Skyrim's Mark And Recall Teleportation Spell

Returning a Mark & Recall Spell from Morrowind into Skyrim with a bit of a twist.

More info:
  • LiezAllLiez

    Ehh... well it cant be used in combat so its kinda... pointless? Considering that the game already offers fast travel.

  • thoughtlesmind

    the spell art is amazing and may i ask how you scripted this to work? i started modding a wile ago and me and some friends are making a star trek modd and we could use something simaler for a teleporter

  • Aron Chacon

    And the infected beings from morrowinds volcano area I forget their name blighted something. Just imagine how gross and cool they could look with new graphics

  • David Boyle

    Yeah, but people like me also don't use fast travel, so being able to instantly go from markarth to riften kicks ass!

  • TheNopheros

    Thanks! I really love sharing what I've made with people who appreciate it :D

  • Axeface1

    Because you can fast travel to an exact spot... right?

  • VideoQuestEx

    Cool audio and visual effects with this teleportation mod! Might try it out!

  • LiezAllLiez

    What doesnt matter? Your comment doesnt make any sense. Stay away from me you lunatic.

  • Patar

    This is the best teleport mod I've been able to find,, I like the stones teleport better but it and almost all others have a travel time.. which totally ruins the point of it when you're using ineeds.

  • InhabitantOfOddworld

    Not just between cities, but within houses. Sure, like she said, fast travel can do it, but only so far. There's nothing like teleporting from Breezehome straight into the College of Winterhold, or the Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary. Even quickly escaping after assassinating targets.

  • ProteusX2

    love how it is balanced by casting time and activation time, and how neutral the effects are... good for a mage, yes, but also good for my tactical merc :">

  • Medicine Man

    i wish they never got rid of those.

  • Aron Chacon

    The next elders rolls game needs to bring this shit back. Levitation, mark, recall all that shit

  • Thequesh1

    How install this??? How make the portal appears. Pleasee help. I love this mod.

  • LiezAllLiez

    What an insightful comment. You make your parents proud...

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