fate/zero in skyrim

・Cow Helmet セイバーのカツラ
・Saber Dress by Hentai セイバーの服
・fate_zero_Berserker_armor V2b FIX effect shader バーサーカーの鎧
・Space Wiking Freyja Special Effect Gems バーサーカーの黒い霧
・Berserk Black Swordsman Armor ベルセルクのガッツの大剣
・Sabers Swords エクスカリバー
・sword attack spell ゲートオブバビロン
・The Unlimited Blade Works by Elysees 0dot6 無限の剣製
・Aionion Hetairoi 王の軍勢
・Osare Underwear - UNP 縞パンツ!!!
  • CastDeath

    no downlaod links?...

  • Train Hardnett

    saber going UBW was kinda strange, I think someone made the Excalibur Blast mode on nexus. That Berserker looks so sick D:

  • Adi Aizuddin

    battle is to the strong should be played in the background!

  • Satellizer Bridget

    fucking awesome. where i can get that mod?

  • ShinobiLiger

    1. Would have been better if you used each Noble Phantasm with the correct Hero. Using Excalibur with Saber, the Reality Marble with Rider. Also, since half of this was about Berserker I find it strange that we never got to see his Noble Phantasm (which should be any weapon equipped to him takes on a corrupt look) 2. Ass, and titties, ass ass and titties 8J

  • CastDeath

    please as a fellow fate fan give us some links >~<

  • NobleUniverse H.

    セイバーが詠唱しちゃったよ、固有結界展開しちゃったよ、全投影一斉掃射しちゃったよ  という突っ込み

  • fieldrice8150

    ゲートオブバビロンってもう出来てたんですか!? 紹介ありがとうございます!! 早速導入してみます!

  • 바퀴벌레3

    ubw is fate/stay night

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