Skyrim Mods Nostalgia: Oblivion Edition

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Morrowind Nostalgia -

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Featured Mods:

Escape from Prison
Character Creation Overhaul
Face to Face Conversation
Oblivion Gates in Cities
Oblivion Gates
Less Instrusive HUD II
Souls Quick Menu
Classic Level Up
Classic Jail System
Colovian Leather
Colovian Noble Clothes
Colovian Fur Armor
Convenient Horses
The Solitude Arena
Faction: Pit Fighter
Oblivion Realm Series
Gray Cowl of Nocturnal

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  • LorakSunshadow

    well time to go install some more mods..... oh wait would my game..oh never mind that, more mods the better.

  • I Just Triggered You. Lel.

    I installed open cities to my game and there was an Oblivion gate in Whiterun. I didn't install the oblivion gates mod you pointed out in this video. Lol.

  • NordicOnur Honca

    will always have a place in my memories.

  • Pixels Blocks and TNT

    The biggest one to top these all off would be VIGILANT.

  • Ben W

    where can i download these?

  • GD Destroyer

    And now we have beyond skyrim. So that helps I guess

  • makiiavely

    What graphics mod is he using?

  • UNcommonG8m!ng

    Oblivion : Best game evur !

  • TheDutchGuy110

    one handed increased by 3 - by having a cellmate, well well

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