"What if Skyrim was Good?" (Part 1) An Ideal Elder Scrolls 5 - A subjective piece of fanfiction.

What if OBLIVION Was GOOD - http://bit.ly/ideal-elderscrolls
No, this is NOT review, NOT a game mechanics critique, nor a complete overhaul of Skyrim, otherwise this video would be a few hours long. This first episode is just about the Mechanics and world space, setting up episode 2 where the main storyline will be rewritten.

In these videos I'm touching on the larger plot points of the game and how I would have done them differently to tell a better story. It's extremely subjective some will like it, others will think it's crap -- that's natural.

The point and purpose of retelling certain plot points are to accomplish two things, to chain the events of previous Elder Scrolls games together and add depth to the player experience without actually changing the core game.

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  • evTom14

    I still love Skyrim despite the fact that you can pick wholes in it literally all day long, but my biggest gripe(ok my second biggest) was the fact that the college teaches you fuck all, I mean literally you get to learn maybe two spells at the very very best, If its going to be there in that form it should at least teach SOMETHING worth while, just a boost to all magicka related skills would have been nice, but No, no that's far too much to ask

  • SlickStream1979

    You take this so seriously with suits and shit...I love it.

  • Kris Sisk

    10th game?? What? Are you counting DLCs as games or are there a whole bunch of TES games I don't know about?

  • Oney

    So basically Whiterun is Switzerland?

  • Austin Fowler

    Prey was a awesome game

  • oniishanramee

    Hi. I love your content. I've been listening to your videos as mp3 for weeks now, but this is the first time I've watched for more than 5 seconds into one, and on a big screen no less. Not sure how to put this nicely, but are you aware that you kind of look like a douchebag weatherman in that outfit?

  • HMan Gaming

    BUt zARic wiTChEr 3 caMe oUT 4 yeErs b4 SkYRiM

  • Zerenda

    I would love the videos to be even longer, not complaining but, yeah . Starting to watch this now,. mmkay.

  • Niek Esselbrugge

    What wouldve been so cool is when there were joinable nordic clans in Skyrim. Unique national factions, just like the Greathouses in Morrowind.Edit: i feel like the clans in Whiterun missed so much potential.

  • William D'Auria

    Why can't Bethesda hire you lol

  • Jaymes of Demacia

    The world would be a better place if it had more minds like yours. excellent video. I'm strapping in for the next 3 episodes.

  • Tonts

    I absolutely adore the idea for the Stormcloaks with the Dark Elves. That's such a cool idea, since they feel horribly under-utilised in vanilla skyrim. The stuff about the Werewolves makes sense, turning the companions into the Jarl's personal guard, seems like a cool idea. You could even keep the Silver Hand and Vigilant's of Stendar, and have them as potential Vampire/Werewolf hunters and as additional factions to join. The Thu'um/Shout Perk tree seems like a really cool idea, it even utilises an in-game mechanic.

  • Łukasz Fiuk

    School of Juno? Why not to break Skyrim into mix of Collegue of Whispers and Synod fighting each other?

  • Nahkriin Grimes

    i stopped watching this because it made me sad.

  • Franken Stein

    A lot of mods out there show that Bethesda could have done much better with the engine.

  • beril şevval bekret

    Great idea but...Magnus is the God of magic. Not Julianos.

  • indy ribus

    Starts watching hmm i want this then he says falkreath is were al the imperial troops come from, ok then 10 minutes later he says solitude is were all imperial reinforcements come from, huh wtf

  • Joshua Torres

    Ive played skyrim since 2011 i was 7 years old ay the time

  • Phibonacci 1618

    Dammit you're ruining my VR experience lol.

  • Batman 101

    Why is this fool wearing a suit and tie

  • The Thinker

    I want to embark upon creating such a thing...

  • Marcelo Bassalo

    That would be a great game.

  • digital _id4

    I wish you were part of the Bethesda creative

  • MentatJunkie

    modders, do your thing!

  • xLNDxBama

    OK you got me..... take all my money and make it happen or at least build a overhaul mod!

  • BigDog

    im not a bethesda fan... but im a Elder Scrolls fan

  • Bru Master

    If this was vanilla skyrim that'd be amazing

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