Better Vampires Mod | Skyrim Remastered Mods on the Xbox One Part 3

In this video about the Better Vampire mod on the Xbox one console I show you how the power to turn people into vampires works a little bit better. I go to a fort run by thalmor and turn the lot of them into Vampires as they try and kill me and my new vampire friend. Also meet a sexy miner from markarth I make a vampire.

!Welcome to the better vampires mod in skyrim remastered on the xbox one console! In this video I introduce you to the mod with lillith my new wood elf! I show you how to turn on the mod or become a vampire and figure out the things you need to become a better vampire.

Better Vampires 8.0 XB1

Better Vampires and Sacrosanct

Better Vampires is an overhaul mod for Skyrim. It strives to maintain balance and provide a much better experience for those wishing to play the game as a Vampire. Other vampire mods exist, but they can be overly complex or force you to play only as the author intended. My mod is about choice and flexibility - and making your adventuring in Skyrim much more enjoyable.
This mod only affects the player vampire; I don't make any changes to NPC vampires.

This is a HIGHLY customizable Vampire mod; you choose how you want to play. Only a few minor details (like modifying jump height, using hotkeys, and a blood meter) cannot port to consoles.

- Use the customization power that you find in your spell menu to set all the options for BV - then feed once on a sleeping or seduced victim to solidify your stage, rank, and all options.
- Crouch (sneak) while activating my customization power to see your Vampire status.
- Use my customization power to look at your Vampire details to see your rank progress.

(You will NEVER lose your progress as a Vampire, don't worry)

1) Rest/wait INSIDE for 24hr in the game - this will allow any NPCs you have fed upon, or used Seduction on, time to recuperate.
2) Use customization power and click on "BLANK Better Vampires Mod".
3) Wait until told the blanking is complete, then save your game (it must be a real save, not a quick save).
4) Exit the game.
5) Uninstall and delete the old version of my mod.
6) Download and install my latest mod version.
7) Start the game and load your saved game from step 3.
8) Use my customization power and click on "Reset Sanguinare Vampiris".
9) Customize my mod with customization power.
10) You were infected in step 8, now you must wait 3 days for your disease to run its course and you will become a stage 1 Vampire (fully fed).
* You must feed once on a living victim to have your proper rank set the first time.

There is so much this mod contains that a description cannot do it justice. PLEASE visit my mod webpage for all details:
  • OneShot Dead101

    good info. annoying way of delivering it

  • Jermaine Cole

    Now why isn't this on PS4 Again ?

  • Ken King

    I much prefer the reverse setting so you get stronger from feeding. It's much more inline with vampire lore. Getting stronger from not feeding never really made sense to me. After all this time I'm finally doing a vampire play through because of this mod. It's far more fun than I thought it would be, mostly cuz I never really got into the whole vampire thing, but this mod definitely makes it fun. The seduction power is particularly useful in feeding in towns where the person is completely oblivious to what happened.

  • Sterling Archer

    It's not working for me each time I start a new game a message pop ups saying about other vampire assets are in the game even though I have it in this orderSacrosanct-Vampires of SkyrimBetter Vampires 8.1 XB1Better Vampires and Sacrosanct patchAnd no other vampire mods at all. Please help me what am I doing wrong?

  • Sterling Archer

    So how do I get the Praestare Sanguinare?

  • LIzardiK

    Best video ever))))))

  • Triggered Chief

    How do you get that spell

  • tyler newcomb

    What is the highest rank you reach?

  • Zack Byrd

    the woman at halfmoon Mill is a vampire

  • Sterling Archer

    Like how do you get the spell/ability to turn people into Vampires in this mod??

  • FluffyTheUnicorn

    how do you get the sanguin vampire spell

  • Colmen Dunihue

    how did you get the perk to cut your arm?

  • Branden Greene

    Dude calm down buddy

  • Limbo The Dancing Cat

    If I like your vid..... Can I have a blood cookie? 😂

  • CrypticAgony Music

    How do you get the cure vampirism spell

  • Thatonly Guy

    Ay I got the same vampire armour

  • Jareth Stocking

    What if you are using the console version of skyrim?

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