The Elder Scrolls 5 Skyrim - Marble Phantasm

Marble Phantasm by elysees
  • MDKGunner

    Haha brilliant first you make Unlimited Blade Works and now Marble Phantasm? sweet now we just need it to drop the moon how about making a second MP power that does so? hell perhaps you should make Tohno Shiki's eyes as a power too :D

  • somethingfan123

    Can some explain to me how that Marble Phantasm works?

  • Waifu Rider

    I need to know what song this is. Please tell me.

  • 정원호

    1분54초부터 칼에서 빨간검기나오는건 무슨모드인가요?

  • Nathan Huang

    love your channel man. whats the enb you are using?

  • Hazard Hedgeling

    Please make DMC animations for your SSS mod

  • Stanislav Polevskiy! Funny thing is, i was just watching your videos couple of hours ago, wondering if you are still modding, and here you are :3

  • River Capulet

    i want the melty blood effect to be permanent and without the marble phantasm... playerenchantobject doesn't work, because it only activates when marble phantasm is on.

  • Ihate You

    so when does the moon get dropped?

  • Skyrim Legend

    what mod is the white dress from

  • Taniger12345

    Absolutely too cool, Elysees! I can't wait to try this one out. I was actually wondering when you'd put up a new video and a new mod. Been a while since we last talked.

  • zod2242

    아주 좋은 사람이 당신은 당신의 전문 지식의 모든 얼굴 주문 팩 나올한다

  • Jason Williams

    When the spell is activated, is it actually supposed to turn the screen that red monochrome color? That would be very cool if it does that. Or is that effect only for this video? Because I don't see that red monochrome effect in any of the other videos reviewing this mod. Is that because they are using an ENB?

  • ketchup packets

    This spell reminds me of Attack on Titan's intro.

  • Hazard Hedgeling


  • SlashmanSG

    Well, judging from the trailer, you've made some digital gibberish. Anyone have a clue what this mod actually does, throwing random shit together with music doesn't show anything.

  • Arþur D

    Holy shit...Dude, this is very impressive! If you know scripting so well, can you help me, please? This is what I am stuck at.

  • iflyte

    What are those slash effects done by the chains, I've seen them on a few other mods during regular combat, would love to use them myself.

  • Deehvad

    True heroes strut nonchalantly through devastation like it's nothing. 

  • Zreal Rei

    nice background music and scene . you have talent of movie

  • Louise Smith

    Why can't I download This I NEED IT D:

  • Kurasa Twentyfive

    holy fuck this is brilliant :OOO

  • Wolf Strife

    Nice to see you here again!!!So  cool!Wait for next video!

  • jefthereaper

    The end of a 1000 years! XD

  • Sean Thompson

    Not a huge fan of Anime type mods but this is a great looking spell you've created and I will be downloading and trying this fun spell out.

  • scythman666

    Why not make the gate of baybylon as next mod, after you finished the others


    song? the sound of the chains coming up enhances the song

  • Charana Kensler

    Anyone know what that mod costume is at 1:23?

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