Skyrim Mods Nostalgia: Oblivion Edition

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Featured Mods:

Escape from Prison
Character Creation Overhaul
Face to Face Conversation
Oblivion Gates in Cities
Oblivion Gates
Less Instrusive HUD II
Souls Quick Menu
Classic Level Up
Classic Jail System
Colovian Leather
Colovian Noble Clothes
Colovian Fur Armor
Convenient Horses
The Solitude Arena
Faction: Pit Fighter
Oblivion Realm Series
Gray Cowl of Nocturnal

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  • DirtyDirtyShisno

    But do any of these mods have the adoring fan?

  • MafiaPlayz HD

    Do a daggerfall nostalgia

  • SaneManiac 741

    What i miss from Oblivion are the (mostly) realistic weapon designs. The Sword of the Crusader is still my favorite weapon in TES.Edit: for the jail bit, the guards should arrest you with "STOP RIGHT THERE CRIMINAL SCUM!"

  • Des tero

    To make the prison-escape harder and a little bit "The walking dead" -style, also install Creepy Zombies, makes a great start of the game!Oldrim-Version: SE:

  • Shanedragonborn 1

    4:16 I don't think people walk like that :|

  • Uncle Sam

    "Stop you violated the law!"

  • Account Name

    I can't believe Bethesda left out Oblivion gates or atleast have had 1 or 2 in all of Skyrim.

  • Tibbo The Trooper

    So, do all of these work for Special Edition?

  • mathew riedhammer

    wish there was a music mod to add to the skyrim music

  • LemonZ ToTheZ

    Couldn't you just get a prison start instead of alternate start

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