Skyrim: Top 10 Immersion Mods

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#10 - Open Cities

#9 - OBIS

#8 - Immersive Patrols

#7 - Pumping Iron

#6 - Sounds of Skyrim Series

#5 - Immersive Armours and Weapons

#4 - Hunterborn

#3 - Wet and Cold

#2 - Realistic Needs and Diseases

#1 - Frostfall

Honourable Mentions:
iHUD -
Wet and Cold Ashes -
Guard Dialogue Overhaul -
Intro/Outro Music:
CC BY 3.0 -
  • KnikaB20 Harambea

    Id probly get all those mods besides frost fall it seems a little challenging

  • Joe Bob

    The cat sounded out of place and poorly recorded I have to say.

  • TheWolfPaladin 1

    I love frostfall it really like i am in Skyrim

  • Sea Reptilian

    Are any of these on Xbox one

  • HavoKK

    Hmmmmmmm immersive mod I know "be gone thot shout replacer"Edit Someone should make a mod with populated roads because it's seems like no one leave there hold

  • Floppy Skynet

    Guys E3 bethesda conference 2017 was a fail, and someone was there and witness it from the inside, very funny how he talks about it:

  • Robert Spaans

    Absolutely useful video. 🙄☝️

  • Colbi I

    Pumping Iron has to be worst mod idea ever, and it still made the video

  • Kodarpy

    Be careful with Sounds of Skyrim. The creator has some Easter eggs in the mod and so I was walking through Windhelm when I heard a ghost of kings past yell “VENGEANCE”

  • LumpyBumpyAcidFish

    does the bandit one work with revenge of the enemies

  • Gater Rater

    almost all are a must download

  • James Montgomery

    How many of these are available on xbox?

  • Fish Knuckles

    Console users be like "Is this available for console"

  • n n

    Frostfall is THE most retarded mod. Must've been made by some clowns who stayed under their palm tree in an oasis all their lives! NOONE freezes to death as easily as one does with Frostfall. Such a bullshit unrealistically retarded mod.

  • Crab in A Top Hat

    So i'm new to modding my game, i'm trying to install these, and i'm coming across a several problems and issues. Is there anyone out there who can give me a bit of assistance?

  • Cody C

    WARNINGThere are a few, in my opinion, must have mods that DO NOT work with Open Cities. Open Cities is a great mod but it does have some problems with it.

  • Brodie Saltsman

    Guys this was especially special as it was a special special

  • Cole Weatherly

    Skyrim more than definitely needed RPG aspects integrated into the game, whereas it felt more like an adventure game than an RPG.

  • The Police's Side // 716

    No offence but you sound like a pilot on a plane only with a better microphone

  • Ahmad Abdollahzadeh

    Realistic Needs and Diseases? Sounds like something that was already available in New Vegas. I guess it was called hardcore mode?

  • UltimateCharge

    "Top ten mods from Steam, because NMM is confusing."

  • Davi Pogorzelski

    Is the Open cities mod too heavy? I really like it but I have at least one ctd per session of Skyrim because of my mods.

  • pandaman

    Wet and cold is really just sex in the arctic

  • rahul

    What is the place at 0:23 called?

  • George Robbins

    does civil war overhaul and the patrol one work together

  • xDiamond_

    I know i'm a little late to this but, number 6 around 4 minutes you can hear a cat or what could be different cats in the background. Now I don't want to be that guy but how is that immersive knowing that cats are not found in skyrim aside from the Khajiit race, which i'm pretty sure (not positive) dont make normal household cat noises.

  • Isaac Hazlehurst

    1:04 weakness: nordsDamn son but you right

  • Salah Ad-Din

    needs and desires has no sex/10

  • Bo Bandy

    I don't get why people like the eating/sleeping systems. you just have to eat/sleep/drink when necessary. It just slows progress and isn't challenging at all. I don't get the appeal.

  • Talapino pepper

    crazy how good the graphics were for this game on Xbox 360 7 years ago.....just think the time from oblivian to skyrim was 5 years....Imagine if they spent 2 more years on better it would be....but to be fair...they were pushing the limits for the lack of certain things is understand

  • Luciano Cortez

    can I mod Skyrim lendndary with old original skyrim mods?

  • DadoPk98 gpk98

    I have a problem with immersive armour i have installed manually and actived with nmm but when i try to active it it stays grey and cant actually active it always pops up the installation tool that says to check the option if i use unp but i dont so i press finish with out check it but the mod still stay gray and cant active it what do i have to do? I use immersive weapons too but i didnt had those problem anyone can help me out with this issue?

  • anthony seggi

    Open cities is horrible against NCPs if you want your city to be empty and everyone outside download that mod not one NCP stays in the city

  • Mário Beracko

    I wanna ask... wouldnt the 1st mod cause problems with quests like attacking whiterun where ur objective shows on icon not to specific building

  • Jhin The Virtuoso

    Does it cost money to sign up for Nexus and does it work for PS4?

  • Logan Ross

    Wet and cold...didn’t like the on-body dripping/frost effect. Looks weird

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