Skyrim - Top 5 Side Quests


In our latest Elder Scrolls: Skyrim video, we take you through 5 of our top side quests in the game.

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Scott: newberrycrunch
Michael: oldberrychew


  • Trenton Whetstine

    How do you start number 2?

  • Lost Lonely Dog

    In the morthal quest I did it on legendary difficulty at level 10 not knowing what I was getting into, good thing I was a stealth archer who relies on sneak attacks...

  • Fernando Barragan

    During the forsworn conspiracy when the guards try to arrest you, was I the only one who killed every guard in markarth so I wouldn't get arrested. Eventually there were no guards left to arrest me and it took me like a week to figure out how to complete the quest

  • Samantha Robinson

    athar in solitude gives you a quest to kill the captain in broken oar grottoget the amulet and talk to court wizard not steward

  • Bekfast Time

    I've played The Forsworn Conspiracy too much to be interesting anymore

  • iMaGiNe Ranger Noah Pagano

    Can you do a video explaining what mods you use on console

  • parker bair: music

    You should do quest lines

  • Brandon M

    I just killed all of the guards in the forsworn conspiracy

  • Peter Bergmeister

    What about "Forbidden Legend"?

  • Waldo de la Calzada

    I've never even heard of the Top 2 quest. Damn, it sounds like something from a mod. So cool, going to try it out soon. :)

  • Donovan Maravillas

    what's the name of the second quest

  • Seb Bro

    Blood and silver, my friend. Blood and silver...


    the blood horkers STILL track me down in the wilds sometimes.

  • Snicker Guy

    Markarth really is a fucked up place

  • Chris Ware

    "Rob it of it's booty" XD

  • Doorstop1227

    Hell yeah I want a DLC sidequests video!

  • Raider56 Fitz75

    Blood on the ice is pretty glitchy but is great

  • Some Kind of Nice

    I think the best quest is collection crimson ninroots

  • Rosewaver

    Blood on the Ice is a cool quest (if you can pardon the pun), but it remains one of the glitchiest quests in the game. I can never get through it without running into some problem.

  • Fersancersal

    in the first mission mentioned once if you go to ykur left thheres a sunken ship where you can fond a treasure and an item to another quest which gives you a sword with 30 dmg

  • thechemmakingcourier

    Damn dude you need more subs and views. You deserve them!

  • Joe Ward

    Wtf is that green armor the battlemage pirate dude is wearing???

  • Mario Vinicius

    - A woman is killed in Markarth - Sees a high elf dressed in Thalmor robes - Gives him a letter. "Meet me at the Shrine of Talos" A quick way to go to Sovngarde.

  • Moldy Crow

    Margret doesn't always die if you kill weylon before he kills her

  • Nolan Fahey

    Did anyone else merk the guy as soon as they walk into markarth

  • rafshan chowdhury

    Man can u tell me how to start the 2 quest

  • Samantha Robinson

    athar in solitude gives you a quest to kill the captain in broken oar grotto

  • BraylonGaming

    No one escapes Cidna Mine...

  • otakureiss

    Although a simple quest the tiber septim inn quest is a cool little one.

  • Andrew MacLean

    The fact that all of the videos on top Skyrim quests are completely different from each other just speaks to how great this game is. I'll never understand why people claim the role-playing in Skyrim isn't top notch. All of these quests are incredibly unique and have great storytelling and player choice. Skyrim is the best role playing game because everyone who plays has their own unique experience with the game

  • blue shell

    blood on the ice is gliched

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