"What if Skyrim was Good?" (Part 1) An Ideal Elder Scrolls 5 - A subjective piece of fanfiction.

What if OBLIVION Was GOOD - http://bit.ly/ideal-elderscrolls
No, this is NOT review, NOT a game mechanics critique, nor a complete overhaul of Skyrim, otherwise this video would be a few hours long. This first episode is just about the Mechanics and world space, setting up episode 2 where the main storyline will be rewritten.

In these videos I'm touching on the larger plot points of the game and how I would have done them differently to tell a better story. It's extremely subjective some will like it, others will think it's crap -- that's natural.

The point and purpose of retelling certain plot points are to accomplish two things, to chain the events of previous Elder Scrolls games together and add depth to the player experience without actually changing the core game.

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  • Ay Ayla

    I would love to play the game you're describing. I mean, I love Skyrim as it is, but this idealised version...I want to play it. (Since I am a Werewolf lover however, allow me to add a little fanfiction of my own: I'd love to see a real werewolf faction, hidden villages/hideouts, werewolves actually and actively trying to make the best of their affliction, people (not necessarily the Werewolves themselves) working on potions/ways to allow the werewolf to keep his/her mind (because the player can do that too- perhaps even a quest or something during which the player learns how to keep his/her mind in werewolf form), also werewolves that want to be werewolves, werewolves that learn how to live off animals rather than humans, perhaps even quests to reintegrate werewolves into society (sorta, they're dangerous, so of course there will need to be safeguards and such to prevent a werewolf slaughtering the city)...Same with Vampires- I have no love for those but fair is fair so they should be expanded on too.)

  • Callum Shamwana

    By the power of Crowdsourcing!If everyone who watched this video gave £50, someone would have 7.5 million to make this perfect game.

  • MoonSeraph 天使

    I'm wondering about the changes to the consistency of the lore & quality of Bethesda's writing over the years.. seems like from Morrowind (my first exposure to ES) to Skyrim the lore of the previous Elder Scrolls games has progressively been less important in 'shaping the world of Tamriel' in the future games. For example, you give many examples here of possibilities that would have been a more realistic and lore-friendly Skyrim. Do you think this is because there has been staff changeover in Bethesda so the writing is actually done by someone different or because Bethesda made certain poor design choices that were more geared towards the interests of introducing new players into the genre, game 'playability' or the constraints of the design/production process of the game? Some people say its that Bethesda are 'casualizing' the game series that the quality is starting to lack. Don't get me wrong I love Skyrim as much as the other games, and in some ways even more than the others, and it's because I've spent so much time in the game that I am able to notice these flaws myself.

  • Dark God

    Man, you're a fucking genius? You should be the writer/director for Elder Scrolls. Your version of the game sounds so much better and immersive.

  • I'm really angry x98372

    20:05 shots fired at Tolfdir 😫

  • N'gasta Kvakis

    I really like most of the ideas you present here, though I don't like the "a dragon to kill for every shout" idea. It is their language, you see, so it wouldn't be logical for them to just use "Damn!" and "Damn!" only, to kill you :). Second; dragon treasures? Do dragons even hoard treasures in TES lore?Also, it's Thu'um, not Thoom ^^.

  • Kate pro

    The picture u painted of what Skyrim shouldve been is infinitely more interesting than the skyrim we got . Truly imagination is the best graphic card . For now disappointment is all around the videogame industry .

  • Steven Grant

    I now wish you were on the team developing Skyrim. Since Morrowind I have felt Elder scrolls going down hill. I have replayed morrowind countless times, oblivion only 3. and Skyrim once and not all the way though.

  • Happy Merchant

    love the dark elf idea

  • Axel Rosete

    You make really great points, my friend. I loved the modification you did to the Dark Brotherhood. Having speakers to do the jobs for you will be amazing. It's kind of similar to the implementation they did on Assassin's Creed Brotherhood with the apprentices you recruit. It'll be awesome to have your critique as a reality. Keep up the good work.

  • A_50_Foot_Maggot

    Someone should make a mod of this

  • David Tew

    MANY great well thought out ideas here Zaric (increase the scale of cities: NEEDED!) --- Bethesda could do worse than to put you on the Creative team for ESVI! Thu'umTree & Perks!! Love it. Especially respect this was done with a minimum of snark. Very professional! This is the way to engage fandom in a positive fashion.

  • DarkKing009

    love Skyrim, hate Skyrim cities

  • Cringe Bot

    Bethesda needs to hire this guy and make him head of development.

  • Joseph Stalin

    To be honest the cities in oblivion were towns at most.

  • Kristian Celarc

    memory out of bound exception

  • Morris Crow

    Bethesda should hire you!!

  • James Roper

    Give major cities like Whiterun effective defenses. Properly built walls, and towers with arrow slots, murder hole above the main gate, gate houses. Make it seem these cities are actual fortifications. It always bothered me, at how every hold is so unprepared for an attack.I'm liking your ideas, you should've been the writer of Skyrim's storyline. The nordic patheon has always fascinated, and I usually play as a nord. My head canon for my Dragonborn, is she's a follower of a old nordic religion.

  • Spiked Mace Entertainment

    This guy is eccentric in all the best ways.

  • Wesley Mills

    A lot of this I agree with, but changing the idea of the companions is messing with serious lore about ysgramor and the original 500 companions. Other than that, there are only a few minor things I don't agree with.

  • Titus

    Zaric: How bout we make skyrim AwesomeBethesda: How bout NO

  • madscientistshusta

    Also it has to be open citys, non of this loading crap. This might be impossible if consoles have anything to say.What i would like to see is a elderscrolls console upgrade pack.This would come with like a 100-200$ hardware min processor and ram(2g) with a SSD of 100ishG and it would slap onto the back of your console. It would allow your game to be exactly like the PC versionThey change elderscrolls to a 250 game but you get a sweet upgrade yay!

  • F# Tutorials

    I want to like several times! You are awsome - thanks!!

  • madscientistshusta

    Oh my god...the way you explained shouts blew my mind!

  • WickedClown1996

    Just watched all these videos, duuuuuuudeeee!!!!! Legit af I hope Bethesda watches these for incite on the next game

  • Lilly Rose

    All that would be so interesting!

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