Skyrim: The Longest Kept Secret Hidden in Plain Sight! (Lore)

The Secret Cult of Rorikstead!

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P.S: This has been a Theory for years, I'm just presenting it to you because I think you will also find it interesting. It's up to you to descide what you belieave. after all this is just a theory.
  • jaykoh

    this used to be a funny meme, then meme addicts got a hold of it... and it took an arrow in the knee

  • Matthew Brough

    Skyrim lore should be classified as a religion!If the Jedi can do it, so can we!

  • Soris1237

    "Halfway to Hammerfell" was a figure of speech.

  • InoshiKenshi

    He was going to be beheaded, not sent back to rorikstead.

  • FearfulSuggestion

    You know, maybe the guy is just paranoid about the oblivion crisis, and wanted to be prepared if it happened again

  • Fabian

    realy did you need to make that video 10 min

  • John D

    Also don't forget in Solsteihm they use the mages magic to help grow ash yams and literally the whole area is covered in ash after the red mountain erupted

  • jaykoh

    they weren't going to take him back to his town thay were going to behead him like the rest he even says when he trys to run "YOUR NOT GOING TO KILL ME!" as he dies

  • Sharla Sadler

    I'm killing everyone in rorikstead then I'm gonna download a mod so I can kill invincible people XD

  • Super Fist

    Fraghero led me here therefore you earn an instant dislike.

  • Skale Goblin

    "well my simple peasant" 😂😂😂😂


    he kicked a chicken lol

  • onioneeks ?

    they didnt say anything about going back to rorikstead. they were gonna chop his head off w the rest of them. he just didnt want to die

  • Barbed Bullet

    "well my simple peasent you have been lead astray." -Eso

  • Velevia Lightstrider

    I'm afraid that there are no proofs that there is secret cult in Rorikstead.This theory is complete vashedan.

  • Cody Jamieson

    In all honesty I've never played this game, literally just saw the video on Facebook... But to me, Rorikstead sounds a hell of a lot like "Rorik's dead". Perhaps the "healing wizard" didn't heal him, but allowed the Daedric to use Rorik after he was sacrificed. after all why wouldn't you want the best fighter to be captured by an evil being you worship just so you can become closer and more enlightened on the subject of dark magic? especially because the wizard worships the Daedra this makes me believe that this makes some sort of sense. Also like most evil beings he may want lots of power and to grow/ take over Skyrim and one way to do this is grow a small town in ways such as plentiful harvests... But screw it I'm probably just rambling now based off the size of the paragraph I'm reading over and the amount of red lines I'm about to auto-correct, please correct me in any way if this doesn't make sense!

  • B Shepard

    to many commercials....

  • Seung Choe

    5 ads for a 10min vid? Really??

  • Giri Hari

    I think some people in rorikstead may be cannibals.. who eat human flesh and are worshipping arkay

  • FearfulSuggestion

    Rorik is probably just a family name

  • naig11

    It would be strange that rorikstead villagers uses souls them for sacrifising fertile women, since only Black soul gems are strong enough to hold humanoid souls. The gems seen in the video are just common soul gems, so the black souls should not be a strong point in the theory of human sacrifice.

  • Power 21351

    I have a question who is the true ruler/lord/overlord of skyrim

  • Samuel Lindsell

    Bethesda have stated that while elder scrolls online takes a lot of lore from the main series, because it was made by a different studio it is not a reliable source for lore. While I like the theory it is mainly based on what is probably non cannon.

  • Seaver Schultz

    It never said that he would be returned to Rorikstead for punishment.

  • Joel Ramirez

    you're an idiot. They going to kill him.

  • Lefwog James

    Lokir would have survived? I mean if they wouldnt behead him first He would survive?

  • Javen Epperson

    At the end the women is being possessed by a deadra °.°

  • Isaac Weaver

    I have a thing for you to investigate

  • Toxic Gamer

    I love it when he repeats sentences, or you can hear his previous sentence after a pause

  • joe .k

    ESO I love your videos but 4 ads in the middle of a 10 minute video is OTT

  • Martyre20

    This is one of the things I disliked about Skyrim. The best parts of the game, any game, are the secret stories that are only hinted at. You don't find them on side quests, and unless you're paying attention, and not just pressing skip on npc dialogue, you'll miss it.The developers make you work for these secret stories, that pass you by with little to go on but the creator's kit and passing comments.So why are there so many of these secret quests left unfinished? It's good that they exist, and the developers obviously show some love for these stories.But thry just don't feel fleshed out enough. I hope if they do more if these in TES6, they'll go the whole way, and you'll end up unlocking endings from characters that won't show up in any quest.

  • Joel Stephens

    This might also explain the redguard woman in whiterun, who is being pursued by the two redguard warrior men in order to return her to rorikstead... She escaped the cult?

  • Karl Quetzacoatl

    This truly sounds like some side Quest that Bethesda excluded from the game. All the mystery of the place also stroke me, with the NPCs evasive answers, I guess Bethesda were planning something to it, but left it out of the game, which is a pity

  • Kaneki Ken I love Emilia

    im off to kill every person there with Erik my boy

  • Kevin McGuire

    This might also explain why the drunkard father of the two girls in town (I can't remember his name atm) is a drunkard and treats them so poorly. He's drinks because he's depressed over what he knows to be their fate and treats them poorly because he doesn't want to become attached because he knows their eventual fate.

  • Joshua Perry

    I think lokir ran from the town because he killed that girl ( forgotten her name) and dumped her in the river

  • Gilang Alfarizi

    if fnaf has a complicated lore.. skyrim has bunch of them..

  • rampage the sneaky lil bitch

    its old times child birth death is common back then.

  • John D

    I'm confused the whole reason the Mage told the girl to keep it down about magic it's because magic is frowned upon in skyrim especially after what Happened in winter hold with the college when the collapse happened but the college somehow didn't fall

  • Lion Heart

    I thought he ran because he took his chances at escaping a beheading, not being sent back to Rorikstead.

  • _500

    do you know where they do the sacrifices at?

  • Frank Ornelas

    Is it why u get that quest from sam(mage in markarth inn, u wake up in diabella temple and then tells u to go to rorikstead) then get the sanguine staff which summons a deatric warrior.

  • Lucas_Cosmos

    lokir doesn't chose death instead of going back to rorikstead he tryed to escape

  • TwoFaces BecomeOne

    "well my simple peasant" xD

  • FearfulSuggestion

    Like, literally everyone in Skyrim has soul gems, they are like the stones of barenziah, they have them because they make them look pretty and privileged

  • Jesus Christ

    Decide* believe* just saying not trying to be a dick

  • FearfulSuggestion

    Deadra don't have physical power in Mundus

  • Jeremy Carnes

    They weren't sending him back to Rorikstead, they were going to behead him.

  • Dragon Mistress

    They never said he was going to be sent back, they were calling him up to be executed

  • John Smith

    For all of you dissing this video because he says Lokir was going to be returned to Rorikstead it actually makes sense because in that cultural timeline they would usually bury the bodies back in their home town.

  • randomstuffgaming and more

    what if lokir is the ancient traveler ?


    Wow 8:15 eso suddenly panics *pff whoo i almost thought you suck my dick there budy *

  • AndreasCableguy

    Lokir ran away because he was minutes from being executed with no affiliation to the rebels. He only mentions Rorikstead when Ralof said to him "Every Nords last thoughts should be of home".

  • Red Rose

    Winces each time a J isn't pronounced like a Y My heart is crying on behalf of all my Viking reenactor friends, lol.

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