Skyrim SE Mods: The People Of Skyrim Complete SSE

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The People Of Skyrim Complete SSE
PRT - PhotoRealistic Tamriel
NAT - Natural and Atmospheric Tamriel
Majestic Mountains
SE Inis!4AhShAIS!gyZlbiEqXFbMs-Qe4wJxjSt6momaOn1b1XdHz5PLGzI
Realistic Water Two
Skyrim Flora Overhaul SE Trees only
Verdant - A Skyrim Grass Plugin
NobleSkyrimMod HD-2K
Static Mesh Improvement Mod - SMIM
CC's HQ Fort Dawnguard
Kato's Whiterun
Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch
Better Dynamic Snow
Woodsman's Shack
General Stores
Armor of Intrigue for SE
  • Rodrigo Almeida

    Hi, its been a while since I modded skyrim SE.I just wanna know if now it has skyui, skse and mod organizer (or similar). Thks

  • Syafiq Razip

    This must be a compatibility nightmare!

  • Vincent Gaudin

    This mod makes you realize how empty vanilla Skyrim is. It's kind of fun when you think about Ulfric's rebellion against the Empire. "Let's defeat an entire army with 20 people ! Who's with me ?!"I know Bethesda had to think about performance as well (the game is from 2011) but still, we gotta thank modders for things like this.

  • vinny9500

    This looks like such an awesome mod, but the MO says that you can't use alternate start or skyrim unbound, or even start the vanilla intro with this mod.

  • Faults

    Honestly, its great to Watch one of your showcases and just sit there in serenity for a couple minutes. Great Video

  • thekaleid0cat

    almost at 50k! congrats

  • D .Schoep

    Is that list of mods in the description really everything you used to make your game look like this?

  • hodilton

    First I thought this mod was only about adding new NPCs lol. :D I was sooo wrong. It adds a bunch of new stuff. It changes the landscape, towns and cities. There are many new places to discover. Check out the mod on nexus for more info.

  • Reside

    +hodilton in the TPOS video he says that mods that modify cities are incompatible with TPOS but you have Whiterun, Riverwood, Dawnstar, etc. in your mod list. Are you able do a video or upload a PDF of your mod list/load order for the game running with TPOS? Thanks homie... great video!

  • Jamia Dixon

    Damn I might have to reinstall Skyrim.

  • Chabal

    Some changes are really fitting and some are just odd. That house behind the Guardian Stones blocking the beauty of the landscape...

  • Seacil Bucket

    Glad to see you are using NAT and PRT Hodi! My favorite setup on SSE right now for sure.

  • Monsour Anda

    Oh wow makes me what to replay skyrim all over again

  • ImmersiveRPG's-ByMe

    Hodilton fix youur modlist in the description mateee

  • Frederick X.

    Pretty cool. Love the creativity of some of these location edits, can't really find good equivalents in Oldrim. Also what tree mod are you using? Looks like 3D trees but also kind of looks like some SFO models mixed in?

  • Sgt_Prof

    all that stuff looks just HELLA GOOD!

  • The People Of Skyrim Complete


  • The People Of Skyrim Complete

    The next version for xbox will be smaller January end of, 2018 and will be tested by xbox users for me...OK...Or around that date...

  • AzzGaard

    0:56 = Hi Galmar!! ;)

  • PC Friendly

    Omg this game never looked good, even with 300 mod and an EMB, for a game released in 2011 it was so far behind.

  • Spook is Back

    Does anyone know how to fix the trees fading in like at 5:48? Is it a problem with the mod's LODs or just Skyrim.ini settings not being high enough?

  • RomanPineapple

    hodi what do you use as your mod manager for SE and FO4? NMM or Mod Organizer?

  • The People Of Skyrim Complete

    Thanks again Hodilton for a great vid...:) :)

  • Heat_Spectre

    I used to play this mod on Xbox One. I came to play again and it's just completely gone. I can't find it anywhere. Is that just me or is it off of Xbox now???

  • CozyStormcloud

    Anyone know what this music is called

  • Dominic Howard

    Is this mod only for PC Or is it also on Xbox ?

  • The Man

    Don't need anymore city or town mods with this mod or even mods that add npc.This has it all baby.

  • Haunted Abyss

    thank you for showcasing this, It was really great to see how much work this mod god... There were alot more too it wasnt there???

  • genzi7

    This is amazing but I think it might overlap some of my favorite mods.

  • Armour King

    I like the concept but really Skyrim's map is too small for cramming a bunch of new locations in between places. It makes the wilderness become less wild and sparse. Overall I do enjoy some of the landscape changes and ruins but I don't recommend this mod if you like to have less density in Skyrim's world because Bethesda has already made it dense enough.


    one of the best mods out there

  • kd1937

    This just looks amazing!

  • Raid Messiah

    RIP I can’t have this on Xbox because it takes up too much space

  • myles samonset

    You should use skyui and immersive hud, it’s already out for special edition

  • Theodore Dariotis

    I believe this is Skyrim 3D Trees not SFO.

  • Phridolin

    was really interested in this mod. and, holy crap, this had to be a bunch of hard work!!! but i will stick to my beloved HOLDS <3 great job tho

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