Skyrim: The Longest Kept Secret Hidden in Plain Sight! (Lore)

The Secret Cult of Rorikstead!

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P.S: This has been a Theory for years, I'm just presenting it to you because I think you will also find it interesting. It's up to you to descide what you belieave. after all this is just a theory.
  • Nick Wolhuter

    murdered everyone in rorikstead because they shot me with an arrow in the knee and i think the music of life is silence

  • MrRickstopher

    This is all based on you not understanding the didialog. Lokir ran because he didn't want to be beheaded... That's it.


    Wow 8:15 eso suddenly panics *pff whoo i almost thought you suck my dick there budy *

  • Jay Petrini

    Rorik isn’t as old as you think. The Great War was between 4E 171 - 4E 175, and skyrim takes place during 4E 201. Say that rorik was born in 4E 151, making him at least 20 years old when he joined the war, he would only be 50 years old now, so just because he was around during the Great War doesn’t really mean that he was around when rorikstead was first created. As for women dying in child birth, skyrim is supposed to be themed in mid-evil Nordic times, which was very common back then. Just because it is mentioned in rorikstead doesn’t mean anything. I think that the mage is just some cool old dude that teaches children spells and that there is nothing wrong with rorikstead. Btw lokir wasn’t going back to rorikstead for his punishment he was running away from being killed at helgen

  • Melissa Haeder

    Your a pretty smart guy eso, love your vids

  • Seaver Schultz

    It never said that he would be returned to Rorikstead for punishment.

  • justyouraverage -

    Lokir OF rorikstead did not mean hes going back to rorikstead

  • Mason Malone

    4 ads in a 10 min video? You're having a laugh

  • Soris1237

    "Halfway to Hammerfell" was a figure of speech.

  • Giridhar Hariesh

    I think some people in rorikstead may be cannibals.. who eat human flesh and are worshipping arkay

  • archaementon

    This video is shit. Stupid premise and 4 15 second ads for beer in it? Utter monetization asshatery. Not watching any more ESO vids

  • Aleks Sor

    Theory: They have the soul gems because of sacrifice and those gems bring good fortune?

  • Effeffia Gonalick

    The town's bloody history might be why the crops thrive. Organic material makes for rich soil, anyone who composts can tell you that. While raw and unseasoned fruits and vegetables make up the bulk of composted materials, you can also easily compost meats. If there was a mass grave of fallen soldiers, the soil above it would eventually become very fertile indeed. While I think my theory might be a more, for lack of better words, realistic, this theory is FAR more interesting.

  • John D

    Also don't forget in Solsteihm they use the mages magic to help grow ash yams and literally the whole area is covered in ash after the red mountain erupted

  • Norcal Bowhunter

    When you said that Lokir was going back to Rorikstead I had to watch that again, and once more for good measure. It is never said he is going to head back to Rorikstead.My theory, as with any theory it is just an opinion, is that Lokir was suppose to be helping the Stormcloaks sneak into Skyrim, double crossed them and sold them out to the high elves, and was added to the list of people to kill because the high elves didn't want him talking to anyone about the treachery that happened.The Stormcloaks were caught trying to sneak over, men and women who are very adapt at hiding and sneaking in the wilderness. So unless the imperials had a group of guards in every bush along the border then how did this happen? Lokir was on the list, now pay attention to the list. The list is a bunch of stormcloaks, including Lokir, yet when your name comes up he turns and says "He isn't on the list what should we do?" We know this list was made BEFORE they were captured, or else your name would be on it as well. So from somewhere they got a list of all the names of people who were suppose to be sneaking over including Lokir. That tells me that Lokir was suppose to be helping them sneak over.You also have to think about the statement Ralof makes to his sister. "They ambushed us.... Almost like they knew exactly where we'd be." Very odd statement to make don't you think?Now you may say, "Well if he was trying to help him why didn't anyone call him out on it?" Lets think about this, if you were going to try to sneak back into Skyrim who would know about it? Generally only the person in charge and the person they hired to sneak them in would know the details. Notice that Ulfric had his mouth gagged, he could not say anything at all in that moment, and it would make total sense that he would have kept it a secret so it would lower their chances of a spy telling others of the plan. The rest of the group probably only knew they were trying to sneak back into Skyrim, but only Ulfric knew how and who was going to help do that.Then we bring ourselves to Lokir, who kept saying he was a simple horse thief who got caught at the right moment. Of course he would do this if he was a double agent. You wouldn't want the Stormcloaks to know you just sold them out, nor would you want the Imperials to know you are part of the Stormcloaks. So his attitude towards the whole situation IMO doesn't change my theory, but just makes him out to be a double faced coward. I don't really think the Imperials knew about Lokir, but the elves did. This is why we see them in Helgen because someone told them where Ulfric was going to be sneaking, they told the Imperials, and the Imperials caught him.The real question I come up with is why then would the High Elves want to kill Lokir? Perhaps because of what Ralof said to his sister when he said "They wouldn't dare give Ulfric a fair trial. Treason, for fighting for your own people! All of Skyrim would have seen the truth then." Perhaps they wanted to keep what happened during the ambush a secret, and so they added Lokir to the list to shut him up. In the end, as interesting as the Lokir was in trouble for something horrible he did in Rorikstead is, I think it is looking to much into things. The fact that Lokir was on a list that included ONLY other stormcloaks is strange, the fact that Ralof makes the comment that "Almost like they knew exactly where we'd be." The fact that the elves were in Helgen gives me reason to believe they are the ones responsible for the ambush, and the fact you weren't on the list, meaning it was made before the ambush not after tells me Lokir was just a double crossing coward who was trying to save his skin.

