Skyrim - Top 5 Side Quests


In our latest Elder Scrolls: Skyrim video, we take you through 5 of our top side quests in the game.

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Scott: newberrycrunch
Michael: oldberrychew


  • Josh Tep

    At least do a spoiler alert lol

  • Kieran Nelligan

    Ah yes, the forsworn conspiracy, if only my game allowed me to finish it.

  • Taufiq Othman

    I really hate Forsworn Conspiracy. Particularly its secondary quest. Btw, how the hell Cicero's quest is not on this list?!

  • Kitten H

    I thought for sure a night to forget would be in here

  • Chekov Chekov

    1. Sanguines rose thing2. The wolf queen awakened 3. Mythic dawn thing4. Saadia thing5. Hrogars thingyeah i get it i dont know the names of the quests

  • Jon Shank

    I have saved the girl in the forsworn conspiracy

  • OhNoHereComesAlice !

    I think it's not highly liked but I LOVE the thieves guild quest line. I'm on the last mission after you get the nightingale armor and I honestly like it. :3

  • guns

    Then Bethesda decided their next game should contain a ton of boring settlement quests.

  • Angela Rose

    I remember playing these quests for the first time. Ah so much adventure and fun I can’t wait for the time when the next elder scrolls comes out. I’m sure it’s going to be epic.

  • Baka Raina

    For the forsworn conspiracy, you have the option to kill the assassin in the beginning before he kills the woman, which opens up dialogue for her to speak to you and even give you a reward.

  • Elayna Goals

    Thanks! I tried all these out and they are so fun. Ugh! I love this game!!

  • ZeldaGamer747

    The forsworn thing is odd for me. I helped them out and they were cool with me and then I was told to go kill a load of Forsworn

  • Luke Price

    Movarth as an ancient vampire hunter from Immortal Blood was badass.

  • John Doe #1122-68

    It was alright before you said the Forsworn was #1. Quest had potential, but its payoff is really trash and frankly I hate the choices of bad and worse."Many choices and various outcomes" hahaha

  • ShepardGaming 159

    Who is watching after 2023

  • Ayo_ Ocho

    U don’t have to accusethe court mage and spare another victim

  • Luke Price

    Bloody enough for you outsider?

  • Byronic Fate

    I love how you can save the woman the first time you enter markarth, and the game accepts it too, as you can later discuss the matter with her.

  • bg4396

    You know you can save the chick in Markarth if you kill the dude as soon as he draws his dagger. The guards will be cool with it and the chick tells you that she is an imperial spy

  • Darth ikyu

    I was really hoping that TFC wasn't gonna be #1. I love the quest, yes, but it's so... overpresent.

  • Dan Newrick

    Stones of berenziah quest is my favourite simply because of the reward.

  • Ghost

    Whats the name of your armor mods?, the argonians outfit is so cool (srry cant spell his name)

  • GoldSpark

    "Skyrim is filled with EPIC QUEST LINES ..." presses x on browser and proceeds to burn computer

  • River Belt

    Fun fact, you can actually save the the women's life when you enter MarkarthShe will give you some jewelry in return...

  • Chimichanga Boi

    What about a night to remember?

  • Chameleon1616

    That last quest ended in disaster for me, got caught up with the actual city guards after waiting around for too long. Sprinted out of the front gate as a werewolf with a 8000 gold bounty before having to murder a further group of traders on there way to the city.

  • Nico Nii

    “Typical murderous love affair”

  • Trusty Snakes

    you can actually save Margarette - the woman gets attacked in Markarth - before that forsworn kills her by killing the forsworn and afterwards , she will reward you with a silver emerald necklace and thus , you would keep a woman alive , a good thing to do if you are a "good person" roleplayer

  • HustlerMitch

    Best is delivering the 3 quests of delivers some persons sword to another person. There are literally 3 of those quests in the game.. Don't get me started on how shitty Skyrim's side quests are. Holy fuck

  • Bianca

    Blood in the ice in my opinion wouldn't be on the list till all the bugs and glitches were sorted out. The story is intriguing as infuriating upon realizing something ran a miss in the code. Prohibiting the dragonborn to continue or even complete the quest with the desired results.A lone yet fun quest would dawnguard. Mostly the interactions with the falmer, the new world to explore and how characters interacts with the dragonborn directly. (for example the scene of an explosion or becoming a vampire at the castle.Skyrim is a magnificent game. However suggested to research locations and quests to avoid bugs. Saving before accepting quests are a good idea as well as completing a quest before starting others as some quests are hard to undo later in game if delayed.

  • Kyle Snoddy

    My favourite quest is report to the jarl of whiterun

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