Skyrim Tips & Tricks - Getting Serana to follow you ('unglitching' Serana)

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Hello YouTubers!

Today I'm showing you guys how to get Serana to follow you incase she's 'bugging out'. As Serana is one of the most complex companions in Skyrim, there's a big chance that she might 'bug out', and I've seen many people on the internet looking for a solution that works on both PC, Xbox 360 and PS3. While I've only tested this on the Xbox 360, it should work on PC and PS3 as well, as the coding, forcing her to spawn and follow you, is the same no matter what system you're playing Skyrim on.
This method should also be able to fix the dialogue if you can't dismiss her, though I haven't tried it myself.

Here are the steps:
1. Travel to Castle Volkihar.
2. Go left until you reach the door to Castle Volkihar Undercroft.
2.5 !!!NOTE!!! If the skeletons don't spawn outside, this most likely won't work! Wait 10 days and they should spawn and it should work (thanks to natetheguitarkid for letting me know).
3. Enter the door and wait. If she doesn't spawn immidiately, try waiting 24 hours at the door.
4. Serana spawns in, following you. You can now access all the dialogue with her.

I hope you find it useful - if you do be sure to drop a like. Also for more be sure to subscribe and if you have any questions drop 'em below in the comment section :).

- JitterEye
  • zombieman8921

    it didn't work for me

  • Dylan Strong

    Awesome vid. U saved me man. Great video

  • Kaylin Wikoff

    Thank you worked like a charm

  • Allen Wynn

    Will this work if u sided with the vampires?

  • Fantasy Connect

    She went to Solstheim for me...

  • Jay_OhimeSama

    I wish I would've found this video before I went back 30-40 saves from being a level 60!! Now I'm only a level 35...but thanks!!!!

  • JoshDaGamer


  • Dark Princess

    Omfg !! It worked amazingly !!! You're awesome ! I could kiss you right now !!❤ thanks so much !! Btw I'm on a nintendo switch

  • David Zanin

    didn't work for me I just loaded some saves didn't send me that far

  • Millenex

    Wait the door requires a key...Where is the damn key?

  • kaitlyn pitts

    Of course mine didn’t work...

  • Gabriel Pinto

    you sir are a god. subscribed !!!

  • Liv

    My God it actually worked, thanks

  • Beer Nation

    I hope this works for me im on the touching sky quest and she just disappeared she's some where around though I was fighting a enemy and her ice blast attacked them

  • Arthfael

    omg. im actually ao fucking happy. it worked! i wasnt even able to talk to her back in the castle or anything so i tried this and it fucking worked

  • sampan chung

    Is dragonbone heavy armor? If so how did you you give her heavy armor at player lvl90. I'm only 35 and daedric armor is not equipping on her.

  • Onedash

    When I told her to leave I got so sad cause I could not tell her to come back after doing this I'm so happy she's back. Thanks!!

  • Tyson W

    Doesn't work for me on xbone wow really getting fed up with shit

  • Potatosandwich1 Pokemon

    THANK YOU SO MUCH. I tried this a few times but when I left and re entered the Castle she appeared

  • Yaboii Ty

    it worked but how do i unglitch the follow option when i tried to send her away and the get her to refollow she glitches u get a sub just cuz it worked bro

  • christian guillen

    I clicked to wear she turned human and now she is but nothing pops up when I want to talk to her can anyone help ?

  • _LanezGamez _

    Will it still work if you side with the vamps

  • Ballymeister

    Such a legend thank you sooo much

  • Yasmina Elrayes

    Thank you so much! i waited 48 hours inside the castle and it didnt work so as soon as i exited i see serana! I'd lost all hope omg :D you just earned a sub from me x

  • Zachery Grant

    holy shit it works thanks man

  • Jon R.

    Didn't work for me, but thx for the video anyway

  • Darwin Xavior

    FAILED! Did not work. Serana is stuck out on the frozen lake in the forgotten vale and will not move. 24 hours, 48 hours she is locked up and still at that location when I return.

  • MultiVenomus

    I can't talk to serana at all

  • Mr. Scorpion

    Thank you so much bro

  • Zahir Martinez

    I cant talk to serana every time I talk to her I get no dialogue plz help I play on ps3

  • Sabrina VanKirk

    im going to try this... i hope it works <3

  • JacobTheKoala

    I lost her, any ideas where she might be? I checked my houses and finished the dawn guard dlc I tried getting other followers but they are all like Looks like you've got someone already. I don't have a follower with me although I don't think she's visible and I hate it please help me. 😣

  • alex Gonzalez

    I want her to stop being my follower but its glitched and I can't even talk to her


    Dude, this works on PS4. Thanks man, Serana is my favorite follower. Also is this a permanent fix, or will she get bugged again if you leave her?

  • JitterEye

    This is currently confirmed to work on the following platforms:- PC- Xbox 360- Playstation 3- Xbox One- Playstation 4- Nintendo Switch

  • ak_deadly g4m3r

    There is something else wrong now serana won't follow me because when I told her to wait right here now I can't get her to follow me I don't have the word. do u know how to fix that as well?

  • Tapsalot

    Thank you! I am on PS3 so all the other things that say "open your console" won't work and I was really hoping this wouldn't mess up my first play through.

  • Rebecca Leader

    This didn't work for me, is there anything else that might help meThank you x

  • Emma P

    This worked! Thanks so much!

  • Jeffrey Quinn

    Can this also fix the cure vampire option if you messed it up?

  • Not You

    I need a key to the underkroft

  • Jon-Anders Haukøy

    Thank you sooo much! This helped me so much!

  • Ruth Queen

    Thanks dude this totally worked I almost can’t believe it xD. Mines kind of a funny story why I parted ways in the first place with Serana.So basically I was messing around in her dads castle and shut myself in a cage and serana stared right at me. So then she decided to open the cage door and walk in to and I got stuck because she was in the way of the cage door so I told her we had to part ways and ever since then she wouldn’t talk to me anymore like I couldn’t even speak to her or ask anything. I thought she was mad at me or something xD and it’s been a few days irl and I still couldn’t figure out why she wouldn’t follow me until I decided to search this video up so thanks a lot dude 👍

  • those2vgplayers

    The problem I have is I meet her in dimhollow crypt and ask her to follow me but she never moves I have made multiple saves on different characters but she won't do anything. Help plz

  • _LanezGamez _

    I have waited a long time she didnt appear

  • A Strange Box Snake

    Does this work on xbox 360?In a sad attempt at fixing this I originally got a new follower than dismissed them, resulting in nothing. I hope that does not change whether this works or not.Also I am vampire, so does her residing in the castle make a difference?

  • Ryan Stoneham

    it don't work is there another way

  • dIlUt3dFaItH tyndall

    Hey jitter in mine she will become my companion but she stays at fort dawngaurd but when I go there she won't follow me but she has the equipment that I gave her on and I have the option to trade with her but she just won't follow me

  • Javier Perez

    This helped so much. You more than earned a like on your video

  • Ana Beatriz Vasconcelos Cavalcante


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