Skyrim 10 BEST Mods - Xbox One & PS4 – GRAPHICS Mod List (Special Edition 2017 Weekly #1)

Skyrim Mods - Xbox One & PS4 – Best GRAPHICS Mod List (Special Edition 2017 Weekly #1)
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  • Aplope North

    What a bunch of crap mods...

  • michael g

    Xbox one x should be able to look as good as pc

  • Viridian Sky

    $600 for Skyrim graphic mods?! Do you understand how expensive that is? That's £447.33 in your currency!

  • 69shadowace

    Have a question.. put a cheat room mod on the other day just to het out of a lvl.. had some armor and a god ring. Took it all off when i got outside. Deleted the mod too. The armor fell on the ground so I picked it up after I deleted the mod will I still get achievements on Xbox even though I still have the armor

  • The Restless Ant

    My skyrim may be running at 10 fps but hey, its fucking beautiful

  • Maxovervik gaming

    Does this work for old pc skyrim

  • I Trigger People For Friends

    My Xbox One S is crappy.So my iPad Air 2 is crappy enough to not play a video or is it my Wi-Fi?

  • Tomato Edits

    Will these work for PC?

  • Corrupt Galaxy

    Ahh I really don't like Xbox I don't hate in it or nothing just the controls. But its a complete sad buzz that this potential isn't released for us PlayStation users

  • Groovimation 24


  • Ethan Burnside

    I couldn't find any of these mods on my Xbox, help?

  • Sparkle8205

    I am trying to get a good character graphics mod for pc

  • Gloria Dyke

    ESO he has tuns of Skyland mods in 2018.

  • kuba bak

    Thank you for the video and mod suggestions but I feel like if the videos aimed at console you should play on a console to show how it will actually look

  • Zeuxain

    Do you have fucking braces or some shit

  • kyles wolfpack

    There’s mods together are great


    Is it wrong I am trusting him over everyone else because of his accent?

  • Doge Gomez

    Ni🅱️🅱️a made me think my game was going to look like the pc one

  • WaffleGlobe Debas

    5:17 I thought a large leaf fall of a tree 🌲😅

  • MAC_Knights_Animations

    This is my favorite video on the whole channel

  • Michael Russell

    I can't use graphic mods until I get Plat :/ lol

  • Andrew Wrightsel

    Thank you now my game will look beautiful

  • Human Shoe


  • Elijah Noles

    Looks like shit lol..literally

  • Mahir Ahmed

    Can the quality world map mod be on ps4?

  • Trinh Hieu

    COPPER WIRE INTERNET....... *niice*....

  • JerryOBH

    Downloading them all

  • xLionxXJonah777

    Eso i love your videos!

  • Dark Eyes O-X

    Downloaded all of these on your recommendation, and I am REALLY pleased. Thanks a bunch, mate. Totally smashed that subscription button

  • Shade88

    Surreal lighting does not work with Climates of Tamriel. They both modify weather in the same way, making them incompatible. Same with Dolomite and Surreal.

  • Yuiop Morgul

    I hate how half of the skyrim fans love mods that add bigger tits

  • Meme God

    Where’s the place at 2:38

  • Dark Void

    modding on ps4 and xbox1 XD. PC master race.

  • Zion Schneider

    I’m new to mods. Is the order of the video the load order as well? My game seems worse in some areas and crashes at loading screens. I have the Xbox One X.

  • Marius Rinkevicius

    Try out :Surreal lightingObsidian weathersSimply more treesDense grassSkyrim is windyCombined they make my skyrim look 10 times better,alive and just beatiful(PS4)

  • Randall Schoverling

    I’m 43 and following the intricacies of mod/load order for Xbox one is beginning to get beyond me. What is the best mod for highly defined character selection textures? And where should I put it in my order?

  • Kerigan Renee Vallery

    How do u get mods for Xbox 360

  • Lucas Warde

    I think eso is pretty dence.

  • Chad Goings

    thank you for covering ps4. you should make a top 10 mod list that go together, run well. From terrain, npc clothing and quest followers magic rehaul etc.

  • Braeden Tiemann

    ironically i already have alot of the mods you just mentioned for xbox one if not all of them

  • TnT GaMesS

    Wooooow!! Thx graphics veeeery good 😗😗😗😗

  • Kerple90122

    that moment when you want to make ur character look like a god damn barbie

  • Jean Pierre Rivera

    List starts at 2:13, you're welcome

  • SlowReaction

    Dense is spelled with an s, confused me for a second wouldnt pull up and I realised you cant spell lol

  • hellu rei

    I downloaded these and some other mods that ESO recommends and my Xbox One got so stuck that it wont work anymore. same problem than those guys over there. Tree first posts explains my problem. SO I RECOMMEND THAT BE CAREFULL WHAT MODS YOU DOWNLOAD if you don't want to break your console. Maybe I have just some bad luck and it was just coinsidence that my xbox broke at the same time as I downloaded some mods. If someone knows what could have happened to my xbox please explain to me. It's just few months old console.

  • Shawn Hollywood

    What about xbox360 mods

  • Jose Silva

    So no mods for faces and npc

  • Shaunak Deshpande


  • Henry Raglin

    IF YOU WANNA SKIP THE BORING ASS INTRO -> 2:08 jesus christ just shut the fuck up and get to the list. I didnt click to hear you ramble about nothing for 2 minutes

  • Griffball 1438

    So I tried using the Static Mesh Improvements mod with Open Cities and my game is still working hard. The frames are actually quite descent and the game doesn't tend to crash unless I end up trying to do large battles in the open areas of the game (Which I get) I however would suggest looking at your load order to make sure everything is set up right so you don't have any issues.

  • Nikita Dziubenko

    Awesome video, as though I haven't been installing mods for Skyrim, I'm not sure if they're free or not, I'm guessing no but can someone confirm?

  • Nick Miller

    ESO, I would agree with you that Skyland is an awesome texture overhaul. However, I am more of a fan of Skyrim Graphic Overhaul. It also changes the wolves and now they actually look like wolves... Skyland does a better job with mountains, though. Also, another mod I tend to use is Surreal Lighting. It gives everything a wonderful fantasy vibe and I think it goes great with Skyland.

  • Bumplicker

    I wish sony would loosen there anuses grip on mods there's so much potential for graphic mods

  • LO Pi

    I have a ps3 and the graphics look shitty.Is it worth it to buy the ps4 version or....nahhh?

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