Skyrim Mods Nostalgia: Oblivion Edition

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Featured Mods:

Escape from Prison
Character Creation Overhaul
Face to Face Conversation
Oblivion Gates in Cities
Oblivion Gates
Less Instrusive HUD II
Souls Quick Menu
Classic Level Up
Classic Jail System
Colovian Leather
Colovian Noble Clothes
Colovian Fur Armor
Convenient Horses
The Solitude Arena
Faction: Pit Fighter
Oblivion Realm Series
Gray Cowl of Nocturnal

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  • Dodgy Dingoz

    Been so long since I played Oblivion I literally forgot portals were a thing in that game. XD portals are Skyrim's dragons.

  • Rodian

    4:58Something happened in jail;)

  • Captain Bagels

    Y cant you just play oblivion

  • Frosty

    I just can't get over that mage dancing to the oblivion theme

  • nofacesherlock holmes

    what texture mod are they using in this video?

  • HC C

    ok, I know this is probably going to get a simple answer, but does anyone know what head bobbing animation that is?

  • ElfsRealm

    I wish there was a mod that made invisibility the way in was in Oblivion I mean your character was actually invisible and no one could see you. It saved you from having to get into endless pointless battles. Skyrim's invisibility is more or less useless even if the player has all the illusion skill tree perks and sneak skill hostile npc's can still find you.

  • TheAdventurousNerd

    Just an opinion on the Oblivion Gates mod: If the Oblivion crisis was 200 years ago why wouldn't they have broken the gates down?

  • Wy Kay

    screw Bethesda, I was hoping to see many broken oblivion gates in Skyrim. they're screwing their devoted fans

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