Skyrim Cartoon - Trailer

Music : Peter Crowley - A tavern for the night (



- Reshade 3.0 : (my settings :
- Terrible textures :
- Fixed textures for toon Skyrim :
- ENB for toon Skyrim :

Recorded with : Nvidia ShadowPlay
Edited with : Sony Vegas Pro 12
  • Edgeyminecraftuser666

    A adventure for the whole family

  • EerieGoblin

    Its awesom! Like a fucking Zelda!

  • Grummy Gramps

    Will this come on steam?

  • Renato Arruda

    That reminds me of the good ol' days of RuneScape, Id love to play that!

  • ThatGamingShow

    Please put this on Xbox one.

  • FloodedHope

    Skyrim: A Mobile GamexD Kappa

  • Piotr Zajas

    Looks better than normal game ;P

  • Doomed to Consume

    I actually really dig the artstyle. It's a little rough on the edges since it's obviously "just" a mod, but just think about how much more content a game like Skyrim could have if a huge part of the financial and timely budget was not put into creating high-detail, semi-realistic graphics!I would totally buy a game with similar graphics to this, with a diverse open world, that offers even more than Skyrim because more time could be dedicated to creating actual content. Modding would be way easier too because of the "primitive" assets. How cool would that be?!

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