Skyrim Special Edition Things To Do After Beating The Game

Skyrim Special Edition Things To Do After Beating The Game
Hey guys this is Skyrim special edition things to do after beating the game where I tell you what to do in Skyrim after you beat the game and the top 5 things to do after finishing Skyrim. So I hope you enjoy this video on things to do after beating the game Skyrim. Don't forget to SUBSCRIBE!!!


Game of Thrones Skyrim Challenge Episode 1:

A tourist guide to Skyrim:

Skyrim Antics:

Adventures by A Himitsu
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Script (minus number 5)

Number 1

The death room

Also known as The Dead Body Cleanup Cell.Just simply type coc WIDeadBodyCleanupCell into the console and you’ll magickly transport to this rather small and drab room. Well kinda a room I guess its more a culmination of corridors see its like in a cross. But anyway, that’s not important its what’s in this room that is

Now when you spawn in you see wonderful malbourn standing there so as you do just fus ro da his little bitch ass out of that “door”..then turn around and see him reapaer

You can send Samir to the sky district
Ohhh loot
You can kill malbourn…then put malbourn next to the door and stack him next to melbourn wait what
Then you can stack all the other bodies and fus ro dah the shit out of them all off that edge then turn a round and see them re apaer
Then push that one last guy over just so it doesn’t bother you and send you insane…no just me ok.

Number 2 Kolb and The Dragon

Kolb and The Dragon an adventure for nord boys is a book found all across skyrim. Such as the arcainium in the winterhold college. It is a book where you go on your own wonderful adventure. like an old text adventure and is essentially a game within a game. You read a page and it gives you choices to make and to go to a specific page for those choices. You can finish this book in multitude different ways like me. Where I napped to death. No seriously look
“The ghost drifted into kolb and a deep sleep took him over, from which he never awoke”. I literally napped to death
Number 3
Blackreach Dragon
In blackreach if you didn’t already know. There is a dragon called Vulthuryol you can fight. You start this battle by using unrelenting fource on the orb ( the big red orange glowy thing in the sky) when you do this he appears. It’s nothing particularly special but still something very interesting if you didn’t know about it.

Unlike other dragons, Vulthuryol will not fly while fighting the Dragonborn, but will crawl on the ground, using Fire Breath.
Although he is an Ancient Dragon Vulthuryol has a very low damage output for both shouts and bites and he just drops standard dragon loot
he can’t be tamed using the Bend Will shout and his name means Dark Overlord Fire in Dragon tongue.

Number 4 Karstaag

Karstag is a ghost frost giant found in the ruins of castle karstaag. In 3E 427, Karstaag ruled over the Riekling tribe in Castle Karstaag. Karstaag is found as part of an unmarked quest. You need to travel to Glacial Cave on the North West coast of Solstheim and collect his skull. Once this is done you must then go to the castle karstaag ruins and place his skull with the rest of his body. Once this happens you must battle and defeat his ghost Which is pretty difficult If I do say so myself. If you do you will be able to summon Karstaag 3 times.
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