5 Mods you NEED to make Skyrim SE awesome on Xbox One!
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  • Shady Elf

    I found the adorable females mod really useful, because I had previously found a male retexture and I needed a female mod

  • pedro henrique

    Awesome video, very good your channel 😍

  • Josh Marino

    Finnaly I find Claire's channel

  • Fanowskyy ツ

    Modding on Pc is actually really easy because of Steam and Steam Workshop (aren't as many mods but still)

  • MeltHead519

    I doubt anyone will answer this, but how come she was able to download Cheat Room, but I couldn't find it (even after I searched it up) on Xbox One?

  • Morrowtyler447

    Love the mods Clare really made my game so much better

  • kyles wolfpack

    Honestly if you use the Devine characters I think it is and the hair and eye mod is has the effect for male

  • lewis johnson

    Thanks for the video, brilliant! i use all those mods apart from project hippy which for some reason isn't availeable.

  • Gabriela Caparroz

    I messed up (not in purpose) the mods play order and my game willNot load!! trying to figure out the easiest way to organize this mods and play again my saved game

  • Taps GOAT

    The Thumbnail looks like the new black canary (I forget her name) from Arrow (CW Show)

  • Matthew Lane

    Never been a fan of mods that made the females I'm Skyrim 'pretty' - I liked them looking harsh and weathered like the land Skyrim itself.

  • Joshua P.

    What's her mod lis?

  • TimeLordGamingOfficial

    Skip to 4:20 to get to where she starts the list.You're welcome. :)

  • Warrick Paris

    Do they change the realising of how the Apache helicopter gender looks?

  • Magnus Jarvinen

    There I this one for xbox called divine cities

  • sheogorath the daedric prince of gaming

    What's your xb1 gt

  • Powell WWA

    How can I replace Lydia with girl from video?

  • Brandi Chappell

    OK so I need help with the project hippie mod what one did you use please help

  • Christian Smith

    Did anyone else buy this game straight after this video? Cause i did!

  • Bellator

    I can’t find project hippie on Xbox sad face :( but I have all your other ones I like them :D

  • juan argueta

    Ur gorgeous n those eyes woooow

  • Brandon Miner

    Omg your hott! Your accent is wonderful too. Oh and the video is cool as well. Skyrim is for the Nords!

  • Muhammad Tsani

    And you very beautiful

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