Skyrim Mod: Seasons of Skyrim Project

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Seasons of Skyrim Project

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  • Offbeat Tempo

    The summer is the only one that makes sense, sadly, since the armor is so bonkers in Skyrim and doesn't look warm or comfy at all.

  • Some may call this junk me I call them treasure

    Winter or not mountains that high will always be snowy... :i

  • Lord Tachanka Turret Mounter

    Frost fall is way better with the winter edition

  • Buwer

    The snow at that falls on the the throat of the world and high hrothgar never melts, it even says so on some loading screens.

  • Sunless

    1:09 you synced the deer? YOU SYNCED THE DEER!!!

  • Osiris Paradox

    here's the link to Enhanced landscapes

  • T.A.P. Gaming

    The file you are looking for does not exist.....

  • Drenindok

    Does anyone know of a mod that actually makes the landscape change with the time of year? To even just have this mod but with it automatically changing from winter to vanilla(spring) to summer to vanilla(fall) that would be great.

  • Elliott Gaming

    I wish that it had both and it would change (like don't starve) so it would be harder with frostfall

  • August Ward

    I can't seem to find a winter mod that actually keeps Falkreath snow-free. In books from previous games(I believe Morrowind specifically), when reading about Skyrim, it says that the entire land is covered in snow save for Falkreath, which is a heavily forested area rich with flora and fauna, leading to the jarls constantly struggling over the one piece of land not buried beneath snow and ice.

  • Mr_Nexus

    The Snow on Mountains wouldn't melt, that's why snow is there in the first place, past a certain point that stuff's there for good

  • Jon Pilchard

    They just need to make it slowly transition and cycle like winter to summer back to winter

  • Petyr Baelish

    Clan I use RLO, Seasons of skyrim and climates of tamriel at the same time?

  • Dark God

    Fuuuuuuuuuuuck!!!!!!! It's not availible anymore.

  • A A RON

    any other mods like this?

  • wojto

    i think the creator doesnt know that high mountains have snow on them whole year

  • Raphael MT

    Not exactly lore friendly,at least the summer one. In the lore of the previous games,it is stated that Skyrim is a land of long winters and perpetual snow(yes Bethesda throw their own lore in the dumpster). The only region that's not snowy it's The Reach. So the winter edition is almost lore-friendly,if you don't count The Reach being frozen. Don't even talk about the summer one.

  • KennShakeMan

    I wish there was a mod in which you can have summers in winterhold and snow in whiterun in the same time. Like climate changes over areas and stuff.

  • Freeasabird

    "The file you requested was not found in our database." WTF?

  • TheKimInTheNorth

    where's the mod now?

  • nifan

    The vanilla game could be spring and for fall you could use the trees at the rift which seem to be in eternal fall state.

  • max van dijk

    But a year in Skyrim takes so long lol

  • ARatQuiRit

    My god, this is amazing. Just gives me wet dreams when thinking about TES 10 in 2050 !

  • Ramiz S

    This innacurate - the North of Skyrim is like the Northern Pole, always snowed. THe same comes to Windhelm - it shouldn't have green grass. Fix this thing and this mod will be wonderful

  • HunterG4mes

    i loved the winter edition, the only thing i didnt like about the summer is that theres no snow on high mountains or very litle snow ;-;

  • Etienne Ruche

    "It was interesting to see the throat of the world covered in grass." THEY TURNED THE WORLD INTO A NECKBEARD!!!

  • Valeyard6282

    Is there a way to have the vanilla warm holds (whiterun, the reach, the rift, central hjaalmarch, western falkreath, southern eastmarch and southern haafingar) to be snowy for a season, but also have the cold holds (Northern eastmarch, northern haafingar, the pale, winterhold, eastern falkreath) be warm and grassy at the same time and then have it swap back to vanilla for a season, and then the cycle repeats?

  • K4113B4113

    This has been bothering me for awhile now. H is pronounced 'eich' and not 'heich' xD

  • American patriot R

    Did this mod get taken down

  • Gandalf Mithrandir

    is it compatible with COT

  • Alien Fetus

    What's with winter overhaul mods being removed? -.-

  • Mofankri

    your mod is no longer available in your link

  • fuzzyfeetoffury

    Yo does anybody know where to get the winter version still? ts not on the nexus anymore (he took it down cause he wasnt supporting it any longer) which is dumb cause he couldve still left it up and just told people it wasnt supported but yeah.

  • Sher Shah

    WTF!!! How could I miss this video!!! I am a regular viewer of Brodual's videos and eagerly wait for every new videos.... That's not fair!!! :/

  • Thankful Square

    Its cold on top of mountains the snow shouldnt melt

  • Help Me

    The summer edition is lore breaking lmao

  • The First Archangel

    Back when Skyrim first came out, The higher ups at Bethesda told Devs to "Come up with something and put it in the game." and gave them a few weeks to do so. Among Staves, Fat Giants, and Giant Mudcrabs. Seasons were to be featured (And expected.) but were not implemented.

  • King Vince

    This mod isn't on Nexus anymore?

  • Julian Cabilatazan

    This seems cool to use with frostfall

  • Scwzsefa

    Theres a link in moddb.

  • Al-Hashashin Iraj Kazaak

    Mod is out from nexus? i cant find it there.

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