Skyrim: Top 10 Immersion Mods

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Top 10 Weapons -
Top 10 Armours -

#10 - Open Cities

#9 - OBIS

#8 - Immersive Patrols

#7 - Pumping Iron

#6 - Sounds of Skyrim Series

#5 - Immersive Armours and Weapons

#4 - Hunterborn

#3 - Wet and Cold

#2 - Realistic Needs and Diseases

#1 - Frostfall

Honourable Mentions:
iHUD -
Wet and Cold Ashes -
Guard Dialogue Overhaul -
Intro/Outro Music:
CC BY 3.0 -
  • Fish Knuckles

    Console users be like "Is this available for console"

  • The Godfatheree

    in Fable you already had muscle increase with the game. so you could be a buff hulk woman if you wanted.

  • Robert Carrales


  • Taramafor Haikido

    Got to say it. I HAVE REALLY GOOD SPEAKERS! THERE'S NO NEED FOR HEADPHONES! I CAN HAVE THE SOUND HIGH WITHOUT WORRYING ABOUT NEIGHBOURS! As can many others, believe it or not (without even needing to sound proof the room).Just HAD to get that out of my system. Why on earth would I risk damaging my ear drums with headphones (high sound=more immersive) when I got great speakers with great sound quality that don't don't carry that risk? NOT EVERYONE IS A HEADPHONE USER OR FINDS THE BEST QUALITY SOUND FROM THEM! Plus they're REALLY irritating on the ears after having them on for a while. The whole point of speakers is that they have better quality sound (provided you don't get the cheaper ones). Headphones aren't built for "Best sound quality".P.S: I also have tinnitus (It's a constant ringing/pitched sound in the ears). Headphones is the LAST thing I need. Would 100% make that worse. Other then that good vid.

  • Mr.Wellington Von Duke III

    They should have done this in vanilla

  • Salah Ad-Din

    needs and desires has no sex/10

  • Colbi I

    Pumping Iron has to be worst mod idea ever, and it still made the video

  • HavoKK

    Hmmmmmmm immersive mod I know "be gone thot shout replacer"Edit Someone should make a mod with populated roads because it's seems like no one leave there hold

  • rahul

    What is the place at 0:23 called?

  • MLG Big Bossu

    What is the mod that you are using for the arrows being sideways

  • theshoeshiner_ 01

    What is the mod for that good looking iron armor in 2:50?

  • Sir Ratman

    Really useful Dragons

  • Withos Empire

    Open Cities Skyrim is so useful.

  • yashoo

    We need a Immersive Patrols x50 just insane patrol battles lol xD

  • Mudlij Al-Zakwani

    Please I'm making an anime can anyone tell me the name of the epic intro sound song

  • anon zezo

    Is it available to ps4

  • Jay Petrini

    It’s funny, I was playing skyrim and thinking “huh, I wonder what it would be like if loading screens were removed and you could walk right into places” and then I saw this

  • Blake Bauman

    Sounds of Skyrim is SO immersive.

  • Wanted Walrus

    One time heading towards Ivarstead, I rode directly to the scene of a small battle between a Stormcloak and Imperial patrol. Needless to say, they weren't too fond of eachother. Luckily I also has immersive armors and a bunch of then had Imperial Knight armor, the chest of which is 1100 gold a piece. The other parts being at least 500. They also weigh a crap ton, but luckily my trusty pack mule Lydia was nearby. Lets just say Belethor wasNot thrilledI love these mods

  • Sufi

    how to rape your pc list. *i have a bad one :(

  • Joe Bob

    The cat sounded out of place and poorly recorded I have to say.

  • ammar Danial

    all the mods work at skyrim legendary edition

  • chris walls

    Theres a cat down that well.

  • Yo Dawg

    I new frost fall was number one from the beginning

  • Harald Biong-Nilsen

    you sound like someone from a safety video on a airplane

  • Cody C

    WARNINGThere are a few, in my opinion, must have mods that DO NOT work with Open Cities. Open Cities is a great mod but it does have some problems with it.

  • Gater Rater

    almost all are a must download

  • Joey Wheeler

    20 second non skip ad = no view

  • Daniel Mitchell

    Creation Club ruined Frostfall and Campfire, for whatever reason Bethesda made these two mods not worth playing after launching Survival Mode

  • Will Truszewski

    I'm worried that open cities may destroy my game

  • eric Jacobs

    Is it possible to use Nexusmods on the ps4? If so, how?

  • Classymaru Nara

    With the immersion patrols the stormcloaks always fuck up the imperials.

  • PALT

    it there a mod that makes it so that there's a chance that a thief will steal from your home while you're away?

  • Serenity Boggan

    Never install Open Cities. It will ruin your game. Like missing NPC's and incompatabillity with a wide veriety of mods.

  • pandaman

    Wet and cold is really just sex in the arctic

  • Ahmad Abdollahzadeh

    Realistic Needs and Diseases? Sounds like something that was already available in New Vegas. I guess it was called hardcore mode?

  • SED Zeit

    Brodual, on #7 Pumping Iron, which mods have you used for that kinda darker HD Iron Armor, those combat/archery training dummies, and that NPC animation for lying down on a bed? I'd really, reeally like to install those too! Thanks! :)

  • Brodie Saltsman

    Guys this was especially special as it was a special special

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