Divine Atmosphere and Interior Review- Skyrim SE XBO

Here is a review of these two very nice mods.

Load Order:

Skyrim Official Patch

Cat. 2
Birds of Skyrim
Bird flocks
Frost fall
Wet and Cold
Immersive sounds
Reverb and Ambiance
Cloaks of Skyrim

Cat. 4
True Storms* not used in this vid
Vivid Weathers (Saturation Normal, No Bloom)*not used in this vid
VW and TS compatibility patch*not used in this vid
Divine Atmospheres
Divine Interiors
Lanterns of Skyrim

Cat. 6
Hobbit Hole
LOTR Locations
Castle Gonduin

Cat. 7
Project Hippie
Lush Overhaul
Dense Grass
Landscape for Grass Mods
Skyrim is Windy
Detailed Terrain and Tree LOD

Cat. 8
Realistic Death Physics
Improved duel wield animation
Athletic combat
Better combat AI
50% more perk points
Visible Favorited Gear

Cat. 9
Immersive Citizens
Populated Dungeons
Populated Forts
Diverse Dragons
Rich Merchants of Skyrim
Expensive Inns and Carriages
Expensive Skyrim
Realistic Conversations
Amazing Follower Tweaks

Cat. 10
Far Better Sun
Better Dressed NPCs Version 2
RS Children Overhaul
Changes NPC Clothes Elaborate Textiles
Superior Rocks Light 2k
No Snow under Roof
More Blood and Gore
Enhanced Blood Textures
Enhanced Blood Textures Darker
Realistic Horse Breeds
Display Enhancements (Preset 5, 1 Brightness, 3 to 4 Saturation, 2 Blue Tint)
Superior Lore Friendly Hair
Adorable Females

Cat. 11
Sounds of Skyrim (civil and wilds)
Thundering Shouts
Deadly Combat Music of Skyrim

Cat. 12
Dragon Remains
Splendor Dragon Variants
Sheogorath’s Cheat Menu
Font Overhaul

Cat. 14
RUNP texture and body replacer
Natural eyes
Girly Animation
North Born Fur Hood
Bandoliers: Bags and Pouches
Face masks of Skyrim
Craftable Leather Hood
UNP Female Armor

Cat. 15
LOTR weapons
Skyrim SE weapons
Heavy Armory New Weapons SE
Additional Lore Weapons

Cat. 16
Wearable Lanterns
Armor to the Cities
Open Face Guards

Cat. 18
Belt-Fastened Quivers
Lean Wolf’s Better Shaped Weapons

Cat. 19
Alternate Start
Creatures and Food: Realistic
Realistic Wildlife Behavior
Oblivious Horses
Turija Sliced Bread
Nordic Cooking
iLike Food
Realistic Water 2
Realistic Water 2 iNeed patch
Fix Restore Vanilla Settings

Cat. 20
Insignificant Object Remover

Immersive Fire and Frost Breath
Make Junk Useful
Dead NPC Cleaner
Solider On-No More Lazy Jarls
Better Crime Report
Lighter Firewood
Tweaked Arrows and Bolts
Faster Bows
Faster arrows
Logging Skyrim
Green Rift

Dropbox Load Order: https://www.dropbox.com/s/ouzi9f0dma00yhd/Skyrim%20Recommended%20Mod%20Load%20Order%20-%20Master.docx?dl=0
  • Bodza Blackadder

    Go inside a dwemer ruin, go inside a cave where there's water near the walls, go inside a crypt. Have a look around when there's aurora at night. Go inside a few cities, towns.... so many things missed out... :(

  • D3 Entertainment

    Hey man, Glad to see this video. I tried these mods out. I love them both. I can't give up Rustic Weathers just yet but I love the Interior version so much. I wish I had more time to play and record. Trying to get better is an annoying and painful process. Love the video man. Stay awesome!

  • Jim Campbell

    Hmm stops at 100% and download pops up... Divine atmosphere

  • Slevin

    I just do surreal lighting with true storms at this point.

  • Barbarian7

    Divine Atmosphere is a perfect blend of fantasy and realism. Vivid Weathers is my least favorite.

  • Dante Angelini

    Hey man i got your last load order, but i everything looks foggy, like in mist even on clear days. How can i fix this?

  • Cory

    I still prefer climates of tamriel to most other weather mods but hey ig they're all personal preference

  • TheArabDrifter

    I still think vivid is my favorite too, but these are definitely two beautiful mods

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