Level 251 Character vs The Ebony Warrior - Skyrim

I mean... it's not click bait. I AM level 251, and I AM fighting The Ebony Warrior. It's actually quite the opposite: I'm giving you all the info. Also, I am fighting him on Novice, Adept, Master, and Legendary. By the end of this video, you will not only have a very good idea of what it is to fight the Ebony Warrior (the second hardest enemy in Skyrim btw), but also of what it is to play the game at level 251.

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  • YorrenPlaysRoblox

    I think i'm about to go higher lvl then you im lvl 238 :P

  • Sally Thunder

    I prefer the one handed dual weapons and tons of potions than magic. I cause ton of damage on the dragons or enemies.

  • Grão-Mestre Templário

    I play with mage, but pure mage, I not use armor or wapons, Just spells and bound wapons so fun

  • -L8- pause

    What is the song name when you fight the ebony warrior

  • Seamus Gorr

    Since that dragons are causing you trouble here's how to ride one:You must do all the soistiem quests then use all 3 parts of the bend will shout.

  • Ayy-K Gaming

    Mirak isnt even hard lol

  • Rodrigo Paiva

    >"Look at me I'm level 251">Hasn't explored half the map

  • Austin Gard

    You are basically cheating

  • Dankus Memitus

    Actually, some of those shouts you have don't require dragon souls, like the Call of Valor and last two words of the Unrelenting Force shout.

  • comic gred

    can't win without the cross

  • Jakubkooo Logic

    You are fucking noob I shit on your garbage character you retard

  • SkyrimBorn Dovah

    From master to legendary changed his health a lot

  • Kyle Touzin

    So I'm just a random but I ran through Skyrim special edition on legendary difficulty and only got to full game all achievements and killed over 50 dragons and only got to lvl 95 how the heck did you get your character to 251

  • Dovah Watts

    Whats the music at 20:22

  • Sally Thunder

    You killed 62 dragons? Lmao I killed 171 dragons lmfao

  • RoyalJoker

    Whats the name of the background music?

  • ToraBaws

    Half the vid is him killing the dragon

  • clout4ever

    Miraak was really easy for me to kill to be honest

  • Deus Cognito

    Lets set this to Legendary Difficult. Yea, its your funeral.

  • penis stiffy uh

    just go full on Windshear on him

  • Red Xpect

    I'am level 266 for Skyrim hehe

  • Praditya Halfelven

    Should've used thunderbolt to reduce the dragons magicka

  • Collin Heble

    I love how this guy says at the beginning he's worried he is to strong for the ebont warrior yet he is having trouble with a legendary dragon.....

  • ImmersiveAs Fuck

    Pffh Mirrak? Hard? Yeah right and Vaermina's a divine. (Well probably for certain people I won't judge).

  • ImmersiveAs Fuck

    251 my level is only a small bit better at 288 and done with a little exploit with the telekinesis spell and the secret of arcana from Epistolary Acumen or Filament & Filagree.

  • -L8- pause

    What is the name of the song that plays at 20:16??

  • Ivan Sproats

    When the music started at 15 minutes I new it was gonna start to get awsome

  • felicie mike

    bethesda shooting down mods let everyone no....


    ı killed him on legendary... with that op 15x dagger damage skill chaos damage and absorb hp (if ı knew of hat damage health potion ı would hav killed him with a fork)

  • Cool Oskar

    Im lvl 15 and i have killed miraak

  • Alladeen Madafaker

    LVL 251 and cant kill a dragon,how?

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