Skyrim Tips & Tricks - Getting Serana to follow you ('unglitching' Serana)

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Hello YouTubers!

Today I'm showing you guys how to get Serana to follow you incase she's 'bugging out'. As Serana is one of the most complex companions in Skyrim, there's a big chance that she might 'bug out', and I've seen many people on the internet looking for a solution that works on both PC, Xbox 360 and PS3. While I've only tested this on the Xbox 360, it should work on PC and PS3 as well, as the coding, forcing her to spawn and follow you, is the same no matter what system you're playing Skyrim on.
This method should also be able to fix the dialogue if you can't dismiss her, though I haven't tried it myself.

Here are the steps:
1. Travel to Castle Volkihar.
2. Go left until you reach the door to Castle Volkihar Undercroft.
2.5 !!!NOTE!!! If the skeletons don't spawn outside, this most likely won't work! Wait 10 days and they should spawn and it should work (thanks to natetheguitarkid for letting me know).
3. Enter the door and wait. If she doesn't spawn immidiately, try waiting 24 hours at the door.
4. Serana spawns in, following you. You can now access all the dialogue with her.

I hope you find it useful - if you do be sure to drop a like. Also for more be sure to subscribe and if you have any questions drop 'em below in the comment section :).

- JitterEye
  • Jayce Aguilar

    My problem is not showing the talk menu and she's standing at the place where you kill Arch-Curate Vyrthur. When their talking about the prophecy.

  • mmiikkee96 bruh

    You're the man thanks so much

  • Croatian Idiot

    dude thank u so much i had my best shit with her and now i have it again. THANK U!

  • TheEpicAllMighty

    It didn't work... I want Serena back!!!

  • actionfigure awesomereveiws

    I can't get this to work. I'm on PS4. If anyone could help I'd be very grateful

  • Sterling Carle

    If you do a quest where ppl follow you she magically disappears, where does she go anyone?

  • Leuin Urso

    serana is only avaliable with some dlc?

  • Pill Cosby

    Omg finally a guide that works

  • Matthew Butcher

    Your a beast, thank you!

  • Chackoman15379

    It still doesnt work

  • The New Seorarek


  • Jeremy Stone

    it worked for ps4 too

  • No_Lies Just_Love

    I finished main story line and couldn't remember where I lost her (somewhere going to kill an ice wraith in the middle of bum fuck nowhere) thank god this worked

  • Znijik

    I dismissed her so I could get a trash follower to sacrifice to Boethiah. I got so scared that I lost her forever. The console commands weren't working the way they were supposed to. I tried this out and it worked. Thank you so much.

  • Kaynos

    I can't even dismiss her, she says stuff like you won't get rid of me like that, i'll stick with you.

  • PATE Gom

    And she can't talk to me already

  • Matt

    what if you are on the vampire side

  • Sandra Lindholm

    GOSH THANK YOU i had to leave her behind while assassinating a certain bride(otherwise she would ruin everything), but then i couldnt get her to follow. This solved all of my awful, awful first world problems. (It works on Xbox One, too!)

  • Antti Saarinen

    how do i obtain key to the volkihar undercroft

  • Kerem Önal

    it also works on ps4.thanks man :)

  • christian hobbs

    Dude thank you so much <3

  • jokerjr quinn

    for mine she is my follower but she wont follow, and i need her for the next quest so im fucked

  • Ham Fried Rice

    your a life saver bro

  • Grimmy Reapes

    Where you first find Serena. I had journeyed to the castle and as I arrived she was nowhere to be found I tried looking at castle dawnguard and waiting at whiterun for long ass periods and I tried going around the castle and the door was locked I'm so irritated I just want to finish the DLC

  • Sederick Cowart

    Did they fit this bug?

  • Endymion766

    Serena disappeared on me in Soul Cairn. Will this same fix work?

  • AnyOneGotThe Bleach?

    that's not the problem I'm having at the moment, I don't have the option to get her to turn me back into a vampire, I'm sided with the dawn guard so I'd if that has anything to do with it.

  • BeastMode

    on mines serana stays at broken oar grotto, like she follows me but she dosent go outside

  • Rick Riot

    does this work for playstation 4?

  • Ben Goode

    Serena has completely disappeared. Any idea on where to look for her? I unfortunately can't go back on an older save. They some how got lost. So my last save is close to when I started skyrim :(

  • Brayan Gonzalez

    3 years later and it's still useful. Thank you my dude!!!!

  • El Xenomorfo Cumbiero

    Can someone please tell me in which zone of ancestor glade she is? Inside, outside, i cant find her in the surroundings

  • experiencekillrGAMING

    I got the glitch on Xbox one but mine is even more of a prick when I do your steps as soon as I load in to volkiihar undercroft serana is fighting the enemies after a bunch of tries I got her out she would usually just disappear as soon as I left undercroft and if I tell her to wait or dismiss her her dialogue is gone again so yeah she's a piece of work


    so like I did that castle thing like 1000 times and she still hasn't came through the door .... help?

  • Rockstar1376

    Thanks so much, it worked!For anyone having trouble, I had to wait 7-10 full days by sleeping at home and then travelled to the castle and killed the skeever and dogs inside the undercroft, then waited 24 hours facing the door, like in the vid.Now someone just needs to make a 'Marry Serana PS4/XB mod'!

  • Zane Trusdale

    I dismissed her and I can't find her anywhere. And another bug I can't do make the vampire drain spell stronger because i cannot talk to the guy who gives me the daily quest or what ever type of quest it is

  • andrea W1234

    IT WORKED! I could hug you right now. Thanks a million, dude.

  • Colaallegator gator

    thank you been having this problem

  • Cometplayer

    Where does she go in dark fall cave

  • ganolf1

    omfg it works!!! HOLY SHIT THANK U M8!!

  • ElChapo :v

    THANK YOU 999999999999999 TIMES

  • Simeon Anderson

    does this work on ps4 ? I'll find out

  • LeDectur

    Its funny how I had a completely opposite problem with her.

  • MrAperkins9

    Any idea if this works on the new remake?

  • the biggest big Mac ever

    It's bullshit that Bethesda didn't patch this glitch in the special edition. Hell I don't think they fixed the majority of annoying glitches. I think they're too busy trying to get people to buy Skyrim again and again.

  • videogamesnerd F

    Does this work if she is cured of vampirism ?? [•n•]~

  • Mr. Towel

    WoW first Thing that actually works!!Thanks dude!

  • Angel Arriaga

    how do I get rid of serena

  • PATE Gom

    How did you bring her I lead her to her house

  • Hanna Banana

    it worked a few times but then it kind of stopped working 😤😤😤

  • Rider

    Hey my follower Serana got lost on solstheim and she's nowhere to be found and she still follows me apparently. How do I get her back???

  • BlameableDig7

    Can't seem to get it to work for Xbox one. Any suggestions?

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