Skyrim: How to Get the Equilibrium Spell Location Guide

This video will show you how to get the Equilibrium Spell in Skyrim + How the Equilibrium spell works + How to get inside the Labrinthian.

All Mask Locations + Puzzle:

Equilibrium Mage Build:

Bow Build:

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  • Flavor

    aw shit that arrow...not in the ass not in the ass not in the- son of a bitch...dude, don't do that ok? This is not ok

  • Shrek The Master Baiter

    Aw man, arrow to the ass is the worst possible way to die. Talk about a shitty death ;D

  • Alpha Wolf

    0:45 savagery approved. reccomend to be more vicious next time though

  • TheScreamRe4per1

    i just got there but i doesn't have any monster or book... what should i do?

  • WaleedonThe rescue

    I watched all the video to only find out I all ready have the spell

  • Adam Thompson

    Another awesome video Eso love watching this channel and your older videos to :)

  • PlumbingPlanet03

    you have a video off all the spells

  • Enderdreth

    u need to tell us if tyeres a quest at the begining not the end. u wasted my time

  • Hilmy Edan

    what the hell i've been there how could i miss the book

  • Miles Briggs

    surprised he didnt say anythin about nailing that troll straight in the ass lol

  • Ctha Reth

    Shot through the ass, and you're to blame, Oh you give trolls, a bad day.

  • Blake

    i cleared labarythian before and left the spell, but now its not there. idk where else i can find it

  • Diego Verhaegh

    ESO my friend you should have said you need to put on the wooden mask at the place you find it :DAnd if you want to leave take the mask off again.

  • Uwe Vogel

    I was very nice of you to say that you have to complete some odd quest in the middle of the video, thank you, that was really helpful (it wasn't actually, LOL).

  • Star Galaxy

    I only found Immortal blood

  • drewlee8

    You can just use soul tear to instantly kill the skeleton dragon

  • Blake

    equilibrium wasn't on the table so I don't know what to do

  • LightningSpeed92

    what mod did you use for the quiver to change position?

  • Miss_Kiera

    I used to be an adventurer like you, but then I took an arrow to the ass 😂😜

  • Brandon Gonzales

    he analy penetrated the frost troll with an arrow

  • Chris Ward

    working on a cleric build and needed to find this spell. I searched on youtube for it and who's vid was the first suggested? The ever faithful ESO. Always love your videos man! Keep up the great work!

  • Kiowa Collins

    I already have the spell and this video is kinda old......Why am I here?


    thank you so much for making this video

  • Djingis Khan02

    its not the most powerful or has the higest dps you fucking idiot! so dont claim that is is!!!!!!!!!

  • Jay Gatsby

    turns out i already got equilibrium, but i sold it. i'm just tryina get my restoration skill level up damn it.

  • King Brahm

    0:45 "I used to be a frost troll like you, but then I took an arrow to the.... Y'know, I don't wanna talk about it anymore."

  • Vilajeet Samom

    uu...right up the ass 0:40

  • khalil lamari

    i bough it from toldir when i finished their main quest

  • Merrick Wood

    how do I put the arrows near my waist

  • Achonatora

    omg this guy has guide for everything +1 sub

  • Barney Slapsticks

    0:43 I 👍🏻 this vid for that alone 😂💩

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