Level 251 Character vs The Ebony Warrior - Skyrim

I mean... it's not click bait. I AM level 251, and I AM fighting The Ebony Warrior. It's actually quite the opposite: I'm giving you all the info. Also, I am fighting him on Novice, Adept, Master, and Legendary. By the end of this video, you will not only have a very good idea of what it is to fight the Ebony Warrior (the second hardest enemy in Skyrim btw), but also of what it is to play the game at level 251.

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  • Magnus Christianssen

    I have a question for you: Everytime I flip Skyrim to Legendary it is no harder than beginner mode so what is going on?

  • Marteé Tosenkuk

    I liked that you used fire magick against a FIRE-type dragon.

  • hunta raziel mcmanus

    ues frost spells on /fire dragons/ fire spells on/ frost dragons/

  • Pokémon Allstars

    And blue star ur right that’s what I did so easy to kill mr.ebony and if he can’t kill this dragon he stands no chance against mr.ebony

  • Kevin James Williams

    All this time wasted going to cover and healing would be saved by a simple ward. Remember guys, restoration is a perfectly valid school of magic!

  • keagan snow

    Ebony Warrior is like a Protection Paladin of Wow.

  • valene Wolfe

    62! Wow when i last checked mine i forgot how to absorb the sould and i had a hundrend and eight then i figured it out and im lv 50

  • Cole, that one cunt

    You need to clear some of your older saves to make it go faster

  • 650shaggy

    "He heals like a Bitch!!" *instantly Heals

  • Aleksandras Fedotovas

    was it too hard or too difficult? XD lmao

  • YoungMoe155

    I'm level 142 he's still alive in my game I'm trying to get to 200


    Should have fus ro da him off the mountain

  • Adrian Carrizosa

    Level 251 and you haven't acquired all shouts ? Trash

  • Mr.Sandman 117

    I was level 63 when I kicked legendary ass

  • wesley Hammonds

    Bro just get a OP dagger then do the 15 times damage from the back xD

  • King chess salman

    pls sub to my videos

  • Luca Torricelli

    what magic are you using in the beginning?

  • C_Cole 96

    Skip to 10:40, watch for 5 seconds then skip to 12:40 watch for 10 seconds then skip to 14:20

  • Valentin Stabel

    You wasted the first 7 Minutes fighting a Dragon...

  • Zeinzu Debisu

    "He keeps healing like a bitch" has grand healing on off hand and heals to full after any minor amount of damage taken and has to play the fight as a sneak archer at level 251 in order to win...

  • Nick Crumpet

    Do legendary dragons drop anything special?

  • Bob Gaming

    I just make my wep attack to 1m and 1 hit him its way easier try it bro

  • Gabriel Leonardo

    You're level 251 and yet you have so many unfinished quests and undiscovered markers, and almost died to a legendary dragon. Hmm...

  • AdamCrash14

    Bro my legit character is level 68 and he'll fuck up your character easy, I play the game on legendary and use my fists

  • Loxzy-y

    Ahhh. The time before remastered. Where going inside a building takes an hour.

  • Robthegamer

    im level 120 i still havent fought the ebony warrior because hes really hard to beat

  • Pokémon Allstars

    No way ur lvl 251 u have orcish bow and u use spells wtf liar

  • Hamster Man


  • Andrew McCoy

    "Defeating the ebony warrior on legendary, now that's something to put in your curriculum." Dafaq? Resumé?

  • V3rzify !

    This guy sounds like a tool

  • FootballinnitLad

    Miraak is considered hard? I never went below 3/4 health and killed him with a dwarven bow. The guy was piss to kill, stand back and he can’t hit shit. Was a 3-4 shot depending on the arrows

  • CantingExpert

    I fighted the ebony warrior fare and square he won so I quit I left himThen I came back and fucking stole his clothes and threw him off the mountain then drowned him in the lake I did a glitch so my shout does not need cool down

  • El Vieja

    Everyone is bitching about ur character saying hey i reached lvl 300 in 4 days...Man i have been playing for 30 days and im lvl 70 wtf

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