Skyrim: The Longest Kept Secret Hidden in Plain Sight! (Lore)

The Secret Cult of Rorikstead!

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P.S: This has been a Theory for years, I'm just presenting it to you because I think you will also find it interesting. It's up to you to descide what you belieave. after all this is just a theory.
  • B Shepard

    to many commercials....

  • Billy Larned

    Oh, I can tell that much work went into this video.

  • Tholfend

    Jarl is pronounced with Y and not with J, so its like Yaarl...just saying :)

  • K17_5UN3

    while everyone is discussing their theories I'm still cracking up when he said "location, environment, and environment." X3

  • 이치고

    You know explaining lore sounds better when you have a british cunt to do it :3

  • Simple Circuits

    Based on the position of the sun, the presence of an unusual, vague species of plant, and the age of the wood on everybody's cabin, I conclude that Rorikstead is an evil daedra worshiping cult

  • Wolf&Wyvern Gaming

    yeah what he said he's from there that's it

  • Joel Ramirez

    you're an idiot. They going to kill him.

  • Talon Greenlee

    They use the soul gems to grow the crops. In Morrowind, if you become high ranking in the telvanni, they ask you to grab some high power soul gems to grow a mushroom tower for you.


    this used to be a funny meme, then meme addicts got a hold of it... and it took an arrow in the knee

  • Kaylee The Pro

    i was like WTF?!?! when i saw the dark elf having a seizure

  • FearfulSuggestion

    Rorik is probably just a family name

  • Jacob Turnbaugh

    You said Jarl wrong.



  • Bruce Harding

    Fuck you and your clickbait bullshit.

  • Emma Kilgore

    I think the guy at 8:47 is having a some issues

  • Vincent Louie Estares

    i guess ESO thinks that lorik will go back to rorikstead because. he is the one who assumes while in the cart that he is going to be executed. he is a thief you are not. mehh still pretty far.

  • Cody Jamieson

    In all honesty I've never played this game, literally just saw the video on Facebook... But to me, Rorikstead sounds a hell of a lot like "Rorik's dead". Perhaps the "healing wizard" didn't heal him, but allowed the Daedric to use Rorik after he was sacrificed. after all why wouldn't you want the best fighter to be captured by an evil being you worship just so you can become closer and more enlightened on the subject of dark magic? especially because the wizard worships the Daedra this makes me believe that this makes some sort of sense. Also like most evil beings he may want lots of power and to grow/ take over Skyrim and one way to do this is grow a small town in ways such as plentiful harvests... But screw it I'm probably just rambling now based off the size of the paragraph I'm reading over and the amount of red lines I'm about to auto-correct, please correct me in any way if this doesn't make sense!

  • JTM

    wait, so eso you say that lokir ran because the imperials would send him back rorikstead, but the imperials just said he was from rorikstead and he was being executed because of stealing a horse but he got caught and btw 5 ads in a 10min video hmmmmmm....

  • Alexander Blackie

    Lol I adopted sisle so rip roriksteads traditions

  • J Starstriker

    It's gunna be a good corn harvest this year Cletus!

  • Jes March

    lokir said he wasn't going back. whether alive or dead doesn't matter. One of the best ways to enrich soil is with bone meal, as any gardener can tell you. our own history tells of landowners having battles on fallow fields to make them more productive in later years. Lokir did not want to end up as compost, like the pregnant women did. Aztec, Europeans, and Russians all used this tactic when they wanted to reduce populations and increase crops. Even now we add bone meal to soil.

  • Sunset Rider

    Why would the wizard train a "fertile woman" to take over the sacrifices instead of a man?

  • Annie Peterson

    What about the abandoned, ruinous house just hidden a hill or so behind the town?

  • Galimeer5

    I'd heard of the "Rorikstead is a Daedra cult" theory before, but this video does the best to elaborate on it.

  • Amazing Fan

    While I absolutely love most of you content, ESO, I despise your pronunciation of things. Take Jarl, for instance, you keep pronouncing it with a hard 'J' when it's supposed to sound like a 'Y.'

  • Midnight

    1:27 Lol turn on the youtube subtitles! watch the entire video with subtitles XD

  • the developer

    Bethesda have stated that while elder scrolls online takes a lot of lore from the main series, because it was made by a different studio it is not a reliable source for lore. While I like the theory it is mainly based on what is probably non cannon.

  • Codence S

    TLDW: Rorikstead mage sacrifices fertile young girls to daedra to boost their crops.

  • souperman72

    3:30 that conversation between the old man and young girls raises many red flags out of context.

  • Cadence Kasten

    If this theory is correct or something, I'm glad I killed Britte's and Sissel's father and took Sissel.Sadly, Britte gets to rot in the orphanage as I already adopted Runa so she'll be stuck with boys.

  • Ketojan Valor

    I'm afraid that there are no proofs that there is secret cult in Rorikstead.This theory is complete vashedan.

  • James (

    Because they were planning execute the whole cart of prisoners? It wasn't like he didn't want to go back to Rorikstead right.

  • Hashthunder Gaming

    I found out in this video how much ESO loves cabbage

  • Chad Rudiaschy

    Stuff like this would be really cool if it weren't 100% clear that Bethesda never had a dedicated historian to actually keep shit straight so anything deep and meaninful could be implemented or found. They can't even get voice crews of more than 5 people.

  • Emilis CHOREVAS

    And I quote "well my simple pes" end quote LOL!!

  • Skale Goblin

    "well my simple peasant" 😂😂😂😂

  • naig11

    It would be strange that rorikstead villagers uses souls them for sacrifising fertile women, since only Black soul gems are strong enough to hold humanoid souls. The gems seen in the video are just common soul gems, so the black souls should not be a strong point in the theory of human sacrifice.


    he kicked a chicken lol

  • Kurtis Muniz

    Everyone is a werewolf.

  • kroniik jones

    if this is an old theory why call the title skyrim: the longest best kept secret? i smell click bait...

  • Steve McCord

    Lokir was going to the chopping block like the rest of the captives. Pretty big screw-up, chief. Not even gonna watch the rest of the video.

  • FearfulSuggestion

    You know, maybe the guy is just paranoid about the oblivion crisis, and wanted to be prepared if it happened again

  • Andross2587

    i can't believe this unless there is some concrete proof. Interesting idea though

  • FearfulSuggestion

    Like, literally everyone in Skyrim has soul gems, they are like the stones of barenziah, they have them because they make them look pretty and privileged

  • Anon Nymous

    It's pronounced "Yarl". It's an Old Norse word for a noble, or, chief. It's where we get our English word "Earl" from.

  • _500

    do you know where they do the sacrifices at?

  • KO stelo

    He says "You are not gonna kill me" which means that they wanted to decapitate him there u go if u need some proof if he meant catching him he would say "You are bot gonna catch me"

  • Power 21351

    I have a question who is the true ruler/lord/overlord of skyrim


    they weren't going to take him back to his town thay were going to behead him like the rest he even says when he trys to run "YOUR NOT GOING TO KILL ME!" as he dies

  • Comedy Boom

    Just because you have a healer/doctor onsite, doesn't automatically mean every woman will survive childbirth.

  • Raoul Duke

    Fraghero led me here therefore you earn an instant dislike.

  • FearfulSuggestion

    Deadra don't have physical power in Mundus

  • Ra wr

    This guy is soo cringy, how hard is it to understand that Lokir was going to have his nice head decapitated. Not have him get sent back for punishment!!! XD

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