"What if Skyrim was Good?" (Part 1) An Ideal Elder Scrolls 5 - A subjective piece of fanfiction.

What if OBLIVION Was GOOD - http://bit.ly/ideal-elderscrolls
No, this is NOT review, NOT a game mechanics critique, nor a complete overhaul of Skyrim, otherwise this video would be a few hours long. This first episode is just about the Mechanics and world space, setting up episode 2 where the main storyline will be rewritten.

In these videos I'm touching on the larger plot points of the game and how I would have done them differently to tell a better story. It's extremely subjective some will like it, others will think it's crap -- that's natural.

The point and purpose of retelling certain plot points are to accomplish two things, to chain the events of previous Elder Scrolls games together and add depth to the player experience without actually changing the core game.

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  • Zeroph Gaming

    i wish this idea was reality

  • Landon The Greatest #Swag

    Why the heck can Bethesda hire this guy to write all the Elder Scrolls stories

  • Kilij

    guard: i used to be an adventurer like you, then i couldnt pay my taxes...

  • MrRickstopher

    Todd Howard gave The Elder Scrolls to the action and shooter demographic. They're no longer rpgs. Just kill and get loot.

  • Dreadklan

    awww maaan... i wanna play the game you are talking about...

  • H3XER

    I wish I knew whether or not the Bethesda staff actually take into consideration some of the suggestions or criticisms of the community.I can understand if they dismiss most of the stuff the community said but zaric is probably one of the only ones with decent suggestions.

  • de herhaler

    30:13it should also hurt the player, otherwise you could just make a level 100 shout and shout until you got lucky without repercussions

  • L. Knight

    hahahahaha.It's funny 'cause Skyrim WAS good, was in fact THE BEST Elder Scrolls.

  • Martha Dalseth

    Add Dark Souls style combat for all perspectives.

  • Retronos Again

    So the halls of Junal (sorry if that isn't how it's written). Considering how we hear about the Nords disapproval of magic, would there really be a strong mages guild in the cities?

  • Toxiciron

    I wonder how many Bethesda devs are watching and are like, "Dammit... we wanted to do this and we didn't have enough time/money."

  • Brandon Yep

    My only problem is that Nord racism against dunmer is very lore rooted because of the heart of lorkhan and the battle of red mountain. They have always HATED each other. But other than that such a great video.

  • Brian Wade

    This is how you plan and make an immersive game. I wouldn't be surprised if someday this, or something like this, is put in place in a future mod of Skyrim, possibly if/when ES6 or ES7 is released, or perhaps even sooner as a way to breath new life into Skyrim in itself as modders often do.

  • ltshep

    I LOVE the idea of the civil war being over 2 completely different religions (Old gods vs New gods).And the idea of the Dark Elves being allied with the Nordic Stormcloaks is great. It even fits in with (canonically) past events in the form of the Ebonheart Pact from ESO.


    sounds to overthetop and corny. Just like Star Wars canon and EU. Sometimes guys. Simple is a lot better

  • xXPandaCroftXx

    There are something’s I agree with but with things like the guards in white run I just can’t bring myself to agree

  • Breadlord Gaming

    u wanna learn some wards?????

  • William Allison

    this series deserves ALL THE VIEWS.

  • Source Dasher

    Should have named this "What if Skyrim was Great" instead of "Good".

  • Alex Gun

    Small problem with mage guild's ranks - conjurer sounds not a rank but more like.. magic profession - a summoner.About the guilds: Silver Hand should be a joinable faction like the Dawnguard

  • Biff

    I wish that when you get hit it will leave a mark on your armor or skin or tear your clothes where you got hit. And hair could grow over time and muscle. And you had to eat and drink and stay healthy and sleep and you could camp. I know that’s a mod but I have a ps4. And doors opened without loading screens. And better graphics like battlefield 1. Weapons and armor could chip and dent overtime and you had to re forge them in the forges. And you could be a Jarl or farmer or peasant. I wish the game started you off as a peasant and you earned your way up to Jarl. And you can siege other castles like lord of the rings battles. All of that plus everything you said.

  • Alex Gun

    In my opinion the idea of reversing the racist aspect of Stormcloacks and Empire is not the best idea. This turns the sides into basic evil opressors" and "noble rebels". There's too many "noble rebels" in the mass culture.

  • morthim

    honestly, i'd like to work with you on a game. i'm not with bethesda, and i focus on core gameplay, but your creativity is amazing.the only things i'd disaggree with are lack of social basis for location of assets. and absorbing dragon essence to directly gain their shouts.your scope goes far far beyond the limits of the original game.

  • Synystr7

    Dude you look like a wrestler from the 90s.

  • Goutam Kumar Parui

    Super Sweet .. How can we get your form of GAME... Its Greatly Great (I don't even know, that's a word or not😋😋) But who cares..

  • Lynchology101

    Man I want this!! and it really hit home actually as i've been playing Skyrim recently & in Oblivion (been a decade since I played it) I remember the first town you came to had slums,a fishing district,shopping, that circle where all the scholars & wizards went as well as multiple shops windhelm has a literal straight line you can follow & hit every point of interest in the place within a 30 second sprint.

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