  • Terror2211

    I love it when he repeats sentences, or you can hear his previous sentence after a pause

  • InoshiKenshi

    He was going to be beheaded, not sent back to rorikstead.

  • TwoFaces BecomeOne

    "well my simple peasant" xD

  • The Blessed Caesar Games

    The environment and the environment?

  • Joshua Perry

    I think lokir ran from the town because he killed that girl ( forgotten her name) and dumped her in the river

  • Jesus Christ

    Decide* believe* just saying not trying to be a dick

  • Krytern UK

    What? Where was it stated that he would be taken back to Rorikstead for his punishment? It doesn't say or imply that at all.

  • Fast Track

    Say hi to ragnar the red for me

  • TheMustacheGamer

    nice theory but if the Dragonborn (who was going to be beheaded even though he/she wasn't on the list) was gunna be killed then why would the imperials not behead Lokir?

  • Harry Jones

    I think rorik and the man who healed him has the same story as Arthur pendragon and merlin


    ESO 5 adds in 10:01 wtf man.

  • Matthew Brough

    Skyrim lore should be classified as a religion!If the Jedi can do it, so can we!

  • Christian Townsend

    The dedrea are all gods talos is even a dadrea

  • John D

    I'm confused the whole reason the Mage told the girl to keep it down about magic it's because magic is frowned upon in skyrim especially after what Happened in winter hold with the college when the collapse happened but the college somehow didn't fall

  • John Smith

    For all of you dissing this video because he says Lokir was going to be returned to Rorikstead it actually makes sense because in that cultural timeline they would usually bury the bodies back in their home town.

  • dantespaladin

    Lokir was on his way to Hammerfell? I wonder if the Redguard in Whiterun had anything to do with Lokir. They said they would be in Rorikstead when Saadia was found.

  • Lion Heart

    I thought he ran because he took his chances at escaping a beheading, not being sent back to Rorikstead.

  • Seung Choe

    5 ads for a 10min vid? Really??

  • AndreasCableguy

    Lokir ran away because he was minutes from being executed with no affiliation to the rebels. He only mentions Rorikstead when Ralof said to him "Every Nords last thoughts should be of home".

  • ThatGuyWith AMotorcyclePicrure

    At the end the women is being possessed by a deadra °.°

  • Martyre20

    This is one of the things I disliked about Skyrim. The best parts of the game, any game, are the secret stories that are only hinted at. You don't find them on side quests, and unless you're paying attention, and not just pressing skip on npc dialogue, you'll miss it.The developers make you work for these secret stories, that pass you by with little to go on but the creator's kit and passing comments.So why are there so many of these secret quests left unfinished? It's good that they exist, and the developers obviously show some love for these stories.But thry just don't feel fleshed out enough. I hope if they do more if these in TES6, they'll go the whole way, and you'll end up unlocking endings from characters that won't show up in any quest.

  • zebraherd1234567890

    I get a man needs some money from wherever he can get it, but 5 fucking ads in a 10 minute video? -_-

  • BoredTired AndCranky

    Watch this other video. Check the link in the description -- no link in the description

  • Sharla Sadler

    I'm killing everyone in rorikstead then I'm gonna download a mod so I can kill invincible people XD

  • kuro okumura

    Theory: When you start the game, Lokir prays to Akatosh, and who saves you, only the firstborn of Akatosh, Alduin. Idk if this is right but im pretty sure

  • Owen Schmiege

    Good research, interesting theory.

  • Kevin McGuire

    This might also explain why the drunkard father of the two girls in town (I can't remember his name atm) is a drunkard and treats them so poorly. He's drinks because he's depressed over what he knows to be their fate and treats them poorly because he doesn't want to become attached because he knows their eventual fate.

  • Justa Sloth

    I as ways just assumed that the wizard used the dead bodies as fertilizer.

  • rampage the sneaky lil bitch

    its old times child birth death is common back then.

  • Frank Ornelas

    Is it why u get that quest from sam(mage in markarth inn, u wake up in diabella temple and then tells u to go to rorikstead) then get the sanguine staff which summons a deatric warrior.

  • Evilkat23

    This might not be your fault, but that fact that this video has FOUR ads for a 10 minute video, that's ridiculous. One is enough. One every two minutes is just overkill.

  • andrew robertson

    Vampires. They have a vampire investation.

  • Christian Townsend

    And nords are not allowed to learn magic thats why he tried to hide it

  • Commander Wolf

    But Rorikstead is an independent town they are not Rebels or the empire they use whiterun guards but they don't change when the Rebels take over

  • RastaBahn34

    They put 4 adds in this 10 minute video. Can’t even finish it.

  • Joel Stephens

    This might also explain the redguard woman in whiterun, who is being pursued by the two redguard warrior men in order to return her to rorikstead... She escaped the cult?

  • Shep Meister

    I love the lore "theories" enough to consider them cannon. You pull a lot of information readily available across all the games that really clear some things up. Keep up the great work!

  • Muthafuppinmofo

    Lokir wouldn't be going back alive to Rorikstead, as he was about to be beheaded at Helgen, so point one is wrong entirely. He's not scared to return there at all as all that go back are his remains. I think you make up way too many stories and forget about the facts. This is a fantasy game but that doesn't merit fantastical 'stories' being made up off the back of it.

  • Red Rose

    Winces each time a J isn't pronounced like a Y My heart is crying on behalf of all my Viking reenactor friends, lol.

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