xD

  • War

    TBH I feel as if these are the top 10, but in the exact opposite order you put them in. Let's not forget this is Skyrim we are talking about here which is story driven game, and just another steam survival game. They are immersive mods I'll give you that, but given the game is Skyrim I don't believe the survival mods should be top 2.

  • Mr McDurp

    I can't find OBIS on pc, am I searching it wrong, any good alternatives or what?

  • Ramzi Kelly

    This video is missing the most immersive, and lore friendly mod.....……………........................…………….………………….........................................................Really Useful Dragons

  • The real Ogre shrek

    I've already seen the unloyal without the mod

  • jamarcus kolb

    You forgot bigger trees, lush overhaul, and dense grass. they provide HUGE changes to the forests and environment the bigger trees is my personal favorite adding 18+ new new tree models and scaling the size its really amazing

  • Will J

    mother of God that 40K music at the beginning always makes me nerdgasm

  • Kri De

    Realistic needs and diseases when u need dat pussy

  • Delia Schreiter

    Can the open cities mods be ported for Xbox on the Bethesdamods net since Xbox can't use nexus mods

  • FireflyKnight

    veteran of rome II mods, brand new to skyrim mods, why can i not find organized bandits on steam? is it something to do with nexus, and how much is initial fee for nexus?

  • Vittu

    Are you from the West Midlands? Your accent sounds very familiar to me.

  • Zrefys Syferz

    what does immersion mean?

  • Ammar Khan

    Honestly, I love all the mods this guy recommended.

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