New Series! Transforming Skyrim: Dark Fantasy

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Dark Fantasy Overhaul
Skyrim Flora Overhaul
Bleak ENB
Realistic Water Two
Climates of Tamriel
Supreme and Volumetric Fog
Fantasy Soundtrack Project
Audio Overhaul for Skyrim 2
The Honored Dead
Clean Up Your Corpses
Deadly Mutilation

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Intro/Outro Music:
CC BY 3.0 -
  • gabriel killer9999

    what the fuck do you mean by we you are not the one who made this mod

  • gabriel killer9999

    and this mod makes this game shit and it is amazing

  • Christ Rape

    How about something like this for Xbox One? I don’t want Horror quests. I just want the game to look bleak and scary.

  • Based Hitler

    Transform it to be more like Call of Duty!



  • Sunny-D Memelord

    Make it the opposite and turn it into the shire or some shit

  • Andres Sosa

    You should transform Skyrim into the world of Berserk with mods.

  • General Sotheny

    "Watch the Sky"

  • marcos santiago

    anyone know a channel for xbox one mods

  • ThatDude Drew

    I love the vibe it gives off, it like watching a horror movie!

  • Vegetarian Soylent-Green

    Skyrim overhaul Borderlands

  • donovan

    Does anyone know what make the First Person camera movement so smooth and life-like?

  • Vince Staples

    make a for honor combat system

  • torch1028

    I wish you would compile these into a preallocated install file XD

  • Steven Maconaughey

    I wish they had these mods for ps4

  • Carlos Nogueira

    Tem mods que deixa Skyrim realmente extraordinário, mas também exigem uma máquina também top...

  • Tymprasta

    T pose characters hanging from nooses is disturbing.

  • CuriousDumbAzz

    What's that first person mod?

  • Dr. Rick Titball

    I wish I could do this on console

  • PunnyMemes 101

    the music sort of made me think of Oblivion

  • Divided Reality

    A dark fantasy mod? My inner edgelord approves.

  • Logan Evans

    are any of the mods on Xbox one

  • Murdoc Sicàrio

    I would olsy skyrim again just for the deadly mutilation mod

  • Arbiter Delicious

    I combine this with any Dark Souls mods I can find

  • Kumori

    5:38 My only problem with The Honored Dead mod is the "Gingerbread man" pose that a lot of the hanged corpses have. It drops the immersion right into the uncanny valley.

  • Diego Perez

    deadly mutilation on the xb one?

  • Sylvester Charpentier

    Is deadly mutilation available for Xbox one?!

  • Morter

    Is it a deep dark fantasy?

  • CinematicGamer

    How strong does your rig need to be to run these? at the bare minimum?

  • Simon Koch

    Darker Skyrim or: If The Witcher were shit

  • ZeroHxC07

    Now this is how elder scrolls should led be from the get go.

  • JaNari VAUGHN

    दष पदस्द its meanz im hindi

  • Adrian Johansen

    +Brodual Will this series ever continue?

  • JuhaniTV

    can you do a series with a green Skyrim and with a lots of Forest and so on :)

  • GoobleMoWizard

    I know this video is 2 or 3 years ago, but I just wanted to say that I just ignore all the depressed comments saying how people in the modding community are all obsessed with death, because we may not even be that way. We just like certain mods. Some of us like a more gloomy game for medieval because it's supposed to be that way. Others may want a more sunny and beautiful game. I want a beautiful game, but some of the enbs are outrages!

  • Vegetarian Soylent-Green

    This was so dark I had to turn my screen brightness up to 100.

  • Mc Road

    The music needs less winds and horns but more strings. Also more synths to be darker

  • Krax

    how do i get the dark fantasy overhaul its not on the site

  • Antonio Diaz

    why no altering of combat mods??

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