Skyrim - How to fix Follower/ Housecarl Glitch PC

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A quick tutorial on how to fix the glitch of having a follower on you but you cant see them and the follower isnt actually with you. The game thinks you have a follower but in the end you dont at all. This tutorial will fix that issue. If you liked the video, leave a like and dont make sure to subscribe.

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  • Batz Reigns

    Thank you so much, man! You helped me so much! However just so you know, you forgot to add a "to" in the code. Try this "set playerfollowercount to 0".

  • Demon

    It gives my a syntax error, saying its missing "to" in set command...

  • HaxorousTheRaptor

    I got this glitch when I forgot to dismiss a follower from a mod when I unsubscribed to it on the steam workshop

  • David Haynes

    I type set playerfollowercount 0 And all I ever get is the Syntax Error. Missing "to" I'm just gonna kill myself now.

  • Byron.J.Music

    I have the same problem but on ps4, can anyone help???

  • PewDiePie Bros

    This doesn't help me I need I for the damn Xbox

  • MrDimaSuper

    thank you very much!

  • Gabriel Momesso

    man thx it solve my problem. 

  • Adam Johnson

    Yo. That happened. To me on ps4 how do I fix it

  • Patty Sanchez

    Tried it didn't work 🙄

  • tom katz

    thank you i had this problem for a year now and didnt have a way to fix it i wish i found this video earlier

  • FireGaming

    thanks this was really helpfull

  • Adrian Kwec

    thanks, even after 3 years its helpfull

  • And That's Real.

    Thanks man! I was freaking out over this.

  • Tariq Shanti

    thanx alot.. u need to add (to) before (0) to make it work

  • Flix

    thak u sooooo much im rilly hapy u got ur self a new suber

  • Aria Galuh

    Thank you. Very helpful

  • Master Man


  • Adam Johnson

    I'm gonna have to restart the game

  • julian maas

    If i try this it says:"syntax error. Missing "to" in set command"

  • Paul Bulica

    Did not work for me.  :/Crazy Lydia still "following" me from home...

  • Binomialshiz Rodrigues

    I successfully typed in the command however I think I'm having another problem, a follower won't leave my service after I tell them to, any idea on how to fix this?

  • BWE Bean Wrestling Entertainment

    I hate my slow internet

  • Sauron Merciful

    Thanks man this totally works and has solved the follower have to type set followercount to 0 for each NPC and it works like a dream!!

  • DragonBorn 242


  • Linus Boye

    What do I do on Xbox one. I had two modded followers but when I removed the mod the game still thinks I got the two followers. Help me!!

  • Ant Bruh

    Can someone please help me with Xbox one?

  • juan461263

    Thank you man !! I'v been looking for help with this thanks ✊

  • Kiba love forever

    i cant get this off my xbox im so sad :(

  • Wheider Marquez

    just have to adjust to set playerfollowercount to 0


    How to do this on consoles? It happened to me but on xbox

  • lsk

    How can I fix it on ps3?

  • phil valencia

    aela won't follow me

  • ShAnEo eliu

    Thanks. This was a GREAT! help :]

  • Sauron Merciful

    You have to type set follower count to zero not followercount zero

  • Matthew Chin

    If this actually works... i will be very happy

  • WolfxGaming

    any help for this btw im on xbox and the darkbrotherhood initiate went missing and I didn't tell her to wait

  • D. Vainoras

    thank you very much mate!

  • Søren Moore

    If it says "Syntax error: missing "to" in set command", type "set playerfollowercount to 0"The other one didnt work for me 

  • Hmoney8823

    Can't you just set it to 3 and get 3 followers

  • ZEROgravity54

    I cannot thank you enough. If only I had a sweet roll to offer you, but sadly someone took it.

  • TheNicoNoco

    Thx man. All i needed

  • Oliver Brown

    How do I fix this on xbox?

  • Flavio luiz wink jr

    Ty Man. Helped Alot.

  • Kalorag

    OMFG THX SO EFIN MACH!!! I was looking for this for eons! Take this good carma you exelent sir you!

  • Adam Johnson

    Hey guys. All you have to do is follow the dawngaurd dlc pack and you will get sereana as a follower. She will fix the glitch

  • Super saiyan Lord

    help me my game is stuck in the follower command menu and i cant exit it

  • xzcrusher

    i fucking love you man, been playing 9000 hours and this is fucking annoyinh

  • Amber Rose

    van u do this on xbox

  • Swaggy Bishop

    what about for Xbox 360

  • yoloswagboi bigcooker

    that dosen't help

  • phil valencia

    it didn't work :( please help

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