Skyrim: How to Get the Equilibrium Spell Location Guide

This video will show you how to get the Equilibrium Spell in Skyrim + How the Equilibrium spell works + How to get inside the Labrinthian.

All Mask Locations + Puzzle:

Equilibrium Mage Build:

Bow Build:

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  • Echo Fling

    With health regeneration you can have unlimited magica

  • Hilmy Edan

    what the hell i've been there how could i miss the book


    Aw man, arrow to the ass is the worst possible way to die. Talk about a shitty death ;D

  • Adam Thompson

    Another awesome video Eso love watching this channel and your older videos to :)

  • Flavor

    aw shit that arrow...not in the ass not in the ass not in the- son of a bitch...dude, don't do that ok? This is not ok

  • Miles Briggs

    surprised he didnt say anythin about nailing that troll straight in the ass lol

  • Chris Ward

    working on a cleric build and needed to find this spell. I searched on youtube for it and who's vid was the first suggested? The ever faithful ESO. Always love your videos man! Keep up the great work!

  • KC ooo

    I already have the spell and this video is kinda old......Why am I here?

  • faggotson dick

    i bough it from toldir when i finished their main quest

  • Reillykids Gaming


  • Zxylo 5

    Laberinthyan? Easy. Just the third largest Nordic dungeon

  • AlanTheSexy Monkey

    Is equilibrium an alteration spell?


    thank you so much for making this video

  • drewlee8

    You can just use soul tear to instantly kill the skeleton dragon

  • Nadornadiri Fatiha

    wait you said the dragon priest masks needed to make the ultimate one oh fuck i sold two one silver one yellow

  • Jay Gatsby

    turns out i already got equilibrium, but i sold it. i'm just tryina get my restoration skill level up damn it.

  • Diego Verhaegh

    ESO my friend you should have said you need to put on the wooden mask at the place you find it :DAnd if you want to leave take the mask off again.

  • Djingis Khan02

    its not the most powerful or has the higest dps you fucking idiot! so dont claim that is is!!!!!!!!!

  • Joshy Biggins

    When I went to the table the book wasn't there

  • WaleedonThe rescue

    I watched all the video to only find out I all ready have the spell

  • Mino-Dono

    Apart from the table at the place, Instead of getting Telekenis. I got IRONFLESH.

  • Isaac Weld

    do you need the dawnguard dlc to get this one?

  • Tarlo The Boar

    What is It with ESO and Bows? I'd prefer a mace

  • TheScreamRe4per1

    i just got there but i doesn't have any monster or book... what should i do?

  • Spartaniumz mowmeow

    this isn't how I got equilibrium​ but I forgot how I think I got it from a seeker from dragonborn dlc

  • taygata

    Can you do best possible potions in the game for each class?

  • ll CPTREX799 ll

    Um what happens if I sold a mask

  • Star Galaxy

    I only found Immortal blood

  • Vilajeet Samom

    uu...right up the ass 0:40

  • PlumbingPlanet03

    you have a video off all the spells

  • Lecram The Ugly

    0:34 ... or use "Calm" on them and backstab their asses...

  • Taj Lowe

    0:40 that ass was penetrated

  • Calum Barratt

    If you have already completed this quest line, can you come back and get it anyway?

  • Oasis

    You should have mentioned the prequisits before you got into the guide but none the less great video.

  • King Brahm

    0:45 "I used to be a frost troll like you, but then I took an arrow to the.... Y'know, I don't wanna talk about it anymore."

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