Can PC Mods Match Skyrim Special Edition?

Tom has a shot at matching the upcoming Skyrim Special Edition with PC mods. We deploy the following tweaks here, with a monstrous i7-4790K PC with a GTX 980 Ti to get the job done:

-RealVision ENB,
-Skyrim HD 2K Textures
-HD Plants and Herbs
-Enhanced Towns and VIllages "RIverwood"
-Pure Waters

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  • Contrast

    Playing bethesda games on console kek

  • randomguy8196

    I would love to try all those graphics mods but holy hell it's a lot of work to get it up and running. Download this, install that, edit this and that file ... oh my head.

  • IrishWolfHound

    The colours are really weird in this .... everything has a yellowish hue to it.. I think I'll just get the Legendary Edition

  • Doug Pridgen

    What you cannot match is a 64 Bit executable that takes advantage of your modern CPU and GPU, no more pesky 3.5 GB RAM limitation, and DX11 for modern GPU. Having all the DLC and Update.esm integrated into a single file frees up 4 plugin slots. Can't do that with the current version either. Taking advantage of the capacities of modern hardware and looking better in vanilla form will enable the Remastered version to look better than the current version. That is all.

  • Not

    So if I have mods for Skyrim and I get the remaster edition for free, how will this effect the mods?

  • MaximumCalories

    the thing is, remastered will run much better on low end hardware.

  • butterball 27

    I'm hoping they have the follower mods like Sofia and indigo and a lot of the armors and clothing and how's it going to work downloading the mods is it bethesdanet are Nexus is it going to be already on the menu when you start up the game

  • AFO3310

    The game just doesn't allow for good volumetric lighting like fallout 4's. Modders did everything they could but no mod ever stepped up to the plate. Hopefully this will fix all the lighting issues associated with regular skyrim (yes, ENB included. still had light/shadow issues like a torch not giving off a single patch of light in a dungeon)

  • Sidharth Sreekumar

    Realvision ENB sucks balls

  • Ewan Whitford

    Hmmm...Now why do I think this person has little knowledge of enbs? Oh yeah because he showed one enb which just happened to be the most popular

  • TheZombiesProject

    It's an opinion really skyrim special edition looks better than fallout 4 it looks amazing but pc texture looks kinda cartoony I like the special edition more that the pc texture but it is all up to opinion

  • Pug Lyfe

    pc mods just look more like Instagram filters lol. never liked mods, like things original and Bethesda.

  • James Deal

    Is this a joke or click bait title? My modded version of Skyrim looks 1000 times better than the Remastered. LoL My game looks better than the Witcher 3. In some places....

  • Zydiz

    MATCH the old version ..... what

  • Swidhelm

    I do hope it's a separate install though, and not just an upgrade. Because if it's just an upgrade, it will render my nearly 200 mods unusable.

  • Agonistic Clock

    But what about mods to the remaster

  • Karan Vir Singh

    Special Edition's biggest plus is being 64 bit. The original Skyrim was 32 bit which is ancient at this point.

  • BestofShooterGames

    the Remaster version looks like shit compared to the Pc mods. sad.


    so the question is. will my mods still work if I upgrade to special edition?


    when people start modding the special edition then its go8ng to be legit

  • cerevor

    Skyrim Remastered: Orange Version.Developers trying to compensate for PC screens' lack of blue and green-depth by going hardcore-orange (or technological purple in the past). Also see The Witcher 3, which seemed to have a special orange technology.

  • May Susan Kubo

    Skyrim had the option to use water texture replacers, 2k-4k retextures, new grass & trees, weather & fog mods, any ENB of your liking.SkyrimSS the goodness are just there WHETHER YOU LIKE IT OR NOT.

  • RetroSteve

    DF just stick to analysis and comparison vids instead of this trash.

  • HypoCr1tikal

    match? modded skyrim looks thousands of times better than the remaster

  • Graham1001

    I will say the snow in the remaster is better but there is probably a mod too make it look better

  • MobileDecay

    Mods cause instability and crashing no matter what your PC specs are. Plus the new version can also be modded even better if you want. Wait on a price drop and audio fix. I was just playing modded Skyrim and it randomly crashed with no error which never happens with vanilla Skyrim. Also no it's not my PC. It's the ram limit.

  • Ryan Canuso

    Sorry but Skyrim remastered looks better in my opinion. Don't get me wrong I love the real vision but there's just some things in special addition worth keeping like-Sparkly snowGod rays HD shadows Water moving in the right-direction Rain fix for when you go under- something And I like the blur better in SSE

  • Justin Velo

    Can I still add enb's to remastered for the best skyrim experience?

  • Evaman

    The question is... can you figure out how to read the realvision enb requirements?

  • Arcade X

    Should I buy Skyrim special edition or legendary edition

  • JustHyper

    Cant we use both? Use the remastered version with some old mods that may be compatible still?

  • Gurvir Bilkhu

    hmmm.... your comparing the video to your modded pc footage? you may have recorded the pc footage at a higher resolution. the skyrim remaster video is NOT the real clarity of the textures and all. the game WILL look sharper than what is shown in the trailer. and it might match the clarity of the pc footage you have taken.

  • Tracker Who?

    64 bit will change the future of Skyrim Special Edition beyond mods that currently exist

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