Skyrim 10 BEST Mods - Xbox One & PS4 – GRAPHICS Mod List (Special Edition 2017 Weekly #1)

Skyrim Mods - Xbox One & PS4 – Best GRAPHICS Mod List (Special Edition 2017 Weekly #1)
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  • II-xVertex-II

    "If your playing on console there's no way your graphics can look as good as mine" bruh your graphics are trash

  • Brian Shi

    Xbox 360 people. where you at

  • Aidan Lackner

    Finally a male playing as a male charecter

  • Negan

    Does Skyland slow my game down?

  • MrGewd The lll

    I think the people who make Xbox mods purposely use external assets just to be assholes :( my opinion get your own

  • Lemon Soldier

    I think a dragon wants to be in vid

  • Austin Lee

    it takes me forever to get into the mods list if it even lets me at all😐😂

  • Grace W

    How do you have the camera go up for an aerial view like in the beginning of the video? Is it a mod?

  • Daniel Peterson

    How would framerate look with all or most of these mods on Xbox one at once?

  • Lars

    How did you put the blue/greenish color to the rocks? It looks so nice ToT

  • Marc F

    Any chance there is a 60fps mod for console? 🤔

  • Damien .C

    It's a shame I can't get achievements with these mods installed I wish they would make it to where you can have certain mods without disabling achievements such as graphic mods

  • Victor Saldana

    Can all of these mods you listed be loaded TOGETHER?

  • RainbowDashi

    What s thumbnail girls hair mod

  • Jacob Morales

    Working real hard for that 10 min mark. Get on with the video

  • Wagner Nogueira

    So ESO, I have a question.You were saying that surreal lighting is better for console players because they can not use an ENB preset, but you didn't said which ENB you're using on your PC.So, which ENB are you using on your PC ?

  • KnownAsGod

    Should i buy the PS4 version? Been playing on 360 for 4 years now

  • Alex Cassel

    Honestly it sucks that PS4 doesn't have much customization.

  • Jeffrey Mullikin

    sign this petition to end bethesda's treason

  • joel joensen

    Mods on ps4 is a sad world.

  • Pixelgent Vlogs

    That intro is disgusting.

  • Gavin Schleich

    4:38 "Very realistic and accurate..."dude those rocks are blue.

  • Deine Mama

    Can i as ps4 player have hope for better mods in the future?

  • DrGojira604

    Face mod in thumbnail?

  • riekkie raath

    @ESO I finally got mods....but i need some really good advice What armor and weapon mods should i get on ps4 pro?

  • Joey Robert

    these are the mods that betheda used in their trailer

  • Shaunak Deshpande


  • Shelby Tate

    whats the face paint in the thumbnail

  • Kodering Denmark

    Can You please just put your mods in the desc? I just wan't to have skyrim look like yours.

  • Sai Rishi

    The surreal lighting mod is for which console

  • Tom Back

    ESO - Fallout& & Elder Scrolls Guides, Ps4 users get stitched up so hard there are no good mods for the stupid peice of shit

  • Turretguy

    is there a free camera mode on console yet? lol

  • Muneeruddin Anwer

    What's your opinion on Vivid Weather mod? I'm new to modding so I would like your reason to prefer Climates of Tamriel.

  • Sky Pearce

    ... Xbox 1?? So, Xbox 360 has no mods? Weird

  • Hell_Jumper105

    ESO would u mind showing me what mods u used for this video?

  • MrLadyKat

    What should the Optimal Load order look like?

  • Jan fudairy

    The trees get more leafy cause leafy is here tried to roast skyrim but he failed and was split into many tree leaves

  • Captain Sum Ting Wong

    They removed the smim on XBOX

  • Boni

    Had to laugh when he was talking about getting huge lush trees that make it great for exploring on xbox. But if you play on ps4 you can get dence grass haha! Poor ps4 players haha.

  • Lakota T

    Yo just picked up Skyrim gotta get these mods . Love the vids ESO

  • C2411

    Osmedious landscapes is a better graphics mod in my opinion.,

  • Triton 23

    And all these are compatible with each other? Holy, I will never find a youtuber that is this detailed about any given game!

  • Gavin Suwara

    Why would you show a bunch of amazing footage in a video about making the game look amazing and then be like “oh btw this is pc footage so you can’t do this”

  • Dreworks

    WeatherClimates of tameriel Dolomite weathers VegetationSkyland Lush overhaul Bigger trees Dense grassLighting/textureSurreal lightingStatic mesh improvementsRealistic water 2A quality world map - vivid w/ stone roads

  • Brandon Arita

    I know if i activate mods i wont be able to unlock trophies/achievements because mods are enabled but can i use mods to level up and the disable to them later? But would ill still be able to unlock either trophies/achievements?

  • Ryan Fitzpatrick

    I'm guessing I couldn't put multiple graphics mods on Xbox one?

  • jeremiah corey

    The rocks look fucking green

  • Lumpy McDuffer

    What graphic mod are you using on your PC eso.that one in the inntro...?

  • Marlene Acevedo

    Skyland is the best mod for a real look yo amazing

  • Nathaniel Larkin

    I'm curious if these mods will lead to fps drops if playing on an Xbox One X after it's release. Thoughts?

  • Kodering Denmark

    Can You please just put your mods in the desc? I just wan't to have skyrim look like yours.

  • josh finchy

    What was that app called where ESO made a list of mods for us to download

  • Thomas Martin

    this video is not very ps4 friendly

  • FellipGames E Tutoriais

    Can someone tell me if has some lag play with several mods in xbox one.Sorry my english i am brazilian

  • Ellen Marie Hoel

    I had all of them lol😂

  • UMadBro05 6971

    I downloaded all the mods he said and my graphics are AWESOME

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