Skyrim - Top 5 Side Quests


In our latest Elder Scrolls: Skyrim video, we take you through 5 of our top side quests in the game.

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Scott: newberrycrunch
Michael: oldberrychew


  • xK9000x

    That Markarth/Forsworn quest is one of my favorites, you can save the girl at the beginning if you’re battle ready when you first arrive in town and shove a sword in the dude’s back before he does it to her. She thanks you and I think you may get an amulet

  • Dan Newrick

    Stones of berenziah quest is my favourite simply because of the reward.

  • girlgame 345

    It's the blood on ice quest not working😑

  • Ghost

    Whats the name of your armor mods?, the argonians outfit is so cool (srry cant spell his name)

  • Awesome Girl

    Me Before Watching : I hope blah blah blah and blah blah blah aren't on this list.Me After Watching : Both of them were on here. Am I weird?The quests I hoped weren't on this list were Laid to Rest and The Forsworn Conspiracy. They are some of my least favorites,.

  • Power

    Y’all ever help around the forge

  • Darth ikyu

    I was really hoping that TFC wasn't gonna be #1. I love the quest, yes, but it's so... overpresent.

  • Ace Phoenix

    Nobody can forget about "bring ten fire salts to balimund"

  • Euan Kennedy

    What are those swords

  • Symon Ballor

    Top 5 DLC side quests... YES PLZ!!

  • Nick H

    Before I started using mods, Unfathomable Depths was one of my favorites. I always got Ancient Knowledge so I could turbo smith Dwarven Bows and raise my Smithing. Avanchnzel was like my home away from home.

  • smepy83

    Thankyou for making this list I didn’t know about the island quest I’ll have to find that one it looked really cool!

  • Baka Raina

    For the forsworn conspiracy, you have the option to kill the assassin in the beginning before he kills the woman, which opens up dialogue for her to speak to you and even give you a reward.

  • ConvexSpy 8335

    You can save the girl before she gets killed

  • Euan Kennedy

    What are those swords

  • Pulse Fel

    only thing of blood in the snow for me was how BADLY it breaks the dark brotherhood quests. one of the possible women killed is needed for a quest. i had to use console to tp to her in the clean up cell, rez her, and kill her again

  • riicky83

    You can acyually save the women from being murdered in the last quest if your quick enough.

  • Sky Chill

    I have a mod that renames them the Shitter-Shields....

  • River Belt

    Fun fact, you can actually save the the women's life when you enter MarkarthShe will give you some jewelry in return...

  • plumpkitters

    the 1 in Markarth u can save her as well

  • Luke Price

    Fire salts for Balimund.

  • Josh Tep

    At least do a spoiler alert lol

  • Jon Shank

    I have saved the girl in the forsworn conspiracy

  • Luke Price

    Bloody enough for you outsider?

  • Kyle Snoddy

    My favourite quest is report to the jarl of whiterun

  • Kitten H

    I thought for sure a night to forget would be in here

  • Koala King

    I never realized that you could side with the silver bloods so even if my character was good and not evil I had to side with the forsworn, kinda sucks

  • Luke Price

    Movarth as an ancient vampire hunter from Immortal Blood was badass.

  • Molag Bal

    favourite side quests were the man who cried wolf and the wolf queen awakened

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